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If you have been reading this blog for the past couple of months, you have probably seen an article or two about Natural Solutions Hip and Joint Chews. For those of you who haven’t, this is a natural joint supplement that is meant for dogs with joint issues like hip displaxia, aging dogs and active dogs. Our dog, Daisy Baby, has been taking Natural Solutions supplements for a couple of months we wanted to share with you what we have learned and the types of results that we have been seeing.

Natural Solutions For Active Dogs

The All Important Taste Test

We have giving Daisy Baby both the Natural Stride powder and the Natural Stride chews. She likes both, but she seems to REALLY like the powder. Shocked? So are we? What dog doesn’t prefer a treat? At any rate, she gobbles the powder up and licks every piece of her dog food to make sure she got it all literally seconds after I add it to her food. Based on this very scientific research, I have deduced that the supplement for active dogs must be made of cheese or cat. :P Seriously, though, both forms pass the all important taste test with flying colors.

So, Does It Relieve Hip Pain In Active Dogs?

Daisy Baby, to our knowledge {since she is a rescue}, has never been diagnosed with a medical issue. She just has been known to “scream” when she jumps a certain way or if you touch her a certain way. Obviously her hip was hurting her. She has also been an active dog who has been fearful of making jumps that seemed pretty simple for our much smaller chihuahua. These “screams” would happen once a week or more.

Natural Solutions For Active Dogs With Joint Pain #sponsored

Natural Solutions For Active Dogs With Joint Pain #sponsored

Since taking Natural Stride, the “screams” have steadily slowed down until I seriously can not remember the last time I heard one – maybe 3 or so weeks ago, if that. She runs and jumps and plays a lot more and is always willing to jump on and off the couch now. She has also started trying to jump up on our bed – don’t worry, she is invited. That is no small feet as we have one of those thick, luxurious mattresses. Since using Natural Stride for the past couple of months, I have noticed marked improvement in Daisy Baby’s playfulness and her spirit. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone who knows that their dog is in pain or for use as a preventative treatment.

Helping treat our dog's Natural Solutions For Active Dogs With Joint Pain #sponsored

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Natural Solutions Hip and Joint Supplements for joint pain

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    I really like that these are vet approved and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. I would love to share them with my little girl. Her knees and joints are doing better, but she’s already been through one surgery.

  2. I love that there is a natural solution. That is so important to me.

  3. Judy Gregory says:

    I’d like to try NATURAL STRIDE JOINT SUPPORT DOG CHEWS (REGULAR STRENGTH) 30CT. STAND-UP POUCH for my Little Bear. There is the problem of breaking each one into 10 pieces since she weighs less than 5 lbs. But, I’d do anything for my Little Bear.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      If you heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds it really makes it easy to cut them into smaller pieces with a knife.

      • Judy Gregory says:

        Thanks! I appreciate the info. I have 7 Pomeranians but, she has issues the others don’t.

  4. I have given my dog these treats before, and she really liked them.. She is a small pug, so her back legs are no good and this helps her along..

  5. Ha! We just started giving these to our dog! He has arthritis and hip dysplasia. I can honestly say, they help him A LOT! He doesn’t limp as much, we love this this!

  6. My mom raised show dogs and sometimes we would come across this issue, even in younger dogs. I am glad to know this product is available and with the Dog Chews, it is something they will enjoy instead of forcing a pill on them.

  7. To be honest I never even knew there were supplements out there for dogs! And my parents had two aging dogs and my own dog is getting older. It makes so much sense to have a supplement perfect for aging dogs.

  8. While I don’t currently own any dogs someday I would like to own a Pomsky (Pomeranian Husky mix, sooo cute!) I am glad to hear that these treats and the powder (how strange that she loved the powder more than the treats!) have helped Daisy feel better and start being more playful and active.

  9. I don’t have a dog, but this sounds very good.

    Very cute dogs you have:)

  10. What a great product! too many dogs get hip and joint problems! Its nice that there is a vet approved natural solution to solve it! The success is showing in your cuties!

  11. I really wish i could give something to Ronnie. I am pretty positive she is allergic to glucosomine though. A few years ago I had her on a supplement for her arthritis and she reacted badly. Then I found out glucosomine is kinda like shell fish, which i know for sure she can’t have.

  12. Darlene Owen says:

    I learned that yOur dog arthritis treatments are the most effective supplements on the market. I would use this for my black lab – Lady as she limps after sleeping.

  13. My female dog, Lilly, has joint problems. She is a treat hound, so those joint support chews would be perfect for her.

  14. Sacha Schroeder says:

    My older lab has joint problems. These look ideal. I would like to try the Synodrin® Capsules 3 Combo Pack.

  15. WOW this couldn’t have come at a better time – we have a 8 year old Border Collie that loves to run, herd etc. Within the last two years if she is running on wet surfaces she manages to injure herself and limps. We have been giving her whatever the dr says, but to give her something that would prevent and help would be MUCH better. I’m going to have to find these and start her on them.

  16. Our guy is getting to the age to start doing this. It so important to help keep those joints and bones healthy and strong!

  17. Our rescue dog was hit by a truck and broke his pelvis. Since he already had hip issues from some of his breeds, he now has even worse hip issues. These treats would be perfect for him.

  18. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I love what I’ve read about their products. I discovered, too, that they also have products made for horses. My youngest daughter has a horse – I’ll have to tell her about these.

  19. We had a rotweiler with hip and knee pain. It was so painful to watch her in the mornings. I wish I had known about these treats back then.

  20. I always prefer natural products whether it is for my kids or my dog. This sounds like a great product for my pup :)

  21. I had no idea you could get supplements for your pets. This is fantastic.

  22. We have a German Shepherd already showing signs of hip problems and he’s only 6. :( Hate seeing him struggle!!

  23. This is good stuff for big dogs. Their hips need all the support they can get.

  24. katherine says:

    How precious! I am glad to see them feeling better!

  25. our tobey’s showing a lot of signs of hip issues. he’s 12 1/2 and a yellow lab mix.

  26. These sound wonderful! Not just filler for dogs but helpful for them too!

  27. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I learned that Natural Stride for Dogs uses only pharmaceutical and human grade ingredients to insure the most potency. I have three older dog, all over the age of 8 and this would be great for them.

  28. For a long time, I didn’t realize that animals can have the same alignments as we do. (I didn’t grow up around animals)….so its really good to take care of them & give them supplements that will help with their growth, bones, and active lifestyle.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Same thing here. I didn’t really have any pets as kids and always thought they just lived until they died with no sickness or disease in between. Too bad that isn’t true.

  29. The puppies are both adorable. Daisy Baby reminds me so much of my little guy. Identical, except he had a black spot just before the tail on his back. He is no longer with us, but lived to be 16 yo. He was a pound puppy and the best dog we ever had.

    Very surprised she likes the powder. Who would have thought?

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Awwww your doggie sounded adorable. :)

      And, yes, I was shocked! She will lick all the powder out of the bowl and then select each piece that still has powder on it, individually, to eat. She is a silly dog. :)

  30. Your dogs are seriously adorable! I love that they are natural too… and it looks like your doggy really like them too!

  31. I have two dogs that could really use this.

  32. Im always for the natural stuff , This would have been so great if my little music was still alive, he was a pug & some bastard ran him over I miss him. But I would be getting another dog soon & yes I will be using this

  33. The thought of pets being in pain makes me cringe. Anything that can help alleviate or even prevent that is great!

  34. Sounds like a great product! Our pooch is still young, but I love that there are natural products out there when he needs them :)

  35. I have a bigger dog and I am afraid of him getting hip/joint issues earlier than later. I want to try these as a preventive measure.

  36. I like that it is a FDA approved facility. My dog is older as well and needs something for her hips and joints as well.

  37. I didn’t know this existed. Wow! My 11-year-old dog occasionally has issues with hip pain. Now I know of a way to tackle it without running to the vet right away. Thanks!

  38. We’ve truly tried to change our dog’s food several times but she is such a picky eater. Plus she is getting into the old age. This would have been great for her a few years ago though. Good to know that even dogs can eat healthy :)

  39. I like that it starts working with the first dose. I would use this for my 12 year old senior springer spaniel gal.

  40. I’m glad that Daisy Baby benefited from the product and that it is a product made with the utmost care. If I had a dog, I would definitely offer this product.

  41. I guess I have been lucky and have had pets that have never had medical problems. I am glad there are supplements out there to help our poochies.

  42. Wow, that is great! Our dog is on the larger side and still fairly young. He does not exhibit any hip or joint pains right now, but I will definitely keep this in mind for the future. I grew with dogs who did develop those pains later on in life, and I know it was very painful for them.

  43. I would like the hip and joint formula. It would be for my husky doggie!

  44. I learned that they have supplements for people, dogs and horses. My 14 year old sol Socks has a lot of joint pain just like her owners.

  45. Angela Cash says:

    I learned that Natural Stride begins working from the very first dose; most notice a substantial difference after 2 to 3 weeks on average. I would love to start giving my Dobie mix supplements to hopefully prevent joint issues in the future.

  46. Wendy Mastin says:

    I learned that
    If you’re not completely happy in 60 days then we will give you a full refund!
    I would try this with my Cocker Spaniel; Mocha

  47. Tara Liebing says:

    Wow, I really like these products and didn’t know they were available. I would like to try the Join Supplement chews for my dog. I like that they come in regular strength and Veterinarian strength.

  48. Kathreen Miller says:

    In hip dysplasia, the hip socket has not formed properly and this results in damage and arthritis from the poor fit. This condition is most often seen in breeds such as the Labrador retriever, German shepherd, golden retriever, and Newfoundland, but other breeds can be affected.