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Help MyShelf Makes Wire Shelving More Attractive And Useful #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

So many homes today utilize wire shelves for storage. I have seen them everywhere. Wire shelving is very practical inside the home in many places. I know we have it inside our home in the closets. It can be used in the basement for storage, in the pantry for stock or in the laundry room. However, wire shelving isn’t always the best place to sit something. A lot of things seem to need to be balanced just right on one of the wires or they lean one way or the other, precariously hanging on from tipping over. Some products just don’t seem to sit on wire shelves very well. Furthermore, because of the spacing in the wires, you lose a lot of shelf space. And, many of them bow and sag. Help MyShelf has the ultimate solution to these problems with their innovative and attractive wire shelf makeover kit.

Easy Shelving Makeover With Help MyShelf

The Help MyShelf Wire Shelving Makeover Kit is designed to fit any existing wire shelving. It’s also easy to install with their installation kit, which includes a special cutting tool which allows you to make the material the perfect length for your particular shelving. The Help MyShelf makeover kit not only improves the practicality of wire shelving but also makes it look much more appealing. Let’s face it, wire shelves themselves are not exactly gorgeous. But, with the Help MyShelf makeover kit, your wire shelves will look more streamlines and tidy and become even more functional than ever before.

There is no need to replace those wire shelves entirely. Just install the Help MyShelf Wire Shelving Makeover Kit and turn those ugly wire shelves into something way more attractive and practical. You will save a boat load of money and time, and you will have much more useful and beautiful shelving to boot. This is the perfect way to make wire shelving more useful.

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The Help MyShelf Wire Shelving makeover kit even comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 🙂

Help MyShelf Makes Wire Shelving More Attractive And Useful #sponsored

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  1. This looks really nice! We have wire shelving in our laundry room that I’d love to upgrade with these nice attachments. It looks so much nicer.

  2. This shelf looks like it is exactly what I need for my home! Love organizing with shelves like these!

  3. I have quite a few shelves in my home that could use a makeover like this. This looks so very easy to do!

  4. Now that is really cool! They make the wire shelves look a lot better, like more a more expensive option.

  5. What a great product! I need to pick these up for my pantry.

  6. Oh it looks fantastic! I need to get more organized in the kitchen.

  7. Jenna Wood says:

    Wow the Help Me Shelf looks so much more fashionable- I love how easy it is to install. My father’s cupboards look like the wire shelving, I will have to share this with him!

  8. I totally need that shelf makeover kit. I have those wire shelves, but that kit really makes it look so much better.

  9. I could seriously use this in my life. It would make my laundry room much more organized.

  10. This is really awesome. I especially hate the wire shelves we have in our food pantry. All the little items like spices and such fall through the cracks. I HATE it.

  11. Help Myshelf is pretty nice. I love that it covers up those ugly wires.

  12. What a fabulous genius idea… We had so many issues with the wire shelves in our old pantry… Thanks so much for the post

  13. We have wire shelving in all of our closets and pantry and I hate them. You can’t stand smaller bottles up because they fall over way too easy.

  14. Finally! Something to hide those ugly wires. I love wire shelving units, but I can’t stand how hideous they look.

  15. I really like this and could certainly use it in my walk in closet. I love the baskets in your photo.

  16. I love this. It’s a great way to hide those ugly wire shelving units. Great!

  17. I love this. Wire shelving is great for storage, but sometimes things can slide in between the grating and get stuck. This stops that, plus it hides the wires. Great!

  18. Help MyShelf is a great idea! I love this!

  19. Help MyShelf sounds like a great way to hide the ugly and keep things from getting caught in my wire shelving. Thanks!

  20. Love the look of towels in wicker. You did a nice job thank you for sharing.

  21. I could so use something like this in my laundry room! My pantry too, maybe you want to come help?? 😉

  22. Wow, this looks like an awesome product! Love the finished look.

  23. That’s a good idea. I’ve just lined mine. It only took a few seconds.

  24. we had those ugly wired shelves before, what a really neat way to cover them up and make them look nicer. I will bookmark this for future reference!

  25. Sherry Compton says:

    Really convenient and easy to use. This would be a help in the pantry too where cans wobble on the wires and envelopes fall through. Looks very nice and definitely simplifies the closet.

  26. This is an awesome idea! I have a few of those wire ones I fight with in our storage!