Win A 65″ 3D HDTV In The Shop Your Way Big Screen Giveaway #ad @ShopYourWay #SWEEPS

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

HDTV Shop Your Way Big Screen Giveaway #sweep #ad

Who loves entering sweeps? I know I do! Well, if you like to enter sweeps where you actually have a decent shop at winning, check out Shop Your Way Sweeps, including the new HDTV Big Screen Giveaway! Shop Your Way SWEEPS has had over 40,000 winners so far! 40,000 winners! Will the next winner be you?

Shop Your Way HDTV Big Screen Giveaway

Shop Your Way always has a ton of really awesome SWEEPS to choose from, so you can enter what you like! The prizes range from points to use at Sears or Kmart to high dollar prizes like diamonds and dream vacations. We are getting pummeled by the snow right now, so I sure wouldn’t mind a dream vacation! This week, one of the top prizes at stake is a 65” 3D LED HDTV. This prize even comes with shipping, accessories and installation (a nearly $4,000 value). I know I love anything that comes with installation! The hubs and I love big TVs. We currently have a 47″ and having a 65″ TV sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings any. 😉

Wouldn’t you have loved to have watched the big game on a 65″ TV? I know I would have! I am sure that many of you will agree with me – when it comes to TVs, bigger is definitely better. Especially when you are watching sports. Wouldn’t all of the sports and awards shows going on now look great on a gigantic 65″ TV?

Enter To Win A 65″ HDTV

You can enter to win a very sweet 65″ HDTV in the Shop Your Way HDTV Big Screen Giveaway right now. Be sure to check out the Official rules before you enter and don’t forget to check out all of the other great sweepstakes that Shop Your Way has for you to enter! Good luck!


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  1. I don’t enter many sweeps, but who wouldn’t want a 65″ tv? That’s an awesome prize. Awesome enough for even me to enter 🙂

  2. A 65 inch TV?! That one is certainly on my husband’s wish list. Off to enter!

  3. This is a great giveaway. We need a television for our sons’ room so they could watch Netflix and play video games.

  4. I could use a new tv in my room. I must admit, this is a very exciting giveaway!

  5. Our 10-yr old TV is on its last legs. Off to enter the contest!

  6. Who wouldn’t want to win a 65 inch TV… I know my Hubs would love it. He has a 52 inch I think it is and would love an even bigger one.

  7. I need to enter more giveaways. My family would love this.

  8. Wow, what a nice giveaway. I wouldn’t mind winning this.

  9. Wow what an amazing giveaway, who wouldn’t want to win a huge TV! Imagine watching films on that!

  10. Wow that’s a great giveaway! I don’t have time to enter a lot of giveaways but my kids sure would love watching movies on a big screen TV. 🙂

  11. wow not sure where I would put that huge tv! Would love to win it!!

  12. Awesome prize. I don’t enter many sweepstakes but that is totally cool.

  13. Im sure some lucky person is going to be very happy to get this tv. Not sure how id get it up the stairs into my small twobedroom apartment

  14. What a fun Shop Your Way giveaway to win a HDTV. The winner of this will be so happy.

  15. That’s an awesome prize but don’t have the space for a TV that big in my house. Our biggest is 55 and even that’s huge to me. Shop your way sweeps sounds like a great place to enter some cool contects.

  16. I definitely need a TV for my bedroom but there is no room for one this big–nor is there room in my living room! This is one heck of a giveaway for anyone who has the room for it. I will be checking out this site to see what else they have.

  17. We lost our TV to Superstorm Haiyan, so we’d like to replace it!

  18. This is quite the sweeps… I might join in… Hope all is okay for you now..

  19. I have a Show Your Way Rewards account, but never knew they had sweeps to enter! Thanks for letting us know!

  20. I really need a big screen TV! Well, maybe not NEED, but I really want one!

  21. WOW.. I know my hubby has been dying to get a BIG BIG BIG TV.. but 65.. WOW that’s HUGE.. I don’t think we even have a wall for that.. sure would be nice though

  22. I enter sweeps and believe I have already entered this one!! I love that you did a post on this though! I could use a 65 inch tv!