Fun For All Ages At MagiQuest Myrtle Beach #sponsored @MagiQuest #MyMyrtleBeach

Fun for the entire family at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

When we recently went to Myrtle Beach, my friend Mackenzie and I got to go to MagiQuest Myrtle Beach. Out of all the fun things we got to take part in, this was definitely one of our favorites. I believe that MagiQuest is great for all ages. If you know nothing about MagiQuest, it offers the chance for you to take part in a whole other world, with just the flick of your wand.

Fun for the entire family at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

How To Play The Game At MagiQuest Myrtle Beach

When you first enter MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, you can either buy or borrow a wand.  Even when only borrowing a wand, you get to customize it and decide what type of topper you would like to go on it. They have many different cool looking toppers such as crowns, dragons, and the one I chose – the skull. We borrowed wands and then began our adventure. Before you can do anything else, you have to finish a series of quests. In these quests, you need to find numerous things in and around the castle in order to earn a Rune. After you have earned all the runes, you can move on to different adventures.

The game at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach is very realistic and life-like because you literally control the game by using your wand. You can do things such as open chests, and talk to creatures. It is wonderfully fun! The props for the game at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach is also very detailed. It includes everything from a two story castle, to a Crypt and a Dungeon.

Fun for the entire family at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

Make Sure To Use The Book Of Wisdom

While some things on the list of things to find to get a Rune are easy to find, others are quite tricky. In order to find these items, you are given a Book of Wisdom. Within this book you will find a map and a detailed description of what is needed in order to collect each Rune. The book helps you find these items by giving you a number of riddles in which will lead you to the items and eventually on to the Rune itself. After finishing these quests, you eventually are able to use the Runes earned to fight a villain (and hopefully win).

Fun for the entire family at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

Mackenzie and I didn’t quite finish all the quests, but we still had an amazing time and would love to go back again. While we were there, we saw not only young people, but adults of all ages taking part in the adventure. If you run out of time and aren’t through with the game at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, your progress will be saved in your wand if you purchased one. This means that you can come back again and again until you complete the game!

Fun for the entire family at MagiQuest Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

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