Holiday Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie | Cheap Is The New Classy

With Thanksgiving this week, there will be a lot of pumpkin pie eating. However, not everyone likes pumpkin pie. What?! If you are one of those people who would prefer a different type of pie for Thanksgiving, perhaps you would like to try one of these 10 tasty pie recipes that we have rounded up for you today. Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate National Pie Day on January 23rd.

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie

Impossibly Easy Coconut Pie: Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie
Impossibly Easy Coconut Pie | Love Bakes Good Cakes

Mocha Cream Pie | The Kitchen is My Playground

Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites: Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie
Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites | A Mom’s Take

Banana Fluffernutter Pie | Home. Made. Interest

Chocolate Bottom Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Bottom Pumpkin Pie | Hot Eats and Cool Reads

Blood Orange Chess Pie | Hezzi D’s Books and Cooks

Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Pie: Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie
Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Pie | This Mama Loves

Blueberry Pie Recipe | Chaos is Bliss

Aunt Bonnie's Pecan Pie: Thanksgiving Pie Recipes: 10 Yummy Alternatives To Pumpkin Pie
Aunt Bonnie’s Pecan Pie | Sweep Tight

Chocolate Mousse Pie | This Mom Can Cook

What Are Your Favorite Pie Recipes For Thanksgiving?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We are odd – we never have pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. We have apple, blueberry and pecan!

  2. I pinned your post to my Dessert Board. My family loves pie.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! I hope that you enjoy some fabulous pie this Thanksgiving.

  3. I like to have a varitey of pies and cakes. My personal favorite is cheesecake and Amish apple pie!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Not sure that I have ever tried Amish apple pie. We have an Amish store in our town though, so I might have to check it out.

  4. Wow. I love these pies. I think my favorite is the coconut and the pumpkin one with a chocolate bottom. I’m salivating writing this:)

  5. Thanks for featuring our Fluffernutter Pie!

  6. I’ll pretty much eat any pie you place before me, but I typically bake a pumpkin and apple for Thanksgiving. I’m not baking any this year though. I’m trying to skip dessert.

  7. Catherine S says:

    All of the pies look really good. I am not a big pumpkin fan so the coconut pie would be perfect.

  8. So much pie in one place. I’ve got to get some of these into my dining room and into my mouth.

  9. My husband makes a hazelnut pumpkin pie. It’s really delicious (and these all look great!)

  10. Pumpkin pie and pecan pie are all I crave during the holidays. I found a recipe earlier this year for a clean eating pecan pie that looks amazing. Going to give it a try.

  11. These all sound good. I am going to have to branch out and try something new this year I think.

  12. Wow, all these pies sound sooooo good. I love pumpkin pie, it’s what we usually have onThanksgiving – that along with a grasshopper pie – my other favorite!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      A grasshopper pie sounds interesting. I don’t think I have heard of that before. Is it mint and/or chocolate flavored?

  13. Oh man do I love pies! HAHA! We had our thanksgiving in October but I will make these anyday! Yum

  14. Definitely Pecan Pie. Or sometimes I skip the pie and eat a big helping of mama’s banana cream pudding!

  15. Lisa Bristol says:

    These all look so delicious i wish i could try them all. I will have to make the Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream Pie first.

  16. I love a variety of pies for the big day. We have peach, apple, and blackberry planned this year.

  17. Everything looks great. I love the mini pie bites, those are just right for my sweet tooth, but not overindulgence. 😉

  18. I love experimenting with new pies, especially for Thanksgiving. Gonna have to give these a try!

  19. We always have quite a few different kinds of pies. My husband goes a bit pie crazy during the holidays! Im not complaining 🙂

  20. Rachelle J says:

    You had me at “girl scout cookie” lol! I know what I’ll be making on Thursday!

  21. Pie is the best thing on earth, right?! We can seriously throw down some pie during the holidays!!!

  22. The pumpkin pie bites are divine! I love the look of those.

  23. I love pies! I bet the pumpkin pie bites are so delicious.

  24. I like to make apple pies for the holidays. I can not wait to try the Aunt Bonnie’s Pecan Pie .

  25. The mini pumpkin pie looks yummy! And Girl Scout Cookie pie looks evil keep it away before I eat the entire pie!!!

  26. PIe is one of my fave things about the season. I could eat a slice of each!

  27. I’ll have a slice of each, please! 🙂 The chocolate bottom pumpkin sounds divine!

  28. I am all about the pies. I am not a cake person AT ALL. For me it is all about the flaky crust of the pie and the fruits or nuts inside. YUM!!!

  29. The banana and blueberry pies in the pic look absolutely delicious! I’m a sucker for a good pie! Guaranteed to eat too much.

  30. Mmmmm, these all look so good! I’m not much of a pie eater, but my husband loves a simple chocolate cream pie, so I make that every year for Christmas Eve dinner with his family. I’m personally fond of a good banana or coconut cream pie.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I was really craving coconut cream pie around Thanksgiving and my MIL had one over at her house. Yum!

  31. Those sound good. I like the small, bite sized desserts. My husband and I do enjoy pie. Neither one of us are big eaters so a whole pie usually ends up getting tossed out.

  32. Karen Glatt says:

    These pies look amazing, and I would love to make the Coconut pie and the Pecan Pie. I am going to try something different next year for the Holidays.

  33. Nena Sinclair says:

    These pies look so delicious! Now I want pie!!

  34. Vesper Meikle says:

    what can beat ice cream pie ? (apart from chocolate pie)