Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsPark

Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsParkCheap Is The New Classy

My family was fortunate enough to get invited to visit the Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest. My husband and I haven’t been there since we were teenagers and my kids have never been at all so this was especially exciting. I almost forgot how much fun it is there. After going, we are already planning our next trip to Carowinds.

Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsPark

Family Fun At The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest

The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest & Scarowinds are currently going on at the theme park. And my daughter absolutely loved our visit. It’s a family friendly event so there are tons of things for the kids to do, too. They gave out bags to the kids and had treat stations to where you could get some candy to put in your bag.

Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsPark

The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest also had an area where you could pick out your own pumpkin and then color and decorate it any way you wanted. My daughter loved her pumpkin. Unfortunately, we rode water rides after she decorated it and the water washed off her pumpkin’s face, so take that into consideration when you visit. She is looking forward to drawing it back on tomorrow. Knowing her, it will look totally different.

If the candy and pumpkin painting isn’t enough, don’t worry, they have a lot more activities that are child friendly. Some of these activities are face painting, coloring, and a maze. The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest featured a car with bubbles coming out of the hood that children could play in. There was also an area where kids could play in foam and many were covered head to toe. It was so cute. I would have loved to have done that myself.

Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsPark

The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest is wonderful, but it is only one small part of Carowinds. They have so many rides there. My favorite was White Water Rapids. We ended up riding that ride three times and we ended up getting soaked. I also loved the Boo Blaster ride. We all got to ride in one cart together and we rode around in this house shooting ghosts. It also keeps your score on how many you shoot, so you can compete with each other. I came in second. Not too bad for an old woman.

Dust Off Your Screams For The Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest #sponsored @CarowindsPark

I can not wait to go back to Carowinds. As hectic as life is, it is really nice just to relax and have fun with your family. I think the trip relieved a lot of stress and brought my family even closer together.

Thanks, Carowinds, for a great day!

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  16. Amy Desrosiers says

    Wow, this place looks super fun! I always enjoy places with Halloween themes!

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    How fun! Now your daughter can draw the pumpkin face again. 🙂 Several activities in one.

    Love the fun, family day and the great pics. Your weather was great, too.

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