Want A Classic Wedding? Check Out These Vintage Wedding Dresses & Inspiration #sponsored

If you are planning a vintage inspired wedding and need a dress, you can find gorgeous and affordable vintage wedding dresses at Rosanovias. #sponsored

Every girl’s wedding style is a little different than the next. I recently heard one of my friend’s talking about how she would like to have a vintage inspired wedding but she wasn’t sure where she could get a nice selection of vintage wedding dresses. After all, most people I know what a pretty dress, but they also don’t want to have to spend a fortune. One place that I have found that has a great selection of all types of wedding dresses is Rosanovias.

Rosanovias Vintage Wedding Dresses

I thought I would share with you a few of the vintage wedding dresses that I like the best. If you are getting married soon and need some inspiration, perhaps this can help you in choosing your wedding dress for your special day.

If you are planning a vintage inspired wedding and need a dress, you can find gorgeous and affordable vintage wedding dresses at Rosanovias. #sponsored

One of the dresses that immediately appealed to me on the Rosanovias site is the “Honorable Ball Gown Strapless Beading Ruching Sweep/Brush Train Organza Wedding Dresses.” It’s currently on sale, too. You guys know how I love to save money.

Tips For Searching For Vintage Wedding Dresses

Remember: the more dresses you get to look at, the more likely you are to find a dress from the era that you are looking for. The internet makes the world a much smaller place. Now you can look at dresses from around the world for inspiration. When searching online, don’t just search “vintage dresses US” but also search “vintage dresses UK” for a much larger selection.

If you are planning a vintage inspired wedding and need a dress, you can find gorgeous and affordable vintage wedding dresses at Rosanovias.#sponsored

It’s your special day. Make sure that you choose a dress that you will be happy with and will make you feel beautiful. When searching for vintage wedding dresses, be sure to compare prices, quality and style with other retailers so that you find one that you can be pleased with for years to come.

Which dress did you like best? Or are there other ones on the site that you liked better?

Do You Like Vintage Wedding Dresses? Would You Consider Wearing One?


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  1. I love vintage anything, but alas – I got married in Vegas so I never even had a wedding dress.

  2. Ooo, those are positively dreamy! The embellishments and details are exquisite.

  3. I LOVE vintage wedding dresses! They’re absolutely beautiful! I would have totally worn one on my wedding day!

  4. Oh so pretty! I love the vintage style! The last one with the delicate straps is my favorite!

  5. These dresses are gorgeous. I went with a simple, yet classic, dress for my wedding day. It could have possibly been classified as vintage.

  6. I do!!! I don’t think the trendy ones look so great. Those women will look back at their photos in 10 years and wonder what in the world they were thinking. I like #1. Classic and elegant!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      You are right. At times in my life where I wore something trendy, I have looked back on the pictures and been horrified, lol.

  7. Those are gorgeous dresses! Nothing like what I wore to my wedding!

  8. This makes me want to get married again now that there’s cool styles like this and Pinterest. Married to the same guy of course. ;)

  9. oh, how beautiful those gowns are! it’s hard to even imagine what i’d choose today for a dress

  10. That second dress is so me. I love weddings. I wish I could get married to the same man over and over.

  11. My daughter looked at vintage wedding dresses when she was getting married this summer. There were some beautiful gowns!

  12. Oh, these dresses are amazing! They’re so beautiful.

  13. These dresses are gorgeous. You can’t beat vintage for elegance.

  14. Wow, that 2nd dress is mind blowing. I can’t get over how gorgeous that is!

  15. I love that second one. The lace detailing on the last one is beautiful.

  16. That first dress is very pretty. I found a dress as a yard sale for $50 that was similar to the ones I was drawn to in magazines. I had it clean and now its good to go. Since we ended up not doing a wedding, I am saving it for our vow renewal.

  17. I am absolutely in LOVE with that first wedding dress! I love the vintage dress look – so pretty!

  18. These are so beautiful. I love vintage choices.

  19. I love these dresses. I wish that I could have a do-over now that I have more of an idea as to what I really like!

  20. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! I love the classic looks and styles.

  21. Beautiful wedding dresses. I would wear one of those dresses in a heart beat!!

  22. I love the vintage looks. It makes me wish I was getting married all over again. I would totally snag the Honorable Ball Gown Strapless Beading Ruching Sweep/Brush Train Organza Wedding Dresses

  23. So many great pieces, at great prices. I saved a lot of money on my wedding dress by comparing prices and shopping around.

  24. Gorgeous wedding dresses! If I was to renew my vows I would definitely look for something vintage looking.

  25. my tastes have changed over the years. I’ve never liked lace anything but am drawn to lace dresses now

  26. I am loving that top dress and veil. I LOVE that the sleeves are sheer and delicate, but that there are still sleeves. I had a long sleeve wedding dress and I loved it.

  27. I soooooo want to get married again so I can wear a dress like this. ANY of them would be perfect!

  28. Beautiful dresses! I love these!

  29. Those are gorgeous dresses! I love looking at wedding dresses.

  30. I love vintage dresses! These are really beautiful of sure.

  31. Those are all so stunning! I wish vintage had been in when I got married.

  32. I love that second one. It’s so pretty. I’d definitely wear that one.

  33. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! When I get married I wouldn’t mind having a dress like these above.