Planting, Growing, Pruning: The Ultimate Guide To Fresh Herbs

Did you know that August 29th is a holiday? No? It’s More Herbs, Less Salt Day which in my opinion should be observed all year long. As Americans, we consume entirely too much salt, which can contribute to a plethora of health problems. So why not pull out the ol’ green thumb and get your plant on – for your health.

The Ultimate Guide To Fresh Herbs

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How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet | Pink When

Have an old pallet lying around? I do. I had several ideas of what to do with it but I may have just changed my mind. This little herb garden is very cute and, since it’s vertical, takes up minimal space. Fresh herbs are expensive, but they don’t have to be if you grown your own.

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Unlike salt that can really hinder your health, there are many herbs that are quite good for you. Many are also used in home remedies. Who wouldn’t like to walk out to their yard when they are sick instead of running to the pharmacy?

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If you are worried that growing herbs will be complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Start small, with easy herbs until you master those. Then, slowly add more as you feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a huge chore that makes you anxious. :)

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What Are Some Tips You Would Like To Share Concerning Fresh Herbs?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post. Off to check out the others. Sharing!

  2. I cannot wait until we get moved to our new house so I can have my herb garden back. There is nothing better than fresh herbs for cooking. They are also a great way to make home made medicines.

  3. Very cool! I just started an herb garden with Basil, Chives, Cilantro and Mint about a month back. I’m ready to add some more now!

  4. WOW! This is super helpful, thank you so much for sharing it with me because I’m planning on starting an herb garden here very soon.

  5. Great post! I think herbs are one of the easier plants to start with in a home garden. Especially the ones that you can just keep on a window sill.

  6. My husband has started growing herbs along with his vegetable garden and he loves just picking them to use on salads and all kinds of dishes. They smell so good, too!

  7. What a great idea! I love growing my own fresh herbs and this year has been kind of difficult with moving into a new house and trying to rescue the landscape from two years of apparently nothingness before we moved in. I am trying to build me an awesome herb garden these will be perfect!

  8. Melissa Smith says:

    I actually have a very long kitchen window that has a shelf under it. I wanted to line it with planters full of fresh herbs so I could have them whenever I wanted them. Checking out the 12 Easy Herbs to Grow From Seeds now! Thanks for sharing!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That sounds awesome. I would love to have a large window in my kitchen to put planters on!

  9. I cook with fresh herbs when ever I can. I have herbs growing on the deck outside of my apartment

  10. what wonderful herb gardens. I want to try and grow one in my kitchen.

  11. I am totally inspired! I would love a herb garden like this

  12. what great ideas! I would love that wheel barrel one
    for now i just use a wooden box that is a big mess of herbs :-)

  13. I love the pallet idea – love all of the diy ideas involving them!

  14. I would love to do my own herb garden. I tried last year and wasn’t successful. I need to get back on the horse and give it another go, because fresh herbs are fabulous in food!

  15. I can’t wait to upgrade my home & move into a bigger one with a backyard or front yard. I totally wanna have an herb & veggies garden :)

  16. There is something special about cooking with herbs that you grew in your own garden. I think they taste more fresh and you don’t have to worry about them being tainted by pesticides.

  17. I have always wanted a fresh herb garden~ we just bought a new home and I am soooooo doing it!

  18. What a terrific post! We have a small herb garden in our back yard…we add more as time goes and it works for us. We just added mint, which I love because I can now make Mojitos anytime I want. LOL

  19. I would love fresh basil and cilantro on my patio. I need to get with it and try!

  20. I really love that pallet herb garden! It’s adorable and so useful! There’s nothing like fresh herbs for cooking!

  21. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I really enjoy this post. It inspires me to start my own herb garden to promote better health in my family.

  22. THat sounds awesome. I am going to bookmark this.

  23. I have to say I’m a little jealous of all that you can grow. i seem to have more of a brown thumb than a green one but I do love fresh herbs!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Oh, I wish I could say that I grew all of this. This took the efforts of a lot of hard-working, creative bloggers.

  24. I really wish I had a green thumb. I tried to grow basil, to no avail. I am just not a plant person but I love that set up you have.

  25. Amanda mcMahon says:

    Another important thing when it comes to growing food is the importance of bees! Don’t use bee spray! Bees are needed to pollinate!

  26. Until we grew some herbs, I had no idea that fresh tasted so much different from the dry, store bought herbs. To me it’s the same as buying or growing tomato. Until we grew our own I was content with the store bought. Not any more!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Oh I know what you mean about that. I never really liked mint until I had some fresh mint in tea. Now I am in love.


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