Basement Reno Idea: Divide Your Space With Accordion Doors #sponsored

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Accordion Doors For The Basement From Specialty Doors

It can be really hard to choose a great door for your home. There are so many things to consider like style, price and safety. When shopping for doors, it can be easy to find one that may fit into your budget, but will it last? With winter upon us, it’s also important to find a door that can help divide living areas for heat conservation. Specialty Doors.

We have been working on the upstairs portion of our home for quite some time. We replaced flooring in many of the rooms, painted and did all kinds of other things to make our house a nice home. Pretty soon, we will be moving to the basement to see what we can do to make it a more livable area. We want the basement to eventually have a nice bathroom and laundry area as well as a game room, library and family room.

Create Usable Space In The Basement With Accordion Doors

We are not awesome carpenters. Also, we are not rich. So, an excellent alternative for us might be to install accordion doors, as they are way easier to install than new walls, and are easy to take down, should we decide to move them. With accordion doors, we could easily divide our basement into a family room and game room without a drastically invasive crew coming in to work on our basement. Also, if we were using accordion doors in the basement, we could always open them and have a nice, big room whenever we want.

Accordion Doors For The Music Lover

Did you know that accordion doors can help with noise reduction? They can be used with sound insulating liners, which can help block the travel of noise from one side to the other. My husband and I have a massive collection of music on both CDs and records and love to listen to them, but it’s not always easy to enjoy your music in a home with other people. If everyone wants to listen to something different at the same time, we all have to take turns. With an accordion, we could each listen to what we like at the same time without disturbing each other.

I am very excited to get started on my basement reno project with you and can’t wait to share it with you when we are finished.

Where Are Some Places You Might Use Accordion Doors?


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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    This will be really nice to add use and function to your garage. Accordion doors would be versatile. I didn’t know they were easy to install but that makes them even better. I hadn’tt hought about using them but great idea.

  2. Holly Thomas says:

    This is a really good idea and something I never would have thought of.

  3. john hutchens says:

    This is an excellent idea that I had not thought of. It looks easy to do and give us extra space.

  4. Paula Ball says:

    This is an original idea an a nice change from louvered doors. Too bad you can’t hang pictures on it, or can you?

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Personally, I wouldn’t. I think if you did, when you open the door, they would fall off. However, if you wanted to attach posters to it, that might work {as they could bend with the door}.

  5. Sandy Cain says:

    We had accordian doors in out old apartment in the Bronx, between the foyer and the living room. It was a great place for them. We don’t have them in this apartment, but I wish we did – maybe I can look into it again!

  6. We had accordion panels in our basement at our old house. They were decades old but they did do a nice job of keeping everything hid in one area. These modern ones seem much more sturdy and with thicker panels and liners which effectively reduces noise, I can see how they’d make a nice alternative to building walls.

  7. Holly Clark says:

    I didn’t know they were so easy to install. These would be a great addition to a garage space when you wanted to have a separate work area.

  8. Mary Happymommy says:

    We had something similar when I was growing up and had to share a room with my mom. She had to stay up late doing homework (she went to night school) so we had doors like these to block out light so I could sleep.

  9. Judy Gregory says:

    We had something similar in elementary school. They were very heavy and even blocked sound.

  10. natalie parvis says:

    We are going to be living in a basement apartment with one enormous living are and one bedroom. We plan on using the bedroom for our son. We should look at these to split the giant living area.

  11. I guess in the right space they can be useful. I personally don’t like the look too much. But, that’s just me.

  12. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    These are an awesome alternative to putting up a wall. If you change your mind and want one big room instead of a divided room just open up. No walls to tear dowm.

  13. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    we use these in my dance studio. Great for making better use of a large space.

  14. when I was a kid and had this it was pretty cool to separate the rooms

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  15. wow never though about doin this great idea

  16. Jess Eden says:

    This is so smart and economical!

  17. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These accordion doors sound like an excellent solution to your space and money problems. I was not aware that they could come with insulating liners.

  18. I’ve never been all that fond of accordion doors. They always seemed to be more hassle than they’re worth. I wonder if these are any better.