Find Out Why Shoppers Are Doing The Happy Dance #ad @Kmart #KmartLayawayDance

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Do the happy dance with year round layaway from Kmart #sponsored

Have you tried Kmart Layaway yet? If not, you may have no idea what all the fuss is about. Have you ever just gotten so excited by your savings in a store that you just want to bust a move and do the happy dance? I know I have. Thankfully, for those around me, I controlled myself. 😉

Why Would One Do The Happy Dance In A Store?

However, lots of people have skills when it comes to cutting a rug. You see, at Kmart, Layaway does not start and end with the holidays. No sir. You can layaway those hot items that you want all year long. Don’t have the cash up front? No problem. You can put your items on layaway, make small incremental payments and the kind folks at Kmart will save your pretties just for you, kind of like grandma saved you the best piece of cake.

Do the happy dance with year round layaway from Kmart - in store or online #sponsored

You Can Even Do The Happy Dance In Your Living Room

Can’t make it to the store? Or you are like me and just get lazy sometimes? That’s okay, too! Kmart Layaway is available online and in stores. It’s really quite simple. Pick out the items you want, start with a low down payment, and make budget friendly payments every two weeks (online or in store) and take your items home with you after your final payment! Then jump up and do the layaway happy dance! Woohoo!

Before You Do The Happy Dance: A Few Tips To Remember

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your items out of layaway before you need them. Why? Because most Kmart layaway contracts last about 8 weeks, so you don’t want to layaway anything that you may want or need tomorrow. Also, be sure to sign up to be a Shop Your Way Member if you haven’t already. Shop Your Way Members get points on every Layaway purchase and exclusive Layaway offers not available to everyone else. Isn’t it nice to be special? Now that is definitely a reason to do the happy dance.

Get Ready For Spring With Kmart Layaway

With spring and summer coming up, might I suggest you go layaway a grill or some nice patio furniture for the fun times ahead? Oooh, or what about a tent and supplies to go camping? Whatever you layaway, you will be ready in advance. And isn’t planning ahead and taking care of stuff early the best feeling?


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  1. I make special trips to a town near me that has a Kmart just because its the only place with a Kmart. Theri layaway program is awesome and I love how their prices are so reasonable and they often carry products that the other stores near me don’t have.

  2. That is really neat that you can do layaway online. I do a lot of online shopping and that is really convenient.

  3. I didn’t know Kmart did Layaway! I hope to get some cute summer clothes/shoes this way!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      When my daughter was small, I used to always get her birthday presents there {April}. She was a snooper, so I could hide them from her that way, too. 🙂

  4. I honestly didn’t know you could do layaway online! That is too cool. Thanks for sharing.

  5. KMart layaway is so helpful and it is not just for the holidays anymore!

  6. Our K-Mart closed down a couple of years ago. It’s too bad. They had affordable clothing.

  7. Sherry Compton says:

    Happy dances are great all around. Do them daily and smile. Good exercise and make you feel good. I like the idea of layaway. It can be big help to people all year long not just at Christmas.

  8. I really like Kmart! I wish we had one nearer to us. I can shop online, but it’s just not the same.

  9. Technology has really made life sooooo simple now. Kmart layaway, too??!! LOVE IT

  10. I didn’t know layaway is online too…. awesome!

  11. I’m totally surprised that Kmart Layaway can be used online. I think that is a unique as well as very helpful policy. I do take advantage of my Shop Your Way card regularly. Since we’ve had such a bad winter with lots of storms and ice I would have used this service for Christmas shopping. Excellent choice in making lay-a-way a year-round option.

  12. We already have some ideas in mind for the layaway program at Kmart, we’ve had our eyes on a few things that are a little out of our budget, but are much more feasible via layaway. SYW is a great program, I highly recommend it.