Find The Lowest Prices On Prescriptions With The LowestMed App #ad @LowestMed

LowestMed App Helps You Find The Best Prescription Prices #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

In today’s high-priced medical world, the need to find the lowest prices is more important than ever. No one wants to spend countless hours trying to find out which pharmacy charges less to fill a prescription. It’s more important that the medicine is available to whomever needs it. That’s where the LowestMed price finder app comes into play.

LowestMed is the first pharmaceutical price-finder smart phone app that offers free discount cards. It’s helping thousands of families significantly lower their prescription drug costs. In order to find the best prices on prescriptions, LowestMed has created relationships with the nation’s leading supermarkets and pharmacy chains.

Get The Lowest Prices On Prescriptions With The LowestMed App

With the rising cost of healthcare, the need to develop an app like the LowestMed app has become a necessity. The LowestMed app, which is available for free on iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones, compares prescription prices through leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in your neighborhood. You can also choose not to have the automatic location setting on, and simply enter the zip code where you are to locate a pharmacy. The LowestMed App is useful to everyone, because not all prescriptions are on the list of drugs with the best value, or formulary list.

The LowestMed App offers free and confidential pharmacy savings in the palm of your hand, and never asks for personal information. It has an optional location setting, which it uses only to find pharmacies in the area.

The term “Affordable Health Care Act” can be misleading. It doesn’t actually mean that health care is more affordable for those who have it. It really just refers to the premiums that you pay and the subsidies that you receive to help pay those premiums. Health care costs are still as high as they have ever been, and prescription drugs are a huge part of that cost.

LowestMed is the first free mobile app in the industry to provide consumers with the ability to view and compare prescription drug prices.

After surveying 98 people, LowestMed found 34 percent of those individuals skipped taking medications because their prescription costs too much. That same survey indicated 24 percent of individuals questioned had a prescription not on the formulary list, and 94 percent have had someone in their immediate family need a pharmaceutical drug. To help consumers afford medications, LowestMed provides free tools for consumers to find the best price on medications.

To use the LowestMed app, all you have to do is type the prescription into your smartphone. It will then point you to the cheapest options in your area. You can download the LowestMed App here.

LowestMed App Helps You Find The Best Prescription Prices #sponsored

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  1. That is great to know. Especially for the elderly who tend to have less insurance coverage.

  2. What an amazing idea for an app. I love seeing that technology is being used for the greater good of the human race! Will definitely be checking this one out!

  3. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    This is a great app. I have found myself traveling to many different pharmacies to see which is cheaper.

  4. This is the greatest app I’ve ever seen. I seriously love this! Medications are SO expensive these days.

  5. This sounds great. We have to pay so much in towards insurance, yet they only pay a portion of some prescriptions. It really ticks me off. The way things are now these companies are over stepping it and trying to play Dr. I wish I could use this with a land line. That’s the only phone I’ve got.

  6. We fill quite a few prescriptions every month, this would really help to save a little money on them. Migraine pills are expensive!

  7. This sounds like a great app. I can’t believe how expensive prescriptions can be.

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  11. Elizabeth Obih-Frank says:

    Awesome app! This would be really helpful for me in the future. Thanks 🙂

  12. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My friend just paid $200 for one prescription for her steroids. It was awful and broke her bank! This app could help her..I will have to tell her.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      It’s horrible that when you feel bad, they really have you in a bind. I mean, you either take the meds or suffer. It’s sad that meds cost so much.

  13. What a helpful app. I don’t use many meds but I’m always shocked at how much they are when I do need them. – Katy

  14. This would have come in so handy when my son was on medication for his ADHD and ODD, we were constantly trying to find lower prices.

  15. Thankfully the VA pays for my husband’s meds but I have always worried about if something were to happen and we had to pay for them out of pocket. SCARY. But I will send this app to my mom as she could use it to help save money.

  16. One of my favorite things about modern technology is how much ability and access that is now in our hands. Research that once took days in libraries now takes mere minutes and finger tips.

  17. Really neat app. Meds are so costly.

  18. Sherry Compton says:

    Amazing app. Prescriptions can be ridiculously priced and no one wants to shop around when they don’t feel good. Great that it lets you find cheaper prices right at your fingertips.

  19. This does look great. Prices fluctuate on prescriptions so much from place to place too, crazy isn’t it?

  20. I saw this advertised and I need it. My scripts are so expensive and I pay a precentage

  21. That’s so great! One of my meds isn’t covered by insurance. Ugh!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Oh no, that really stinks. At least you can find it the cheapest way possible with this app.

  22. This looks like a great app! I live in Canada, and couldn’t possibly imagine not having health coverage.

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