Five Tips To Promote Healthy Weight In Dogs And Cats #sponsored #HillsPet

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Five Tips for healthy cat and dog weight loss #sponsored

We all want the best for our pets and we want them to live the happiest and healthiest lives possible. When our little fur babies turn into overweight cats and overweight dogs, it often makes it difficult for them to enjoy life the way they did before. If you are hoping to learn more about cat weight loss or dog weight loss, Hill’s Science Diet Metabolic Formula is one way that you can help your pets. Read on to learn the inspiring story of Bear.

Inspirational Dog Weight Loss Story: Bear

Bear went from almost 150 pounds to less than 100! Watch the inspirational dog weight loss story above. When Bear was at his highest weight, he couldn’t take care of himself as he should have been able to. It was difficult for him to walk and he was too big for his owner’s to manage, too. It was detrimental to their relationship, but they were able to find help from dog weight loss experts before it was too late. Science Diet Metabolic Formula is an easy and effective way to promote dog weight loss in 60 days and has been shown to be 88% effective in studies.

Yoda BEFORE Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula dog weight loss program #sponsored

Yoda Before

Yoda AFTER Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula dog weight loss program #sponsored

Yoda After

Tips To Promote A Healthy Weight In Dogs And Cats

1. Exercise – Take your dogs and cats for walks often. Play with them. Their bodies need exercise just like yours does.
2. Proper Amounts Of Food – Not all dogs and cats need the same amount of food, so be sure to read labels and feed the correct amount for your pet.
3. Don’t Feed Human Food – After all, you wouldn’t eat dog food or cat food, would you? There are some select human foods that dogs and cats can have. If you feel that you must feel your dog or cat human food, make sure you research them carefully before you give them to your pet.
4. Plenty Of Water – Just like humans, animals need plenty of water so they can have lots of energy to run and play without getting overheated. Make sure they always have plenty of clean, fresh water.
5. Proper Types Of Food – Make sure that your dog or cat is eating the best quality food possible, such as Science Diet Metabolic Formula.

How Metabolic Formula Can Promote Dog Weight Loss

  • While eating Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, an overweight animal’s metabolism changes to act more like that of a lean animal.
  • Even after weight loss is achieved, the highly efficient energy metabolism profile is maintained.
  • Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution provides clinically proven nutrition that
    naturally activates metabolism to burn calories and regulate appetite.
  • Your pet’s quality of life and relationship with your family is impacted because that extra weight can reduce
    play time, impact mobility and affect the lifelong general health of your dog.
  • As the pet parent said, “I gained a friend.” When our pets feel good, it’s like getting back our old friend.
  • You can also check out this healthy tips to promote dog weight loss.

    Science Diet Metabolic Formula for healthy cat and dog weight loss #sponsored

    I am glad that my dogs and cats are in healthy weight categories. Since Puppy Mister and Daisy Baby are so small to begin with, a weight gain would be pretty noticeable on either of them. Our cat, Lyric, loves our dogs and hasn’t been featured in a post in a while. She wants your pets to be healthy, too, so we thought we would share some pictures of her with you. 🙂

    Science Diet Metabolic Formula for healthy cat and dog weight loss #sponsored


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    1. I can’t have my own kitties because I am wicked allergic, but I will pass this on to my lucky cat friends 🙂

    2. When I take Kingers to the Vet in May – I am seriously going to talk about weight loss for him.

    3. I need this for my tubby beagle and my SIL hefty pup!

    4. Great tips and suggestions. My pets are pretty healthy weight wise and usually we can adjust things by how much their eating (my kids like to overfeed the pets). But, this is great if a simple food amount adjustment doesn’t do it.

    5. Feeding human food is definitely a no no but sometimes because your pet just begs for it, you can’t help it. It’s like a child asking for a toy. Great tips here for sure!

    6. My brother just adopted an extremely overweight English Bulldog. I will have to pass these tips along to him.

    7. Angela S says:

      Thanks for the tips! One of my dogs has gotten a little pudgy in recent months.

    8. These are great tips to keep your pet at a healthy weight!

    9. My sisters cat is so extremely overweight. I know its unhealthy, and they try to put her on a diet but it never works. These are excellent tips to get and keep pets at a healthy weight. I’m definitely going to share this post with her.

    10. It’s so tempting to keep giving your pet treats and table food to show them how much you love them but it’s so unhealthy for them. These are great tips.

    11. Luckily our cats are at a healthy weight. But my dad is always worried about his house dog becoming overweight. I will share these tips with him.

    12. It is so hard to not give our pets extra treats just because we love them. It’s really hard to help them lose weight but it really makes a difference in their overall health. Glad to see your pets are in the healthy weight categories!

    13. I try not to feed my pooch human food but she is such a piggie and runs to catch every scrap and Cheerio the kids drop. I do have her on a set amount of food now, and I think she lost 2lbs.

    14. Awww, your kitties are so cute! Definitely important to take care of pets’ health.

    15. This is the first time in my life that I haven’t had a pet, but I do know the importance of a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Pets get overweight sooo easily!

    16. It is important to pay attention to the quality and health benefits of the food we give our pets like we pay attention to the food we eat ourselves.

    17. First of all your pets are adorable! I love it. I am going to pass this along to all my friends who have animals. Thanks for sharing

    18. Great tips! Can you tell my dog to quit eating the human food out of the garbage can? 🙂

      • Dawn McAlexander says:

        Fortunately, my dogs are just too little to get anything from the garbage can! Not sure how to deal with that particular situation, lol.

    19. Ha, ha, ha… I am passing this onto my FIL… he took over my dog and since then that poor doggie has gained like 20 pounds… and he is a Min Pin… 20 pounds is a lot. UGH… Thanks for the tips

    20. This is great information for pet owners! I often see that overweight pets have a lot of health issues and we all want our pets to be healthy!

    21. Great Tips I Must Try Hills Pet Food My Cat’s Getting A Little Hefty These Days Thank You!

    22. Maria Oller says:

      Omg your dog is adorable, but I’m a car person it takes for ever to keep my furbaby in shape we usually run and play 40 mins day includes the 10 mins she runes behind the laser.

    23. Great tips. We just put our dog on Hills. She is doing great.

    24. Sherry Compton says:

      Just like people pets can be at an unhealthy weight. We want our babies to be happy, healthy and able to get around. Proper food and exercise are a winning combination for a healthy pet.

    25. wow what a huge difference! Sounds like healthier options!

    26. Your kitty looks like my beloved Chuey who has passed away! Great tips for pet owners!

    27. That’s an incredible difference between the before and after photos! If we still had our cats, I would definitely try this out.

    28. Sandy Cain says:

      This is so important! I had an old Golden Retriever who was so overweight is caused the arthritis she had, said the vet. Don’t overfeed your animals – more food does NOT equal more ove!