Finding The Perfect Prom Dresses At JenJenHouse #sponsored

Finding the perfect prom dresses at JenJenHouse #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

This year I am a junior which means that I get to experience my very first prom! I am beyond excited. Since I was a little girl, instead of dreaming of weddings, I have dreamed of prom. I always wanted to look and feel like a princess, and with JenJenHouse I can. Stop worrying that there will be only a small selection of prom dresses Stop worrying that you will wear the same dress as that girl you can’t stand from Geometry. Did you find a dress you loved, but hated the color? Well, now you can choose any dress and then decide the color. This way, you are sure to stand out and be original on your big night.

Finding the perfect prom dresses at JenJenHouse #sponsored

Perfect Prom Dresses: Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon

I looked at a ton of prom dresses on JenJenHouse, but the first dress that I fell in love with was the Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon in watermelon. This dress is exquisitely beautiful and elegant. It flows freely from a beaded section at the waist. Personally I adore it in watermelon, but I also like it in Pearl Pink. This dress is ideal for girls that love to dance, because it isn’t tight fitting.

Finding the perfect prom dresses at JenJenHouse #sponsored

Empire Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon

The next dress that called my name was the Empire Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon. As you can tell, I love sweetheart dresses! The very top of this one is covered with lovely sequins. Although this dress is simple, it also has an extra bang with the double length bottom. That way, you can show off those lovely heels, too! I prefer this dress in silver, but I also find the champagne to be quite lovely.

Finding the perfect prom dresses at JenJenHouse #sponsored

Perfect Prom Dresses: Princess Sweetheart Tulle Charmeuse

Lastly, the A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Floor-Length Tulle Charmeuse. This dress is probably my favorite. It is stunning! The top half is covered in a beautiful arrangement of beads, and the bottom flows freely. I like that it is floor length, this can hide the fact that I won’t be wearing heels (I am more of a Converse type girl). I think the color as shown in the picture is stunning and would look lovely against my pale complexion, but I also love the pearl pink. As you can tell, I am a lover of basically every shade of pink.

So, Which Of These Prom Dresses Do You Like Best?


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  1. Wow they have some gorgeous dresses. I have a freshman in high school who may be going to prom. I will check them our more thoroughly.

  2. I love these dresses. Especially the fact that they are gorgeous, but still classy.

  3. Gorgeous dresses!!! Makes me wish I was a teen going to prom again 🙂

  4. I don’t remember having such pretty gowns to choose from way back when I went to prom. These are so very pretty.

  5. Can I have them all? They all look so amazing – I want to go to the prom now

  6. What a great opportunity for you! The flat idea under the dress is great. I wish I’d thought of that back in my day…boy, I can remember the sore feet like it was yesterday. The heels came off & my friends & I were barefoot half the night. I have a junior & senior this year that will be going to prom…looking forward to seeing them try on all the dresses.

  7. I really love the style of the second dress and the bold color of the bottom of the third one!

  8. It looks like you have quite a selection to choose from. Have a great time at the prom.

  9. These are beautiful dresses! You’d feel like a princess in one of them!

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These dresses are so beautiful . The first one is my favorite, but I love the color of the ast and you said that JenJenHouse would make it in the color you want. That ‘s great.

  11. Beautiful dresses. I really like the 1st and 3rd ones. How exciting!

  12. I adore the Empire Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon, that neckline is awesome and I love the details. SO pretty!!

  13. I can’t get over how far prom dresses have come since I graduated! So elegant! Love all of these.

  14. Those dresses are beautiful, and so vibrant! I think I like the second one the best.

  15. Wow, all of these dresses are absolutely stunning! I think that I could not live without the Empire Sweetheart Asymmetrical Chiffon! That is just heavenly!

  16. Definitely the coral shade. Gorgeous!

  17. I just love all the variety of formal dresses they offer. Definitely a great selection for prom; they are so beautiful.

  18. That top dress is just stunning. I absolutely love that one the best.

  19. These are all so lovely. I think that coral colored dress is my fave.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Those dresses are all so very pretty! I’ll have to show this site to my daughter when she’s ready to start shopping for prom!!

  21. Those dresses look amazing. I can’t believe they are for prom, they look like they would fit in perfect at the Oscars.

  22. What beautiful dresses! I love the pink ones.

  23. Thanks for sharing, the dresses are stunning and the price is just right, too. Will have to share this with my friends, since I only have boys, but I know it will come in handy for all my girlfriends, they already talked about the upcoming Prom Season

  24. Prom dress shopping can be really overwhelming, but it seems like you have found a great place to check out. The dresses above are just stunning.

  25. Love this! I just got my daughter her prom dress…such a fun and exciting time for young ladies for sure!

  26. I am just loving the colors available! What a fun experience for girls to shop for their prom dress.

  27. I love the beautiful pink dresses and the prices are great too!

  28. Those are such lovely dresses. I think I like the chiffon one the best.

  29. Those are stunning! I’m also a fan of pink….I love the Empire Sweetheart Chiffon best!

  30. Those are stunning! I’m also a fan of pink….I love the Empire Sweetheart Chiffon dress the best!

  31. These dresses are all gorgeous! I love that there are so many options available online

  32. Those dresses are beautiful. I even found a few modest dresses on their site which is something that I have a hard time finding!

  33. Ahh, prom, such an exciting time. JenJenHouse has so many amazing dresses and great prices.

  34. I may be crazy, but I am actually excited for the time to come when my daughter goes dress shopping. I am loving that top dress.

  35. There are some really great dresses here – not jsut for prom, either

  36. what pretty selections! I like that you can shop from home for that special dress!

  37. The coral and pink dresses are particularly beautiful. What gorgeous options they have!