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Handmade Colorful Tin Zebra from Zimbabwe available from GlobeIn #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

If you are a lover of artisan products, then Globein is the place for you. GlobeIn offers many handcrafted items from many different parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, Europe, and India. Some of the artisan pieces that you can find on the GlobeIn site include jewelry, apparel, home decor, and even musical instruments. Now, GlobeIn is offering a new Monthly Artisan Gift Box.

Get unique decor, home accessories and jewelry items from around the world in GlobeIn artisan boxes #sponsored

The New GlobeIn Monthly Artisan Box

In the GlobeIn monthly artisan box, you get three to four handcrafted items made specially by artisans. To order, all you have to do is pick out a category. You have three to choose from: Jewelry, Decor, and Home Accessories. Next, GlobeIn will work to pick out the best suited items for your box.  One neat thing is that with every item you get, you will also receive a story of the artisan who made it. This deal is unbeatable because not only are they sending you unique and meaningful artifacts, but you are also getting them for far less then the price of paying for each one individually.

After ordering your first GlobeIn artisan box, you might decide you don’t like the theme you chose. That is completely fine. You can change your theme every month, or chose a category that allows you to get a different theme every month. Also, you can cancel the orders at any time, on the off chance that you decided you didn’t like the box.

Get unique decor, home accessories and jewelry items from around the world in GlobeIn artisan boxes #sponsored

Buying From GlobeIn Helps Artisans In Need

Personally, my favorite part of GlobeIn is that the artisans receive 100% of the price they set for their items. Working with GlobeIn is good for artisans because it allows them to plan ahead and more efficiently produce the product and they are selling to a larger market. Lastly, GlobeIn takes an additional 10% of each items’ sell price, and reinvests it back into the country of which it was made. GlobeIn makes a point to seek out artisans that may not have access to selling globally otherwise. So as you can see, GlobeIn helps to provide the costumer with authentic handmade items, and also helps to support the families of hard working artisans.

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  1. What a really neat monthly subscription box, and one I haven’t seen anything similar to before, which is saying something with all the new subscription services coming out all the time. Your GlobeIn Artisan box looks awesome!

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  6. Ashley M says:

    These are gorgeous and it’s nice to support people working at a better life while also getting something in return.

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      Oh you are right! It sounds like it really would go well with your decor. Nice idea for an office theme, by the way. :)

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  21. Gwen H. says:

    This really looks like an exciting idea for a subscription box. You are able to try new things and help artists support themselves.

  22. Paula Ball says:

    I follow these guys on social media & their products are awesome!! This isn’t stuff you can pick up at World Bizarre, It’s totally unique & one of a kind stuff. I urge everyone to check them out.