Free Personalized LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday Greetings #sponsored

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Learn how to create your own Lego Minifigure Family for the holidays #sponsored
It’s the holiday season and what is more fun then sending holiday cards to those you love? Did you know that you can make a LEGO Minifigure Family, complete with snow scene, to show with your friends this holiday season?

LEGO Minifigure Family

You already know that you can build anything with LEGO, right? But, did you know that you can even build your own family? Make your own LEGO Minifigure Family, just like your real family, and then send a very cool greeting to your family and friends this holiday season. Not only is creating your own LEGO Minifigure Family super easy, but it also takes only a few minutes, is highly customizable and it is free.
Learn how to create your own Lego Minifigure Family for the holidays #sponsored
You can easily match each member of your family to a corrosponding LEGO Minifigure family member that has their skin tone, hair type, facial expressions and much more. You can also pick out individual outfits or you can let LEGO randomize it for you to save you some time. After you design your LEGO Minifigure Family, you can then choose a pretty scene in which to display them. Plus, you do not have to choose a Christmas or winter scene if you do not want to. There are tons of scenes to choose from to suit your personality.
You can also choose to have your family members’ names displayed on the card, as well as a holiday greeting if you want to, or you can choose not to. When you are all done creating your LEGO Minifigure Family, you can then share your greeting with your friends and family via email and your social media channels. What a fun way to tell those you love that you are thinking about them this holiday season! Plus, you can save a stamp. ;)

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    My grand kids are going to love this, especially my grandson. I like how you can customize them with unique attributes and outfits. Very entertaining.

  2. I love that you can make your family into lego creatures!

  3. That is so cute! Neat idea.

  4. I can’t wait to show this to my son!

  5. How cute is that?! I have always loved Lego toys since I was a kid back in the stone age.

  6. LOL! This is just the cutest idea! I know lots of people who are going to get a kick out of this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. These are just too cute! I like that you can add pets to them too.

  8. ha, ha, ha… we are huge lego fans and this is so super-cute

  9. That is too cute! I want to make one just to send to my oldest, who loves LEGOs.

  10. I have got to check this out! My kids would get a total kick out of this!

  11. aww, this is so fun! Lego is classic!


  12. we’ve made a bunch of these- we’re big LEGO fans here!

  13. OMG, my boys would go crazy over this!

  14. I would have WAY too much fun with this, and I’d better not let my kids get a hold of it. They would go to town and do all kinds of things to tease me! lol

  15. I know I buy legos for the children, but they are just too much fun to resist.

  16. These are tooooo cute. You know how I love to make videos. I’m picturing a video with this little guys.

  17. No way! These are so cool! I have to show my kids.

  18. There’s just something so cute about those LEGO people. I love the Halloween costumes I kept seeing a few weeks back!

  19. Okay, no one tell my boys about this until I actually make the cards. If you tell them ahead of time they will not stop asking until we do this. Love it! Thanks for sharing, Dawn.

  20. I love legos! We went to Legoland earlier this year!

  21. My sons still love legos! They would have so much fun creating their personal lego cards. :-)

  22. Lately Lego is always doing something new and innovative. I like that. I can’t wait for the movie to debut and my kids are excited too! I’d love to give a Lego holiday card to a couple of people. SO smart.

  23. This is such a cute idea! My little brother is obsessed with Legos and is going to love making this!