Science Diet Metabolic Formula For Pet Weight Management #ad #HillsPet

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Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula for overweight dogs #sponsored

Did you know that over half of the pet population is overweight? What’s even worse is that the rate of overweight animals has risen by almost 40% in just the last 5 years for dogs and 90% for cats! But how can an owner help their overweight cats and overweight dogs lose weight?

Many pet owners have no idea that their pets are even overweight. I admit, I love giving my animals treats. We have dogs and cats, but the dogs are my babies and I love showing them how much I adore them. But, we as pet owners, can sometimes show out pets a little too much love.

Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula for overweight dogs #sponsored

Help For Overweight Dogs and Cats

I know that we want the best for our animals, so when our fur babies turn into overweight dogs and cats, we need to do what we can to help them become the active and vital pets they were meant to be. Just like with humans, sometimes that requires a little help from experts to live long, happy, healthy lives.

Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula for overweight dogs #sponsored

So, How Does Hill’s Science Diet Metabolic Formula Work?

  • Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is clinically proven nutrition that naturally activates metabolism to burn fat and regulate appetite. Pets feel full and satisfied and still lose weight.
  • Transform your pet’s weight simply by changing what you feed, not how you feed.
  • Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is safe, effective and fast – you’ll see a leaner, more playful pet in just 60 days.
  • Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula for overweight dogs #sponsored

    Win A Science Diet Metabolic Starter Kit

    For your pet’s opportunity to try Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for free we’re giving away 10 Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution trial kits with your veterinarian’s authorization. It’s a $70 value!

    Hill's Science Diet Metabolic Formula for overweight dogs #sponsored

    To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below and tell us about your pet who can benefit from Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. Be sure to include all of the required information below:

    *What is your pet: dog or cat
    *Pet’s age
    *Pet’s current weight or close guess
    *Your name
    *Your email address

    Good luck. 🙂


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    1. Our dog, Butkus, is a 10 year old yellow lab who weighs about 85 pounds. He loves to eat!

      Monica Platz

    2. Hi my name is Kim, i am the MomKat of two gorgeous fur babies. My maine coon, Kitty Boo, is 7.5 years old and weighs 12 lbs and my tuxedo cat, Socks, is also 7 and weighs about 12 lbs. My vet has told me they need to lose weight and they are feeling heavier…i’ve noticed their appetite has increased lately, I don’t want them to get fatter, i actually want them to lose weight. I’m going to have to try this type of Science Diet. I already feed them SD’s Ideal Balance but I had not heard of this type. I really need to cut back on their treats and/or try these instead. Thank you for this great giveaway oppty!

    3. Holly Thomas says

      Our cat Oskar is 10 months old and he weighs 9lbs.

      Holly Thomas

    4. Quick question…Does this require a prescription or can i go to pet store and buy it? thx

    5. Pet: Dog – Yellow Lab
      Age: 12 years old
      Pet’s current weight: Approx. 110 (now that’s she older, she eats and sleeps a lot)
      Name – Tammy Woodall
      My email address is listed above.

    6. *cat
      *7 months
      *5-6 lbs
      *Katherine S

    7. Linda Szymoniak says

      My dog, Kyoko (one of five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds) is 4-5 years old. Kyoko was nearly starved to death before I adopted her from a high-kill shelter. Even though she is no longer starving, and is healthy in every other way, she wants to eat constantly. She should weigh about 60 pounds, but was up to 79 before I started trying to get her to lsoe some weight. I got her down to 75, but we could really use help getting her down to the weight she should be at.

      Linda Szymoniak –

    8. pet – border collie – named thunder
      age – 7 years old
      pet’s weight- about 80 pounds
      name is sida chand
      my email is already listed above

    9. Jennifer Rote says

      Dog –
      2yrs old –
      weight about 15 lbs, but she is a chihuahua. –
      Jennifer Rote
      wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

    10. Darlene Owen says

      I have a dog – he is 4 years old – he weights 105# – his name is Harley

    11. I dogs name is Rocky and he is about to turn 8 years old. He has been overweight for half of his like by about 8 pounds. He’s a small size dog and only supposed to weigh around 20, but he is getting close to reaching 30. This is definitely something I would use to help my dog!

      Name: Iliana Reyes

    12. My Name is Rhonda Martin and my email address is exotic1(at)tdstelme(dot)net. I have a Cairn Terrier and her name it Toto because she is looks just like the dog that stared in the Wizard of Oz. We don’t know how old she is because she came to us abandoned. We had no information not even her name. We think with help from our vet that she is about 5yrs old. She is very spoiled and has become over weight. She currently weights 18pds which isn’t to bad I didn’t think but for her size the vet says yes. He said she should weigh only between 13-15pds. Getting her to loose weight is so difficult because she doesn’t like the dog food that I have bought for weight control. I have spent a small fortune trying to find one she will eat. Maybe she will like Hill’s Science Diet.

    13. *What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age: around 3
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: 75 lbs
      *Your name: darby
      *Your email address: left it above!

    14. We do not have the pet yet so I can’t give exact specifics, but we’re looking to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter. Mid size about 40-60 lbs. Looking for one around 1-4 years old. My name is Stacey and email is the one I used to post!

    15. samantha Wagner says

      We have a dog and cat. Our dog is about 2 years old. She weighs around 60 pounds. Our cat is around a year and a half . He weighs about 10-15 pounds. My name is samantha Wagner email:

    16. Cat
      13 years old
      weighs 13 to 14 lbs
      Cynthia R

    17. I have 2 cats, Stubby and Shadow, and both could benefit from this as they are a bit on the heavy side.

      *What is your pet: cat
      *Pet’s age Stubby is 6, Shadow is 13
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess- Stubby 13.8oz Shadow, guessing 16 lbs
      *Your name Michele Pineda
      *Your email address micaela6955 at msn dot com

    18. I have 3 dogs. Micah a Yorkie at 5.5 lbs., Joshua a Shitzu at 11 lbs., and Caleb a Shitzu at 10 lbs.
      *What is your pet: Dogs
      *Pet’s age: Micah 4 years, Caleb 1 year, Joshua 11 months

      *Your name: Marion Gasiorek
      *Your email address:

    19. Mary Fagans says

      I have 4 kitties but Blaze 6 yrs old weighs 18 lbs and Leo 7 yrs old weighs 15 lbs, they are the 2 I am concerned about. I would love to try the Science Diet Metabolic Starter Kit on them, because I am a little concerned about them gaining weight. Thank you

    20. Cat
      13-14 yrs. old
      approx. 16 lbs
      Johannah Brookwell
      prizewinner at hotmail dot com

    21. joseph gersch says

      My dog Maggie is overweight and needs something healthy to eat

      What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age 5
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess 65 ounds
      *Your name joe gersch
      *Your email address

    22. Our cat Pumpkin is about 10 years old and weighs about 17 pounds. My name is Anne and email is creep4ward at hotmail.

    23. Alesha OliverLane says

      I have 4 meows, the oldest 3 1/2, keeps mainly to himself, 13-14 lbs, American Longhair, these are my 4 lil babies, & I know this is good brand of food, anxious to try this Line for my SmokeyLish

    24. Cindy Merrill says

      I have two cats, ( Long fur) Fred and Ginger, both are age 9, siblings. Fred is at least 20 pounds, Ginger weighs 7 or 8 pounds. Fred is overweight, for certain.

    25. We have three cat’s, all adopted, Ibenez is the oldest at 17. Then there is Buddy he is 5 years old, and last there is Ozzy a black cat that is 3 years old. He is the one that really likes to eat a lot. I have to have them on timed eating schedule because I just cannot leave food in their bowls all the time. Ozzy will eat everyone’s food. I think that he would benefit the most from this program. All three of them already eat the Science Diet Lite Cat Food. Have been eating that for years now.

    26. julie murphy says

      We have a dog, Age is unknown but she is showing age and doesn’t move as much. She has gained weight over the past few years. She weighs about 30lbs.

    27. Christina Dutra says

      i have a cat and she is 2.5 years old.
      she weighs 13 pounds,.


    28. marian boll says

      My family and I are the caregivers for our 3 rescued puppies. Scout, a 10 year old rough collie, Tug a long haired doxie about 7, and Roxie who is my 10 year old female Roxie. They are the light of our lifes. But, they are all a bit overweight and need to have a proper diet to help them be healthier.

    29. natalie yeoman says

      my dog always throws up from eating her brand of dog food shes eating right now.
      i have a dog.
      shes 10 years old
      she weighs 120
      natalie yeoman

    30. Cat
      3 years old
      22 pounds
      Genevieve Meredith

    31. JULIE TARDI says

      7 years old
      he weighs 15lbs
      Julie Tardi

    32. Joe Burba says

      *What is your pet: dog or cat : dog
      *Pet’s age :5 yrs
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess ~6 lbs
      *Your name : sugar
      *Your email address :

    33. dog, Trixie
      1 year old
      weights 8 pounds

    34. We have 2 pomeranians, one is overweight by about 4lb. and the other is underweight. I need to check with the vet first to see if this would be beneficial to either of them.

    35. Jeron McDonald says

      Hi, my name is Jeron.

      I have a cat, Cleo who has gained a lot of weight since I went off to college. I’m back now, and this would be an awesome way to start her back off on the healthy path! I’m not sure how much she weighs, maybe 5-6 lbs, but her stomach is getting rather large and she’s about 3 years old

    36. curiouskit10 says

      My pet is a cat, Oppie. He’s almost 7 years old, and he weighs 14.8 pounds as of his last vet visit. This is not hugely overweight for him, and he’s half Maine Coon, but he is a little chubby and will become more so as he ages if we don’t curb it now.
      My name is Sarah at

    37. Danielle Papsis says

      We have a 5 year old Pomeranian, Lola who weighs around 13-15 lbs. I don’t think she’s a purebred. She’s rather large but is wonderful with our family and loves our little girl dearly. We couldn’t ask for a better little dog.

    38. Danielle Papsis says

      We have a 3 year old cat named Chloe who weighs around 10 lbs. She’s a beautiful long haired calico.

    39. My pet is a do. He is seven years old in three months. He must weigh somewhere between 65-75 pounds. Sandra beeman

    40. *What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age: 2
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: 55 lbs. (guess as she is too hard to weigh)
      *Your name: Birdiebee
      *Your email address: birdiebee 52 (at) gmail (dot) com

    41. *What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age: about 8 years
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: about 17lb
      *Your name: Melisa
      *Your email address: (submitted in entry to avoid spammers)

    42. Jara Christensen says

      Dog, French Bulldog
      *Pet’s age – 3 Years
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess – 30 lbs
      *Your name – Jara Christensen
      *Your email address –

    43. Veronica Valdez says

      *What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age: 2
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess : 10 lbs

    44. My maine coon, Teddy, is a year and 5 months. He weighs 17 pounds! He won’t stop eating the older cats’ food. I need a lower-calorie food asap!

    45. Birdiebee says

      My Kyla is a : dog
      *Pet’s age: 2
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: 55 lbs. (guess as she is too hard to weigh)
      *Your name: Birdiebee
      *Your email address: birdiebee 52 (at) gmail (dot) com

    46. dog
      approx 5yrs old
      8-9 lbs

    47. My dog is a Brittany named Radely.
      He is a cute 10 month old puppy!
      Radely weighs around 45 lbs

    48. My dog Sammie is 14. She’s approximately 40 lbs.

    49. Dog
      6 years old.
      He weighs 105 pounds. That means he is about 20 pounds overweight.

    50. Cat
      2 years old
      approx 16lbs
      Lisa Hollinger barto

    51. Melissa Marinho says

      My poor doggie could benefit A LOT from this! She is currently 8 lbs overweight:/ We have tried some diet foods for her, but they haven’t worked very well! The vet told us she needs to lose weight, her knees are popping out of the joints. Ouch! This would be great to win so she can lose those extra pounds!!
      *What is your pet: dog, chihuahua/terrier mix
      *Pet’s age: 3
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: 20 lbs
      *Your name: Melissa Marinho
      *Your email address:

    52. Jacqueline Weiskopff says

      Winnie is my 1.5 year old Chihuahua. She is small and probably weights 3-4 lbs. But she loves people food and not her own….I’m afraid my little girl is getting a very round tummy and it is not good for her.

    53. I have a cat she is 9, I’m not sure what she weighs but she is podgy and overweight.

    54. Sarah Oswald says

      My dog Zoey is 10 years old and not so active. I think she is over weight because she looks like she is. I think its because she not only eats her food but she sneaks and eats the cats food. I think she was about 60 pounds when last weighed .
      Sarah Oswald

    55. *What is your pet: dog
      *Pet’s age- 10
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess -11 lbs
      *Your name- Liz
      *Your email address- llew415 at gmail dot com

    56. Becky Meador says

      I have a non hearing dog his name is Sam. He is 3yrs. old 86lbs. Becky Meador.
      He is a big baby I love him!!!

    57. Dog
      9 yrs
      80 lbs
      Thanks for the opportunity to win this diet formula 🙂

    58. *What is your pet: Dog
      *Pet’s age: 2 years old
      *Pet’s current weight or close guess: 10 lbs
      *Your name: Clarissa
      *Your email address :


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