Quaker Breakfast Shakes For A Convenient, Nutritious Breakfast #sponsored #QuakerShakes @Quaker

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Quaker Breakfast Shakes #sponsored

If your family is like ours, you often find it hard to have a good breakfast. With a college student and two working parents all on different schedules, sitting down for a healthy breakfast can sometimes be impossible. But, no one wants to walk around weak and hungry all day. If this is something that you deal with in your family, let me introduce you to the new Quaker Breakfast Shakes ?

Busy Morning? Quaker Breakfast Shakes To The Rescue!

Amber tried the chocolate Quaker Breakfast Shake. Amber said that the chocolate Quaker Breakfast Shake was “rich, smooth and extremely chocolaty.” She took it on the go with her to college one day and she said that it made her feel full and that the protein in the shake kept her satisfied until lunch.

Quaker Breakfast Shakes come in 3 tasty flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Not only do they provide a ton of nutrients that your body needs to start the day out right, the also taste great. At only 200 calories per serving, Quaker Breakfast Shakes get your day started in a way that is not only convenient, but also health conscious.

With 8g of whole grain oats, 10g of protein, 6g of fiber*, and 200 calories, it’s a tasty and convenient way to get your day moving.

I tried the strawberry Quaker Breakfast Shake. Though I am not as “on the go” as Amber is, I still found that it was nice to have a breakfast that tasted more like a dessert. It was like having a really think strawberry milk, without all the calories. Sometimes I just don’t want the ordeal of making breakfast on a busy day and when it’s just me in the house, it’s easier not to. Quaker Breakfast Shakes would definitely be a great, nutritious option for days like this. Sometimes moms need a break. πŸ™‚

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  1. I am always busy in the mornings it seems, so I love things like this that I can just grab and go!

  2. This is something I would like in the mornings. Thanks for the info!

  3. I am forever on the go, so those breakfast shakes would really come in handy. Looks like they would be a tasty treat!

  4. These would be perfect for mornings on the run!

  5. There are some mornings where, despite my best efforts, I simply run out of time and as a result have no breakfast. This would be perfect for those mornings!

  6. They Sound Delicious & Healthy Too Can’t Wait To Try!!

  7. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have been thinking about trying this because I tend to skip breakfast. I know breakfast in the most important meal of the day.

  8. What an easy way to get breakfast. I’m always on the go.

  9. I would love to try the chocolate one.

  10. I love these breakfast drinks. My favorite is the chocolate.

  11. I have drank these before and they are very good!

  12. These seem like a quick and easy grab and go breakfast for those rushed mornings! My kids would probably really like them!

  13. I really like the vanilla ones! These make a great breakfast.

  14. I’d love to try one of these on those busy mornings when you can’t figure out what to do. My toddler is a handful at 8am!

  15. We love Quaker! I’m going to grab some of these for my hubby

  16. I wish my daughter could have these- I think they are not considered Gluten-free πŸ™

  17. I have contemplated buying these but I haven’t made the leap yet.

  18. I really need to find these shakes at the store and try them out. They look delicious and I love a fast and easy breakfast.

  19. These shakes seem like a great idea when someone needs to get breakfast in a hurry and on the run.

  20. I didn’t know quaker made shakes- I always keep shakes in my office in case I can’t get out to get lunch!

  21. I like that there are so many ways to get breakfast if you want it, without having to cook a big meal. The shakes sound very handy and convenient!

  22. I am going to try these because I am not a breakfast person. Then at 11:00 I am ready to eat everything in the house! This could really save me from eating so poorly during the day

  23. I usually fuel my morning with a green juice. They are yummy! Those look great too

  24. I could really use these. I love anything chocolate so this would be great for me. So often I don’t have time for breakfast and I really want to change that!

  25. I always feel too rushed to have breakfast. This would be a great on the go solution.

  26. Quaker never disappoints us with their products. And this recipe will definitely turn out to be the quickest and healthiest one in LAZY mornings. Thanks for the healthy write up. πŸ˜€

  27. I think shakes can be a good substitute for breakfast.

  28. this looks yummy! i love this brand! i should try to find one in the store

  29. Those look great. I love Quaker breakfast products.

  30. I’m so awful at making sure to eat enough calories every week! Skipping meals/ getting too busy to eat is no good either. I would love a good helper.

  31. I didn’t know that Quaker had breakfast shakes. Everybody is getting on the shake bandwagon.

  32. My daughter won’t eat breakfast cause shes always rushing to get ready, this would be great for her

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  33. Uhh.. I think this would fall under the “modified food like substance” category, not real food πŸ˜›

  34. I love shakes.. and what can be more better than getting some amazing flavours!

  35. I haven’t seen these in the stores yet. They look very good!

  36. I love Quaker, and ready made chocolate shake for the morning… who wouldn’t want it?

  37. Sounds like it has a good carb/protein balance.

  38. I love quaker – it’s always healthy!

  39. Sarah L says:

    This is great on mornings I’m running late and can’t make breakfast.

  40. I find that these taste much better if I freeze them for about an hour or so before I drink it.

  41. I have not tried these yet. will have to get on that!

  42. YUM! I had no idea they had shakes! What a great breakfast!

  43. i had no idea they had these. these would work well for a quick lunch too

  44. Sherry Compton says:

    Breakfast is so important. It doesn’t matter what your age you should have something to start your day. Great for on the go and busy mornings. This would also appeal to kids with the fun flavors. Moms will appreciate the nutrition and opponents.

  45. These might be good just to drink along with something to eat. I have never been able to just drink a meal replacement shake, I have to have something solid to eat. Also since I am diabetic, I don’t use this kind of thing because of all the carbs.

  46. These would be perfect before my AM walks. I don’t always eat breakfast, so this would be a great addition to my morning routine! I would be fueled and have the energy for that last half mile that seems to always psyche me out.

  47. Deborah says:

    Sounds like a tasty quick breakfast. Certainly helpful for those days when you are running late and have to run out the door! Might be good poured into some coffee!

  48. Robin Wilson says:

    These are just what my neighbor needs! She lived in New Guinea over 20 years ago and got malaria and every since her immune system is not good. She has a hard time eating sometimes. These would be wonderful! I’m going to keep some on hand, just in case!

  49. These drinks are great for people that have health issues and those that want more protein thru out there day . Great to take along to work too if you dont have time for breakfast

  50. Interesting twist on a morning smoothie: A shake made with whole grains! Thanks for this review. I might have to check these out.