How To Create A DIY Charging Station & Tech Pier #sponsored @SauderUSA

As many of you know, we recently had the great opportunity to add some wonderful furniture to our home thanks to Sauder. Getting the furniture and putting it together is one thing, but deciding exactly where to put it and what to do with it is entirely another thing. After a lot of thinking and planning, I think my family and I have thought of the perfect uses for these two beautiful pieces of furniture.

How To Create A DIY Charging Station & Tech Pier

We wanted to get optimal use out of our nightstand that we chose. At first, we had chosen this item to use it for an end table. Then, we decided that this particular piece of furniture was way too pretty to hide in the bedroom, so we used it as an end table in the living room. However, since then, we got creative and decided to create a DIY charging station and tech pier.

Our DIY charging station consists of multiple phone chargers, a device that can charge multiple types of phones and devices at once, and a drawer filled with extra cords and carrying cases. You know that feeling when you need to charge a phone and can’t find the proper cord or charger? We do, too. So, this solves that problem. All of our cords and chargers are now in one neat place.

Repurposing A Desk As An Art Table

We were using our Sauder desk from the previous post as, of course, a desk. We had it set up in the office so that my father or I could write or do homework there. After a few months, we realized it was barely getting used. This is mainly due to me doing work on the couch or bed rather than a desk. So, we decided to change the desk into an art desk. This is something that we knew would most certainly get used in our home by every member in our family. So, we gathered up our pencils, sketch pads, crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils and more and added them to the desk. This desk is the perfect size for storing. Now while my mom is working at her desk, I sit at this desk and do fun art things!

Overall, we are very happy with the furniture pieces from Sauder as they are so versatile. I think we created fun and creative uses for the pieces, that will work well for our family and lifestyle.

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