Take Your Living Room From Drab To Fab With The @Sears Furniture Collection #ad

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

2013 Sears Furniture Collection #ad

I loved the 90s, but I no longer want its furniture. I bet you don’t either. If you are looking around your room and you are seeing any of the following: a bean bag chair, a day bed, a futon or a folding card table masquerading as a dinette set, it’s time for a major lifestyle upgrade.

If you are like me, you can’t afford a pricey interior designer. Besides, who wants someone rummaging through their stuff? Not me. The Sears Furniture Collection is just what you need to help you turn your living room from drab to style magazine-worthy in no time. No matter what your style, they have you covered. From traditional to modern, Sears Furniture collection really does have something for everyone. Check out their gorgeous furniture and feel free to mix and match pieces from each collection to suit your taste. Let your imagination run wild. You can even shop the entire collection for one cohesive look.


Style Tips For Creating The Perfect Look With The Sears Furniture Collection

– Find color inspiration from a favorite wall color or painting. Then make this the focus of your choices. For instance, we have an accent wall in our living room. This is the focal point of our room.

– Don’t overstuff rooms with too much furniture, especially the living room. There needs to be ample space and walking room between pieces. Comfort is key.

– Accessories can really bring a room together. Consider adding a great rug or beautiful pillows to make the room more cozy.


But How Can I Afford All This?

You can upgrade your furniture without downgrading your bank account. Sears offers FREE layaway, now through 3/24! Buy the furniture that you love, while making only small payments that you can afford. Then, enjoy the looks of envy on your friend’s faces when you tell them that you designed your new, gorgeous space all by yourself!


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  1. You know what I like about Sears layaway as well? That you can utilize it while shopping online – how awesomely convenient that is!

  2. Sherry Compton says:

    Sears is great. Lots of wonderful products. I know they ave nice home decor but hadn’t thought about furniture. We like big, puffy, comfy pieces. Not chic but homey and us.

  3. Tanya Holland says:

    I love shopping in Sears for my kids. I didn’t realize they carried all kinds of furniture. I always thought it was appliances.

  4. md Kennedy says:

    My husband and I replaced all of our furniture 7 years ago when we moved to a condo. And almost everything we got was from Sears. Great prices, great quality, and they even delivered.

  5. It is time to replace some furniture pieces. Thanks for the information on Sears and the layaway program.

  6. Looking around my home, I’m embarrassed to say that my furniture is probably older than the 90’s! Although Sears has always been a favorite store for hubby and I, even with layaway, we are not in a position to purchase new items right now.

  7. Sandy Cain says:

    *whispering* my furniture is about as old as I am…shhhh…..I’m no spring chicken, either. Maybe it’s time to upgrade – in more ways than one. Does Sears do Botox and breast lifts, too? I’m not sure what’s sagging more, me or my mattress. omg!

  8. my finuature is from thrif stores. I’m not ashmed to admit it. I’m not able to fork out a arm and a leg for a couch or such we just moved into our new place in april I’m just greatful I have funiture and not milk crates lol I love the modern look. wish I had the cash

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. I have purchased plenty of things from thrift stores in my day. I used to purchase all of my furniture 2nd hand when I younger. Now that I am older and more established, I like to purchase items new because I get warranties, it typically lasts longer, and I get more of a selection. But I still buy 2nd hand, too. :)

  9. Our Sears doesn’t have furniture!! I remember many years ago, most every Sears you walked into had furniture. Hopefully, our Sears gets some furniture into it’s store here.

  10. What beautiful choices! Love that you can pay for it on a monthly basis, I didnt’ know they even sold furniture!

  11. I live in just outside Toronto and sadly Sears in closing a number of it’s stores here. I like buying from Sears because they have such a great guarantee and customer service.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am so sorry to hear about the Sears closings in your area. Maybe things will turn around in a few years and they will come back to your area. At least you can still shop online.

  12. My parents used to buy a lot of furniture and appliances from Sears back when I was a kid, but I will admit I haven’t been there in years. Now that you say it, I would love to check out their furniture options. Thanks for sharing! Oh and btw, I love how you started the post with your comment about the 90s. ;) Too funny!

  13. We really need to replace our couch. It is a really cheap bonded leather one and was damaged when moved. New furniture is pretty low on the priority list around here though, too many other things that need to get done around the house :(

  14. Did not realize that Sears has a layaway plan–much less online! This is very good to know! Thank you for the info!

  15. Ah, the day bed trend, I totally forgot about that until now. EVERYONE had one too, didn’t they??? LOL Have a great weekend!!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      My daughter even had one a few years ago. She traded her queen size bed in for a day bed. For real. Then she realized that wasn’t very comfy and got a futon. She quickly learned the error of her ways on that one, too, and now she has a queen size bed again.

  16. I didn’t know they had a layaway plan. Great to know. I’ve had the redecorating bug lately, too, and a layaway plan like this would help for sure.

  17. My orange “leather” couches have really grown on me. Actually they work well with the flooring color I chose so it makes it so that it doesn’t stick out nearly as much and adds color to the room. I am all about open spaces but I do need to figure out what to do downstairs. There is a difference between open spaces and no furniture at all. Will take a look and see what Sears has to offer.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      My basement definitely needs revamping. After we get everything done upstairs, we are going to start working on it next.

  18. That’s fantastic, but I didnt know they had layaway, I haven;t been to sears in years, but redecorating sounds wonderful, I do need a new bedroom set

  19. Sears is one of my favorite stores. And I am sad that they are closing some of their stores in Canada :( I will certainly have to look at their furniture catalog. I heard the prices are great!

  20. Every time I visit Sears, I am just in awe at all the great items that would totally brighten up my living spaces. I wish I could shop there all the time.

  21. we are in need of furniture updates. we inherited my moms furniture when she died. it’s nice, and was barely used, but definitely not what we’d have chosen.

  22. Love your tips. Accessories are so important!

  23. I have brought Sears back into my life recently. I walked away from them for awhile because their products were going down hill, but I love their stuff now!

  24. I have purchased living room furniture from Sears before. I like that they have quality, stylish and affordable options.

  25. I love shopping at Sears! What great furniture!

  26. You know what, I’ve never purchased furniture from Sears! Thanks for the heads up on this! I do love their appliances, though!

  27. I need new couches, not because they are old, because I have kids! I am trying to wait as long as I can though. I am going to have to see what Sears has.

  28. I didn’t realize that they had furniture. We could definitely use new furniture in our living room since my son thinks that everything is a trampoline!

  29. We are actually been looking for new furniture. Now I can tell my hubby to go to sears and find pieces we like and add them to a layaway! This is gonna be FUN!

  30. I wasn’t aware that Sears offers layaway on their furniture. I will definitely keep that in mind next time I make a furniture purchase.

  31. I can’t wait until we have our own home so I can shop for furniture! (we’re renting an already furnished home). Thanks for the tips!

  32. All three of those styles look really nice, but I LOVE that traditional look couch!! Great tip to not “overstuff” your family room. That’s always my problem and I know it. I’m actually trying to spruce up my family room right now so thanks for these tips!

  33. I want a new couch so badly! Ours was a hand me down we got when our expensive leather one tore up. I have wanted a new one since we got it. And a great rug or pillows does make a huge difference.

  34. That is awesome. We could use a serious upgrade. I love all of those looks! Good to know about the layaway, too.

  35. I have been trying to redecorate lately, too. I’ve seen a lot of cute things at Sear’s, for good prices!

  36. I have to check their layaway. I need a new couch and this is something I can do to purchase it. Thanks for sharing the information.

  37. I really like the modern one, especially the carpet. I just love the burgundy color, can’t help it.

  38. We are getting ready to shop for new furniture – once we move and get our new home anyway. My parents brought me up with Sears and it is always the first place I go.

  39. I love Sears! We will be in the market in the near future for some new future for our living room. Smaller couch and a love seat. I will be looking into Sears for sure!

  40. I had no idea Sears had a furniture collection. Something new to learn everyday. I do love their appliances and will be heading their next week to get a new refrigerator and stove. Will have to see their furniture if my store has any.

  41. You know what? I never even thought about buying furniture via a layaway program. That makes it totally doable. Great suggestion!

  42. One thing I have never purchased new in my 11 years of marriage is a sofa. This year I am hoping to finally take the plunge and update!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We are on our 2nd living room set that we have purchased new in our 7 years of marriage. Why? Because the first set we bought new together only lasted about 2 years {and was never great to begin with}. We bought it at one of those flea market furniture stands. I highly DO NOT recommend.

  43. thanks for the info on Sears layaway. we are going to be looking for a new living room set soon so we will check them out.

  44. Wow, they offer promising things that saves your budget and makes your home beautiful too.

  45. I really want to upgrade our living room furniture. The couches are my Husbands from before we were married and they are well not what I would pick at all. I would love to redo the living room together.

  46. teresa mccluskey says:

    I like seras. I use to shop there alot but now I live to far away

  47. I love Sears! They offer so much at such great prices. We are looking to redo our living room soon.

  48. What a beautiful transition. I love how bright and modern the decor looks now.

  49. I never heard of Sear’s furniture line before. I have bought appliances from them. I think I should check out my nearest Sears.

  50. We so need some new furniture. Our house is paid off in a couple of months so hopefully.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That is awesome! I can’t wait until our house is paid off – many years from now. ;)

  51. Michelle S says:

    I never knew that they had their own furniture line. Glad to see something so classy and chic–and affordable.

  52. I havent been to Sears in quite awhile. Theres only one in our town and it way out on the other side of town. I do like the pictures of their living room furniture. Hope to get out to see all their furniture in the store. thanks

  53. My family have been long-time shoppers of Sears, so it’s nice to learn they’re expanding their product line to include furniture collections. I skimmed through the online catalog and I really like the look of the Simmons Truffle Collection, especially the Simmons Brown Tampa Cappuccino Accent Chair! Classy looking, yet not too stiff to make sitting uncomfortable! I don’t think there’s a local Sears nearby that has incorporated showcasing the furniture collections yet, but it looks like they’re adding them to more stores over time.