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Cheap Is The New Classy

Red Lobster has been one of my absolute favorite restaurants for year. It may even be THE favorite. Lobster and crab legs are foods that I would love to have everyday, probably, but of course can’t. So, I am always especially happy when it’s my turn to pick the restaurant for date night!

Can you believe that my husband had eaten practically no seafood before we met? He claimed to be a “I don’t like it” person even though he was really a “I never tried it” person, aside from the occasional fish fillet. Being the person I am, I made him try it. After all, you can’t say you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it.

Guess what? My husband is a seafood fan. πŸ™‚

Date Night At Red Lobster

So, this weekend we took ourselves to Red Lobster to enjoy Lobsterfest. If you like lobster, let me tell you, this is definitely the time of year to eat at Red Lobster. They offer tons of different lobster meals and the prices are so reasonable. My husband’s meal was less than $20! You can pay close to that for a burger and fries in some restaurants.

Try great lobster and seafood dishes at Red Lobster's Lobsterfest, including Dueling Lobster Tails and Lobster and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo #sponsored #BestLobsterfest

We started out with a sampler appetizer tray which consisted of shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms and coconut shrimp. Neither of us had ever tried coconut shrimp but my husband ate it and said it was good. I LOVE shrimp cocktail so I ate that while my husband at the stuffed mushrooms {which he loves}. I am really not sure how anyone could eat that particular appetizer and still eat all their food!

Lobsterfest – Lobster & Shrimp Linguini Alfredo

Try great lobster and seafood dishes at Red Lobster's Lobsterfest, including Dueling Lobster Tails and Lobster and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo #sponsored #BestLobsterfest

Maine lobster meat and tender shrimp tossed in a garlic Parmesan cream sauce on a bed of linguini.

My daughter gets this sometimes, too, and they both love it. My husband is a big pasta fanatic anyway, so the Lobster and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo was perfect for him. He said that he especially loved the sauce. This meal also comes with a salad and Red Lobster’s famous biscuits!

Lobsterfest – Dueling Lobster Tails

Try great lobster and seafood dishes at Red Lobster's Lobsterfest, including Dueling Lobster Tails and Lobster and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo #sponsored #BestLobsterfest

A roasted Maine lobster tail topped with tender shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce paired with a golden-baked Maine lobster tail with crab-and-seafood stuffing. Served over mashed potatoes, roasted tomatoes and green beans.

Oh my! My daughter and I generally get one of the big platter meals and split it, but she was not with us this time so I had to decide for myself. Well, as you know, I love lobster, so lobster is what a got – the Dueling Lobster Tails. I swapped out my mashed potatoes for a baked potato {I think Red Lobster has THE best baked potatoes} and I also had a salad and biscuits.

Try great lobster and seafood dishes at Red Lobster's Lobsterfest, including Dueling Lobster Tails and Lobster and Shrimp Linguini Alfredo #sponsored #BestLobsterfest

Who Knew Red Lobster Had Flavored Teas?

One thing I would love to mention is that Red Lobster has a TON of drinks to choose from. I had no idea they had flavored teas until Jay found them on the menu. I love peach tea and get it whenever I can, so I was really pleased before I even got my meal. πŸ™‚

Red Lobster Has The Coolest To Go Trays

I basically none of either lobster at the restaurant and the same goes for Jay with his pasta. It was just too much food. So, they boxed it up for us and we ate it last night. Did you know that Red Lobster has microwaveable and dishwasher safe to go trays? I have never seen that before. I think that is really cool – so you could definitely reuse them if you like.

Tips To Save Money At Red Lobster

Did you know that if you join Red Lobster’s mailing list that you can save a ton of money there? Seriously. We had a gift card for our meal provided by Red Lobster to facilitate this review but we also took a coupon which paid for the appetizer {over a $12 savings}! We got the coupon by being on the Red Lobster mailing list. We also went to Red Lobster on Black Friday and Amber and I each had a free lobster tail with our meals. We knew about this because of the mailing list. That was over a $30 savings in one trip!

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  1. My husband would LOVE to eat at Red Lobster every day. It is his favorite.

    I would love to eat their cheddar biscuits every day. Yum!

  2. We don’t do seafood in our family, but I hear such good things from friends who do about Red Lobster!

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    We love seafood and enjoy having dinner at Red Lobster. We like everything on the menu!

  4. That lobster and shrimp linguini alfredo looks amazing. I am on a diet but this might have to be eaten on my cheat day!

  5. WE love Red Lobster too! The garlic cheese bread is our favorite!!!

  6. Oh I LOVE Red Lobster. Can you believe my first time ever going was 3 years ago while I was pregnant with my son and my husband failed to mention the unlimited cheddar bay biscuits?! I at the whole bowl and was wishing for more and he did not tell me they would bring me more! I could have killed him when he waited until we got home to mention this! LOL

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh no! We almost always get more – especially if Amber {my daughter} is with us. They are her favorite thing at Red Lobster.

  7. I LOVE REd Lobster There Food Is So Delicious & So Many Items To Choose From!!

  8. I am drooling looking at those biscuits – LOVE them! Red Lobster is such an affordable place for seafood!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It really is. And it tastes so good. I have been to tons of seafood restaurants on the coast and I think Red Lobster is just as good, if not better, than most of them.

  9. Everything looks beautiful and so good! Those biscuits are my fav!

  10. I could eat my weight in their biscuits!!!

  11. I have such a weakness for Red Lobster and those picture are making me drool! May have to head over there tonight!

  12. We haven’t been to Red Lobster in forever… maybe since our daughter was born (almost 3 years ago). We have to make a date night for Lobsterfest!! My husband loves their Lobster & Shrimp Linguini Alfredo and I can east just about anything off their menu!

  13. I always have trouble at Red Lobster because I like everything BUT shrimp. Maybe I need to make a trip there and check it out again, since I could eat crab for DAYS.

  14. Oh my gosh, my stomach is literally growling so loud because of how delicious this food truly looks! I cant believe I have never eaten here!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh, you definitely need to go. Those cheddar biscuits – my daughter would go there JUST for those. They are *that* good.

  15. Your meal looks delicious! You are absolutely right about people who are β€œI don’t like it” truly being a β€œI never tried it” person. LOL…As an avid seafood fan (I’ve never been to Red Lobster simply because I live in Maine and Red Lobster is over an hour away)…I think it might be time to take a trip!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      My husband also “didn’t like” Mexican food. When he tried it, he realized that it is one of his favorite food groups of all. Silly men. What would they do without us women? πŸ˜‰

  16. I seriously LOVE Red Lobster. My husband can’t eat crap or shellfish, so I eat it out whenever we can =andI head there for girls night!

  17. i’m not a seafood fan but I like red lobster. my husband gets downright giddy for their meals!! he loves!!

  18. There aren’t enough Red Lobsters in the world! There isn’t one near us and I love that place! Good food at a great price. I’m jealous that you are close to one!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I am, too. When I lived in Virginia, I wasn’t really close to one. But when I married my husband, I moved in with him in North Carolina and there is one about 45 minutes away in the next city. We go there a lot, so I am lucky that I get to eat there pretty often.

  19. I am drooling I love Red Lobster with their Delicious cheese biscuits and popcorn shrimp!

  20. Everything sounds so good! I’m a big lobster fan!

  21. I really like Red Lobster. Need to make a trip back there. Been a while.

  22. I love red lobster! There biscuits are to die for and I usually love the shrimp alfredo! thanks for sharing!

  23. Truthfully, all I need is the biscuits and I’d be totally happy! Those are so good!

  24. I’ve never had lobster before, that looks good.

  25. Gosh I haven’t been to Red Lobster in ages. I’m not a seafood person but I do love their salmon.

  26. Always look forward to their Lobsterfest. And the biscuits are the best! Now I’m really hungry!!!

  27. I went to a Red Lobster several years ago. I wasn’t too impressed with the quality. Granted,it was a long time ago. I would give them another try.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      You should definitely give them another try. I think all restaurants have their off days and you might like it if you go there again.:)

  28. Sandy Cain says

    Bring on the lobster! Don’t stuff it, bread it, put on in pasta – just grill or steam that baby, bring me a lemon wedge and some melted butter, and I’m set! (The only thing that saddens me is when you are waiting for a table, you see all the live lobsters in the tank, trying to look invisible, hiding behind each other….)

  29. Being from Maine, lobster has always been one of my favorites! It was more like a weekly meal for us growing up. It was often cheaper at the dock than meat was at the grocery store.. Mmmmm I want Lobster now. lol

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I do, too! It’s one of my favorite foods and I only get it very rarely. *sniff*

  30. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have always wanted to try eating at a Red Lobster. Now that there is one less than 20 miles away we might go there. The food looks so good in these photos.

  31. My favorite place to eat is the Red Lobster. I love to go for my birthday each year for lobsterfest. I didn’t get to go this year and I am totally bummed out.

  32. Been to Red Lobster a few times. I love lobster and crab legs. They make the best Caesar salad too.
    Now your making me hungry for seafood. : )

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      They really do make a great Caesar salad. My daughter orders that a lot.

  33. Birdiebee says

    I wish we had a Red Lobster where we live. I have eaten at them in other states and they are wonderful. I wonder what will happen to the Red Lobster’s around the company since Darden sold them to a private investor.