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My husband carries a lot of pocket change. This is really handy when we are out and about and need some change for a drink, but when he comes home and empties out his pockets onto every flat surface in the house it makes a mess. So, that money has to go somewhere, right?

What To Do With All That Change?

When my daughter isn’t asking for it, “Hey mom, can I have this dime!” we often gather it all up and shove it in one of those plastic banks somewhere. When our miscellaneous banks, bowls, or wherever else Jay likes to shove his change get full, we like to go get our change cashed. A lot of change can get heavy. I would definitely rather carry bills any day. It’s always a nice feeling to discover that you have an extra $20 when your car is running on fumes and payday isn’t for another day or two!

Not only is cashing your change in great for a gas emergency, it is also great when you want to pick up a few groceries. Who wants to write a check or use the debit card for a few dollar purchase. If we need a gallon of milk, it’s really easy just to go pop some change in the Coinstar machine and voila! Milk for your breakfast!


Turn your Coins Into Tunes!

If you are like me, you probably already use the Coinstar kiosks at your grocery store to cash in your leftover change, but now it’s gotten even more fun! Bring your coins to the Coinstar kiosk, select an iTunes eGift Card, pour that jar of coins in and get your eCertificate for an iTunes card.Yep, you heard me right, NO FEES on the transaction at all. You get an eCertificate for an iTunes eGift card right there on the spot. Not an iTunes fan? No worries, you can get great eGift cards from favorites like Nike, Gap, Toys “R” Us, Sears, Old Navy, Lowe’s and more! Pretty cool huh? Find a Coinstar Kiosk near you and drag that gallon of pennies down there right now. You’d be surprised how much they’re worth.

Now just to get you in the mood we’re offering you a chance to win a $50 iTunes card! All you have to do is take a guess at the dollar value of the coins in this image. You’ll be entered to win one of 2 $50 iTunes cards. All winners who are within 10 cents of the real dollar value will be entered to win. (If there are multiple correct answers we will draw the winners at random). Don’t want to guess? That’s OK, you can still be entered to win a $25 iTunes Card to be drawn at random from all the entries! It’s easy. What are you waiting for?

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  1. nicole krutz says:

    yes i have used coinstar before

  2. I have not used a coinstar kiosk before.

  3. Yes, I have used one before.

  4. sandra davis says:

    no i havent used coinstar before

  5. um my guess would be $301

  6. Yes, I do the same thing you guys do!

  7. no i haven’t used coinstar.

  8. Yes. I have used Coinstar before. Well, my hubby ran it and I got to dump the change in one bag at a time. =) Thanks for the chance!

  9. I haven’t yet, but, once my coin jar is full I will.

  10. Ys, I have and they are so handy!

  11. Jessica Lodge says:

    Yes I have.Who wants to count coins?

  12. My son has used the coinstar twice now. Drives me crazy that he won’t get a gift card and insists on the cash because I hate to see him lose some of the money to fees.

  13. I’ve never used Coinstar.

  14. Yes, I usually use it for pennies.


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