What Exactly Is An Octaspring? #sponsored @OctaspringUSA #bedroomreno

Dormeo Octaspring: What exactly is an octaspring? #sponsored

Last night I received a highly anticipated delivery: a Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you mine and my husband’s thoughts on the mattress and whether it improves our sleep. To get things started, let’s discuss what exactly an Octaspring is…

Tell Me More About These Octasprings

Since the Dormeo Octaspring is something new that I have never slept on {or even seen in real life}, I felt that many of you might not be familiar with the brand or this type of mattress either. So, I wanted to do this introductory post to share how the mattress is constructed before I get into the review in a future post. After all, it might be hard to appreciate a review if you don’t know what exactly the product is..

We have all heard of coil spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, but the Dormeo Octaspring Mattress is something quite different. In a Dormeo Octaspring mattress, Octasprings are strategically positioned to support and cradle your body’s weight. Because of this, your body is supported in a way that is superior as compared to other mattresses.

Features Of The Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress

  • 12 inch profile offering a high level of pressure-relieving comfort with a Medium to Soft supportive feel.
  • 3 Layers of Octaspring® Technology give you immediate comfort with cooler, 3-dimensional adaptability in a customized body-zoned cradle
    The Top Layer features 3 zones of luxurious memory foam Octasprings, over a Middle Layer of Octasprings with different firmness levels arranged ergonomically in 5 body-supporting zones. The Bottom Layer of Octasprings adds support, stability and even more airflow.
  • Silky-soft cover with Italian textile design features 360 wave air-mesh sides to allow the honeycomb Octasprings to breathe. Cover is resistant to dust-mites and bacteria.
  • Mattress requires no flipping or turning
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty


Dormeo Octaspring Mattress octaspring layers #sponsored

What Is The Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress Made Of?

The Top Layer: This layer is made of luxurious, 3″ Memory Foam Octasprings that are divided into 3 zones.

The Middle Layer: This layer offers 5-Zoned body support with 2″ Eco-Cell® Octasprings

The Bottom Layer: This layer offers additional support, airflow and stability with 2″ Eco-cell® Octasprings

The Dormeo Octaspring Mattress offers a 1.5″ Memory Foam Comfort Layer and a durable 3″ Eco-Cell® Support Core

How Soft Is The Dormeo Octaspring Mattress?

The Dormeo Octaspring Mattress is available in 5 firmness options {5500, 6500, 8000, 8500 and 9500}. The 9500 is the softest and the 5500 is the firmest. Since my husband likes a really soft mattress and I like one with a little more support, we chose the 8500 {medium to soft supportive feel}. That is apparently a great choice because it is also the most popular one. We also chose Queen size as our last bed was a Full size, but that size can be a tight squeeze with both of us and our two little doggies. So, we stepped up the size to a Queen which still fits nicely in our bedroom.

Dormeo Octaspring 8500 mattress corner. Photo courtesy of Dormeo Octaspring

Our Thoughts So Far

We have only slept on the Dormeo Octaspring 8500 Mattress one night so far, so please do not consider this a “review.” However, I always wake up with hip pain. Today, I did not. I seriously can not remember the last time I didn’t and, trust me, I am so happy. I also don’t remember waking up about a gazillion times as is generally what happens to me during the night. I generally go to bed somewhere between midnight and 4am {my husband gets in from work at 3am}, but I usually always wake up around 8am, regardless of what time I go to bed, because my hip is so sore. Last night I went to bed around 3am and woke up at almost 10am this morning. 7 hours of sleep! My husband also did not wake me up with his tossing and turning either. I will be sure to let you know if this continues when I write my official review. 🙂

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How Would You Like A Dormeo Octaspring Mattress For Christmas?


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  1. That looks like a great mattress! It’s almost time to replace ours!

  2. I have never heard of them. I will be looking forward to hearing more on how you feel about it!

  3. Looking at the mattress wants me to take a nap 🙂

  4. We are actually looking into getting a new mattress soon. We were thinking memory foam, but we’ve never heard of this brand. We will have to check them out.

  5. sold. i’d like one please. or 2 full beds. we don’t need tos hare, right? 🙂

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Bahahahaha! Love it! I seriously haven’t felt the hubs roll over, fight with the pillow, whatever the heck he does that used to keep me up all night the past two nights I have slept on this new mattress. So, he could have his own bed or be on his side – I wouldn’t even know the difference. Ah, blissful sleep!

      • Howard Epstein says:

        Where can I get a deal on one? The 6500 is for us. Medium to firm. How do you like it?

        • Dawn McAlexander says:

          We love the one we have. Dormeo Octaspring runs some really sweet deals on their site. Just recently, you got two of their pillows free with purchase. I would definitely keep an eye out.

  6. I would LOVE a dormeo mattress for Christmas 🙂 You know that middle layer of the mattress you show in your post? That is the area that our 13 year old mattress is actually sagging! right there in the middle. I cant imagine how nice it is to sleep on technological advances in mattresses. (Ours is even before memory foam – LOL) I cant wait to hear about the review.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Oh yeah, our old one was before memory foam, too! An old coil spring one. You about had to get a tetanus shot every time you slept on it, lol.

  7. This looks really interesting. I am looking for a new mattress for our guest room.

  8. Wow! My husband hates our mattress. I’d like to consider this when we shop for a new one. thanks.

  9. This is such a cool mattress! I love the look of the OctoSprings!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      They are cool, aren’t they? I think I would like to just have one of the Octasprings to play with – like a stress ball. 🙂

  10. I would love one of these for Christmas… We have had the same mattress for over seven years and could use a new one as Hubby has shoulder and hip pain…

  11. WE really need to replace our mattresses for us and the kids too! This looks like a great improvement and benefit to our backs!

  12. I would love a Dormeo Octaspring for Christmas. We haven’t bought a new mattress for ourselves in many years. We might have to investigate this mattress a little further.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      The one we had previously was a mattress that my husband had before we were even married. It was definitely time for a new mattress. Way past time, actually. 🙂

  13. I haven’t heard of an Octaspring before, but after reading this post I think I would love to have one.

  14. Mmmm… it looks and sounds like one would be guaranteed a dreamy, good nights’ sleep on one of these!

  15. That looks incredible! I hope to be able to get one soon. My bed is slowing losing it’s mojo!

  16. I WANT that bed!!!! I always wake up feeling like I was hit by a truck.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Gosh, I used to feel just like that on my previous mattress. A couple of nights sleeping on this bed have been a real eye *shutter.* 😉

  17. I need one of these mattresses!!

  18. A great mattress really is SO valuable! We could really use an upgrade, especially since both kids have better mattresses than we do!

  19. It sounds like the most wonderful sleeping night ever on a mattress like this.

  20. I’ve been looking for a new mattress and so appreciate this review on one that I haven’t heard of before. Thank you!

  21. This looks super comfy – I like that it’s nice and high — my kids probably couldn’t get up – nothing like having a bed to myself!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      It is high, lol! We have two little dogs that could jump on the other bed, but now we lift them up. 🙂 We might get some of those little steps for them.

  22. Wow that mattress looks amazing! I never heard of this though… but we need a new mattress so I’m going to check it out!

  23. Sherry Compton says:

    I’d be happy to have one…sounds wonderful. I like that they have different levels of firmness but they all support your body. I have back issues and my husband gets leg cramps at night. It would be great to try this out. The technology sounds very innovative. Hope you continue to sleep well.

  24. Let’s just say…. I NEED this bed!!! Truly!!!

  25. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I really a new mattress. My hubby and I have always bought the cheap ones to save money. But he has a bad back it never fails the mattress always makes it worse. We need to invest in a mattress like this.

  26. That looks heavenly. My husband and I both have chronic back issues and pain, and getting comfortable can be a bit tricky sometimes! I hope to hear good things!

  27. I would love this for Christmas I need a new matress so bad I have had mine for almost 8 years… but I want a really good one this time around…

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We had our mattress for a really long time, too. My husband had it before we got married and we have been married almost 7 years. I am so glad to have a new one now!

  28. Wow, Im super impressed! A good mattress can honestly make the BEST nights sleep ever!!!!


  29. Elisebet F says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard of a mattress like this. It’s definitely important to have a quality mattress. Sleep affects every aspect of a person’s life.

  30. We just got a new mattress system and it is amazing what a new bed will do for your sleep. I had never heard of this brand but it looks really nice.

  31. Sheri Ferguson says:

    Sounds excactly like what I need for a great night’s sleep! But..can it prevent my husband’s snoring?!!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Who knows. If he gets into a better position, perhaps it might. Otherwise, you have the old standby – a clothespin. 😛

  32. Sandy Cain says:

    I need a new mattress, and I want THIS one. I don’t have to share a bed with anyone anymore (Thank You, Baby Jesus!), and I’d love a wonderful luxurious bed, just for me, myself, and I !

  33. We were just talking how we would love to get a new mattress…looks so comfy…..would help my husbands back!

  34. It sounds like a great bed. It makes a world of difference to sleep well and wake up refreshed.

  35. Debbie Welchert says:

    I would love to have a mattress that would support my whole body and keep me cool at the same time.

  36. jennifer wexler says:

    this mattress seems so comfortable

  37. Susan Broughton says:

    I have not heard of this company but that mattress sure looks comfortable! I like the way the mattress is made as well. It looks like it would be really supportive for the back.

  38. lissa crane says:

    This mattress looks awesome! The three layers of memory foam Octafoam and the fact that they have zones-unbelievable! Looks like this is a high quality mattress that will give you years of great sleep!

  39. Omg! I am not fimilar with Octaspring but this looks AMAZING and soooo comfy! I am loving the 360 wave air-mesh sides that allow the Octasprings to breathe!

  40. I’ve never heard of this company before, and we are in the market for a new mattress, so thanks for the info!

  41. Nettie Larson says:

    This is so nice. I would love a new mattress to take to our new apartment. We need a nice soft one with both of our bad backs!

  42. David Smith says:

    The OctaSpring mattress looks like an interesting design. I like that there are different zones for support and overall different firmnesses. I think we would like the 8500 or maybe the 9500 series mattress. We have a king bed that was my brother-in-laws and I have no idea how old it is. A new mattress would really help since I have damaged discs in my back and osteoarthritis too and also have bursitis and tendonitis in both hips. Thank you for the info on these mattresses. I’d love to be able to buy or get one of these.

  43. Wow, this sounds really interesting! I’d like to try it out!

  44. This is awesome! I wish I knew they were around when we bought our mattress years ago. I love our new mattress but it is nothing like this one and reading this reminds me that we have to turn ours…..:/

  45. Velvet Hubler says:

    This mattress sound devine and I like that it has a 25 year Limited warranty

  46. Dorothy Teel says:

    Ithink that this Octaspring mattress is an amazing concept and that it comes in varying degrees of firmness I like that it has memory foam and that it had a long warranty I recently bought another mattress that is comfortable but it has hot spots in it, but we will need to use for many years, Thanks for sharing this Octaspring with us.

  47. Kitty Iecvan says:

    Wow, all the layers sound like the mattress would feel very luxurious. I’d love to try it.

  48. This mattress sounds really interesting, would like to try it out sometime.

  49. lynn buttedal says:

    This looks really comfy. Might have to try new mattress

  50. Kendra C. says:

    This looks amazingly comfortable. I’ve been dying to get a new quality mattress, but can’t afford it just yet. We are still using the basic mattress that came w/ our bed frame. I have a friend who got a great orthopedic mattress and she has all this new found energy from getting better sleep. Hopefully soon we can get one of these!

  51. wow I SO want to try this mattress! I really like the strategically placed Octasprings for support.

  52. Jenn Oldaker says:

    This mattress looks so comfy! I love that it has a 25 yr warranty too!

  53. Christine L. says:

    Wonderful mattresses

  54. This sounds amazing like sleeping on a temperature controlled cloud! Oh how I would LOVE this. My mattress is 17 years old

  55. I like the fact that the mattress requires no flipping or turning over time’

  56. I would give anything just to sleep on this mattress for one night! I can not even imagine waking up with no pain in my back. That would be a miracle. I am so glad for you that you have been blessed with what appears to be many nights of peaceful pain free sleep 🙂

  57. Lorayne Gothard says:

    This is amazing. We have a temperpedic from years ago, but it is nothing this advanced!! I would love to have this mattress!!

  58. Gail Rosenstrom says:

    a pressure relieving mattress? that would be awesome! putting that on my wishlist 🙂

  59. sherry butcher says:

    Love this post it give me information on a product I did not know about. Thanks for Sharing.

  60. Looks and sounds like a mattress I could use mine are 15 yrs old!!

  61. maria beas de bonilla says:

    This is the very first time I hear and see this type of mattress but I guess is the ideal mattress for pain relief.

  62. Danalee Davis says:

    These look like awesome mattresses. I would love to have one. 🙂 Thank you for sharing about the product.

  63. Cynthia C says:

    I’ll keep this in mind when it’s time to shop for a new mattress.

  64. That sure is an impressive description they give. Let’s see how you like it in the long term.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am guessing we are about a month in and so far, so good. But yes, the real test is in the long run. 🙂

  65. Paula Gardner says:

    Octasprings are strategically positioned to support and cradle your body’s weight. Because of this, your body is supported in a way that is superior as compared to other mattresses.

  66. Wow! This mattress sounds amazing! I love how the top layer is made of memory foam springs.

  67. This looks so incredibly comfortable! The design/structure of it looks great! I love that they have 25 year warranty, as well!

  68. Betsy Barnes says:

    I’ve never heard of them until now, looks like they make a great mattress, will definitely keep them in mind when we get ready to replace ours 🙂

  69. kristin sims says:

    this mattress looks awesome! first i have heard about them and your review is very thorough, thanks!

  70. I’ve never heard of a mattress with three layers before. The Demeo Octaspring mattress sounds so comfortable. I have fibromyalgia, so finding a comfortable mattress is extremely important. I’ve been through a couple of mattresses and am currently using a Tempurpedic. I will definitely consider Demeo the next time I’m in the market for a mattress. Thanks for the review.

  71. Laura Smith says:

    No flipping mattresses – my life would be a little easier. With the 3 layers it sounds perfect.

  72. This mattress looks so neat. I have a sleep number bed, which I like a lot, but I think I might like this kind better.

  73. Taylor Schell says:

    this mattress looks incredible! it such a great idea to combine springs and memory foam and it has so many benefits! a great mattress is a staple to living a happy healthy life as crazy as it sounds. your mattress helps you sleep and sleep is sooooo important !

  74. Amazing.. would love to have

  75. My husband likes a bit firmer and I like it a bit softer. This sounds like the perfect mattress. I just need to wake up refreshed.

  76. Deborah Caudill says:

    The Dormeo Octaspring has airflow running through 3 layers intermingled with memory foam and then covered with soft and silky fabric. The fact that it also has cooling makes the pillows and the mattresses some of the best made for strength and durability, as well as comfort. I would love to have a mattress or pillow made this way.

  77. Denise Elliott says:

    I have been sleeping on a waterbed for the last 24 years I would love to be able to afford to switch to one of these, I definitely have alot of problems from my bed.

  78. This mattress sounds like a dream come true! I love that it’s designed to help keep you cooler. At my age, that would be such a relief! The total design in general is unlike any mattress I’ve ever seen. I believe that if I owned an Octaspring Mattress, I would wake feeling more rested and my back and neck would not hurt so much. Thanks so much for sharing this review. 🙂

  79. Catherine H says:

    This is a new company to me. Thanks for letting me know. I’m in the market for a new mattress, so this is perfect timing!

  80. I like the pressure-relieving aspect of the Octaspring

  81. Tanya Holland says:

    This sounds like something I need for my lower back. I definitely need a new mattress. It sounds so comfortable.

  82. Kera Adams says:

    This sounds like a very interesting mattress. Never seen a design quite like this. I hope one day soon we can afford a new mattress.

  83. Let me say first that I would never jump straight to a scathing review without first trying to work things out with the company (Dormeo Octaspring). However, I have tried over the course of months to resolve issues to no avail, so I think it is important that people know what they’re getting into when dealing with this company.

    I have never experienced such terrible service in my whole life!!! I’ve had two crazy incidences with this company – one that took months to resolve and another that is still in progress.

    1) Getting the mattress. My mattress was delivered (or en route to be delivered) to the wrong address about 3 or 4 times over the course of months. Every time I discovered that it was headed to or had arrived at yet another incorrect location, I went around and around being passed from customer service, to corporate office, to supervisors, to the delivery company, and to the someone the delivery company subcontracted with. RIDICULOUS. Eventually, the mattress got to me, but in the meantime, my husband and I had to sleep on our couch because, thinking we had a mattress on the way, we got rid of ours. A customer service supervisor did extend our risk-free trial period, and he gave us two free pillows – but this was only after months of aggravation AND me prompting him to provide me with SOME sort of compensation for my troubles.

    2) Monthly payments. Like most people investing in this product, I agreed to small monthly payments over a certain period of time. These payments were to be billed to my credit card automatically – set it and forget it, right? Not when you deal with this company! I received a voicemail a couple of months ago telling me I owed the entire amount due to my payments not being fulfilled. Unbeknownst to me since I was under the impression that all was being taken care of automatically, they did not receive my last couple of payments. I would gladly have resolved this quickly had I known, but apparently, they tried to reach me by email and did not receive a response. Meanwhile, they clearly have other ways of contacting me (since I received their voicemail quite easily). Also, something must have gone wrong on their end since all of my other automatic credit card payments were going through without a hitch. So, once again, I battled with customer service, who said it was fine, I just needed to send a check for $1000+ immediately to resolve this issue. I refused to do this since the lapsed payment was not my fault. Customer service spoke with her supervisor, and I thought the issue was resolved. However, a month and a half or so later, i received a letter from their billing department saying that my account would go to collections if I did not pay the full amount. Of course, I called customer service again, and the lady tried to convince me that since my payments were going through as scheduled, that letter was just saying I “had the option to pay in full.” Clearly, that’s not what this warning letter said. So, I spoke with her supervisor who assured me that all was well and that I would just continue to receive monthly warning letters about collections because it is “company policy” and that I should just ignore those letters. WHAT?! It’s company policy to send letters to paying customers every month warning that their account is going to collections?!?!?! The supervisor eventually conceded to put a stop to those letters, which worked for one month. Guess what I got this month though: another letter thanking me for my continued payments but saying that I owe the whole amount in full! So I called again and spoke to a manager of customer service. He promised to “look into it,” and when I asked how I would know if the issue has been resolved, he said I’d know if I get another letter. Really? No offer of a courtesy call? No offer of any type of compensation for my troubles or even an apology? WOW. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next month to find out if I will be arguing with the company yet again.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am really sorry to hear about your experience.

      This shows the importance of checking your statements regularly to make sure that automatic payments go through. We have a few set up ourselves and we always check to be sure they went through properly. Our Hulu Plus or Netflix {can’t remember which} didn’t go through a couple of months ago and I got right on it and it was straightened out within minutes. There are tons of reasons why a payment might not go through and I don’t think this was our fault or theirs. I am pretty sure the bank kicked it back, if I remember correctly.

      I hope your situation is straightened out amicably soon.

      • Thanks for the sympathy. This issue with the failed payments would’ve been completely forgivable if it had been handled well. My issues with it were 1) that they only tried to inform me of the missed payment issue once via email, which is a communication method they have never used to get in touch with me on other occasions (they’ve successfully reached me by phone and mail for other matters); 2) despite the error, the customer service rep still wanted me to pay my entire remaining balance outright; 3) multiple frustrating responses from supervisors/managers regarding the issue; and 4) after two instances of (supposedly) successfully resolving the issue by phone, I still ended up with collections letters.

        It is such a pity that I have experienced so many problems with the company. My husband and I have been very happy with the product itself, but I have wasted so much time attempting to resolve (and re-resolve) ridiculous issues that I often look at my mattress with utter loathing and cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone.

        • Dawn McAlexander says:

          So, it’s been almost 2 months. I just wanted to check back in and see if there has been an amicable solution to this situation?

  84. Amy Adams says:

    My interpretation of the Octaspring Post is multiple Octagon Shaped Springs used in each of the three layers of the Dormeo Octaspring XXXX Matress.

  85. Nicole Carter says:

    Oh WOW!!!!!! I want one!!!!!!! This looks fabulous!

  86. This is very different. Just when you think you know exactly what mattress you want there is another option. It does look comfy!

  87. Judy Gregory says:

    I like that the “softest” choice still has the “zone” support. Unlike most people with back problems I need a soft mattress.

  88. Michelle Elizondo says:

    I would love a new mattresses.

  89. michelle elizondo says:

    Great technology.

  90. Wow, this sounds like a great mattress. I want one. Honestly I just want a new mattress because mine is like 29 years old. I think it is time. I’ve been looking at all of the mattresses out there. The iComfort by Serta, the Tempur-Pedi, the Novafoam, Natures Sleep, it’s all pretty confusing. I will certainly add the Octaspring into my research when the time comes to finally take the plunge on buying a new one and the rate I’m going this will be the last bed I buy. Thank for introducing us to this brand.

  91. omg! This would be my a Dream come true. I suffer from sever chronic pain in my arms, neck back and i could only imagine how much better i would feel after a restful night sleep on this bed. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to Win This Great Bed!

  92. This mattress looks amazing!

  93. Wow, does that look comfortable. I am not a good sleeper at the best of times and have started a mattress fund so I can (eventually) get a decent one that might actually let me get some rest. This will definitely be on the short list.

  94. Chrissy R. says:

    I can’t even tell you how much I want one of these!!!

  95. kathy pease says:

    This looks so awesome..If I had a bed like this it would probably not be good because I would never want to get out of bed.

  96. This looks amazing, I’ve never been a fan of memory foam

  97. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Well, I did kind of get the wind knocked out of me by Stacey’s (perfectly understandable) rant-review. But I know that one person’s experience CAN be the exception (or the rule…) so I’ll try to stick with my original response to your “commentary”:

    As a writer I’m still having fun with the name which first made me think of a Octopus Springing into action with all of it’s grasping tentacles… but the octagon shaped springs is also an interest concept. It’s sound like an Octospring is a three-layered mattress that combines the layers to provide cradling support that relieves pressure, helps maintain coolness and air flow and feels silky soft. Quite an accomplishment!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I agree. I feel bad that Stacey was not pleased with her experience. I haven’t heard anyone else speak of customer service issues like this so I definitely hope it’s an exception. It definitely wasn’t our experience. Several months later and we still think this is the most comfortable mattress that we have ever slept on.

  98. md Kennedy says:

    This sounds like an awesome mattress! I will soon be in the market for a new mattress so I will keep Octaspring in mind.

  99. BlackAsphodel says:

    Looks comfy, I’d definitely buy this if I could afford it. :p

  100. Christina A. says:

    This mattress sounds wonderful! I like a softer mattress that contours to my body and it sounds like there is a Dormeo Octaspring just for that preference!

  101. Michelle S says:

    That looks like an interesting set up (hence where they get their namesake). I like that instead of a flat top and having to adjust to one type of surface it will mold better with where you want a softer spot vs a harder spot for the different part of your body.

  102. laurie nykaza says:

    Octasprings is an amazing mattress with the 5 support points it could help my back so i would bet a better nights sleep.

  103. Very good explanation. Now I want one!

  104. Sounds like an awesome mattress that would benefit my back problems. It is hard to know without trying it out, but at least reviews like this help some of us make up our minds. Thanks for the in depth review and others for their comments.

  105. Bridgette Friedman says:

    Those octasprings look so comfortable and I can see why they would be! I would love to have one of these mattresses!
    Thanks for sharing great products with your readers.

  106. Love that it is resistant to dust might…360 air mesh coild..and so great for your spine…since it has 5 point support..just what I need.

  107. All of the components in this mattress are very impressive. However, the 25 year limited warranty is unbelievable. It shows great faith in your company.

  108. Jennifer Johansen says:

    This looks crazy comfortable. I’ve tried several kinds of mattresses, but my back still hurts every morning.

  109. This mattress sounds like a dream come true! My husband and I are constantly waking each other up with our tossing and turning. I also wake up alot with back pain throughout the night. Maybe this is the mattress for us!

  110. natalie parvis says:

    It looks so comfortable. I would love to have a mattress like this one.

  111. I would love to have the mattress and the pillows

  112. A mattress you don’t have to flip or turn? That’s great! I always hate having to do that!

  113. kelly Nicholson says:

    if i had a bed like that i would be sleeping right now..ha ha

  114. Jyoti Pattni says:

    Got the 8500 about three weeks back and are returning it. Have now ordered the 8000. 8500 is very soft and sinks when you first sit on the bed to get into it. This is the problem getting in and out of bed. Do get hot and sweaty also. I suppose all memory foam matresses have the same issue. 8000 is suppose to be a little firmer so hope it works for me. What does the limited warrenty mean?! Have ordered from Will report on 8000 when I get it.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am sorry that you weren’t pleased with the 8500 and I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on the 8000. See, I like firmer mattresses and Jay likes softer, so we asked for the company’s suggestion on what to get. And we are pleased with their choice. So, this mattress is working great for us – it’s a good “meet in the middle” bed. I am short and the mattress is tall, so how I get on is booty first, lay down and then slide my legs up together at the same time {perhaps that might help you when you get your new one}.

      I haven’t been hot and sweaty, though. However, we have not owned this mattress during the summer, so that could change. I have found that sometimes if I change to a different brand of sheets that helps, too. There are some that I just think are too much.

      Please let us know about your experience. As a person who likes a firmer mattress, I am especially interested. 🙂

    • Hi Jyoti Pattni!

      I am Olivia from the Dormeo corporate team. I am sorry the 8500 wasn’t a good match for you! The 8000 should be a better fit if you are looking for a firmer feel, I would love to hear your feedback, as we always want to ensure our customers are happy and sleeping GREAT!! I can send you more information about our warranty if you’d like. Please email customer.info@dormeona.com to my attention and I can assist further. Happy Sleeping! 🙂

  115. After several months of painstaking review and price shopping for a new mattress to replace our long lived and awesome 13 year old plush top Simmons that recently gave up the ghost, we went bounding in to our local Sit ‘N Sleep here in Orange County, CA six days ago with every intention of purchasing a queen Sealy Posteurpedic hybrid and motion base (best deal based). After letting my wife (and kid) have one last test run at all the new mattresses, and this place had all the latest names mentioned here, except sleep number types (that we were not interested in anyway). A very knowledgeable, veteran salesman finally came to offer assistance after a fair 30 minute run of us checking out the floor models. He answered all the remaining questions we had about all the other brands. However, in his evaluation of our needs for a medium to firm mattress and a price range I defined in not so many words by ruling out a couple of the top end models and armed with the knowledge that we were headed towards the Sealy hybrid, he asked if we had ever heard of the mattress brand called DORMEO. We had not because the brand (and its inherent mattress technology) is apparently rather new to the states but apparently well received overseas for years.

    He ran us through all the model options and price ranges and it was a game changer.

    After trying the 3 floor models they had, we chose to upgrade to a Cal King Dormeo Vitality model because the bed felt right for each of us and the price point on this particular day and set of sales going on, made the step up to the Cal king feasible, buoyed by the fact we purchased a Serta split cal king wireless motion base that was brand new, just last year’s model that only differs from this year’s model by having a different remote control. Saved over 1k just for our timing on this limited supply offer. They only had Cal king bases for this sale so that moved our mattress size up and we are glad we did that because our out the door price matched what I expected to negotiate for the Queen Sealy Hybrid and base beforehand.

    Five nights of sleep on this bed are in the books now and after a couple of really firm sleeps out of the box, our bodies started adjusting to the actual long lost support. Every night seems to improve the experience. Already gone are the numb body parts, sore hips and morning blahs. Yes, it is early but early results are more than positive. I have to add that the zero gravity ability of our bed combo adds to the extremely comforting experience. Whether or not the improvements are coming from the bed or the motion base, the combination thus far has forced me into writing this positive (to date) review. With a 10 year all covered warranty backing this choice, pushed by the 60 day exchange program, I’m confident this is going to be a long term fix. I will update later.

    Good reading on our particular Dormeo model here http://www.dormeo.com/products/vitalitybed-mattress/

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am glad that you are pleased with Dormeo thus far. We have had ours for a while now and are still very much pleased. I have slept better than I have as far back as I can remember. I hope you remain pleased and look forward to your update in the future.

    • I am trying to find reviews and there are not very many on Dormeo Mattresses. We had never heard about Dormeo until today when we stopped in a local Sit and Sleep in Orange County. We were actually on the way to a Sleep Number showroom, but I wanted to have something to compare it to. My husband is a back sleeper and I am a stomach to side sleeper. I like more softness and of course he likes more firm. We are looking for a Cal King Split Adjustable and the store manager at Sit and Sleep showed us quite a few different models, but the Dormeo Tranquility was the most comfortable. Then we went to Sleep Number because that is what we really had planned to purchase, but the cost is so much more. After trying it, my husband really did not like it at all. So now the question is to go back and purchase the Dormeo. I just wanted to see if you are still happy with your purchase? Thanks so much, Tina

      • Dawn McAlexander says:

        Yes, I am very happy. I had a leg injury a few years ago and this has been the most comfortable mattress for me. We have had it a few years now and I would definitely have one again. I think if you are like me, then you will be very pleased. I just asked my husband and he is still very happy, as well. Best of luck. 🙂

        • Hi Dawn, Thanks for replying. After thinking about it overnight and doing a bit of price checking on line, I think we are on our way back to purchase this bed later this afternoon. My husband really liked the store manager that helped us and he wasn’t a high pressure type and actually gave us quite a bit off the stated price. I was worried that price was only for right then but he said he wasn’t like that and would honor it when we came back. Plus anything will be better than the 19 yr old mattress we currently have. Thanks for posting this review in your blog it has helped, plus I read through all the replies. THANKS, Tina

          • Dawn McAlexander says:

            I am glad you found this review helpful. I really hope that you will add your thoughts, as well, as you are right, replies and comments are helpful, too. It’s nice to get more than one perspective on anything.

            And I am with you. High pressure sales tactics really turn me off and will get me not to buy faster than almost anything. Best of luck and I hope you love your new bed for years to come. 🙂

  116. So few reviews online has made us skeptical

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Not sure what to tell you about that. We can only speak to our experience. Having said that – many months later, I am still happy with ours. 🙂

  117. Dorothy Morris says:

    Dear Dawn,

    Much appreciation for your efforts and thanks to all who responded.

    I have had bad back problems going back for many years and have tried so many “memory mattresses/combinations ” and “spring types”. And medical prescriptions and various therapies of all sorts.

    And so I have been keeping a sharp look out!

    That is how I became aware of Dormeo and their offering of “Octaspring”!

    Of course, I have been tossing about this and that and whatever and have now decided to treat myself to an early Christmas – the 8500 version!

    Many thanks again for your admirable concern for others and with kind regards, Dorothy.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Yay! Early Christmas presents are great. 🙂 I really hope it helps you with your back problems. We are still loving our bed.

      Please let us know how it turns out for you. 🙂

  118. Natalia campos says:

    I purchased this mattress from Skeep Country and it has been a horrible experience- it dips so you roll right off. I wake up with terrible back pain- and a queen is the size of a full. Worse mattress I ever owned. I kick myself over and over for purchasing it. 🙁

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am sorry that you are displeased with your mattress. We have owned ours for quite some time now and I have to say that I still love mine. However, each person and experience is different. I will be passing this along to Dormeo Octaspring.

  119. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like the sound of this mattress , but would have to,try it since some people feel differently about it. We do need a news mattress.