Halloween Decorations And Festive Favors Ideas From Tori Spelling #ad #StarburstCandyCorn

Halloween Decorations and Festive Favors ~

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Festive Favors and Halloween Decorations from Tori Spelling and Starburst

Cheap Is The New Classy

Those of you that read this blog regularly know of my love for Beverly Hills 90210. So, naturally, I am super excited to share this list of awesome Halloween decorations and craft ideas from Tori Spelling and Starburst. Did you know that you can make some really fun holiday crafts with Starburst candy? I didn’t, but I tried one out and it was really easy. I also think it turned out pretty cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Halloween Decorations Ideas: Festive Favors From Tori Spelling

This craft is really easy to make. And, if you are like me, you can really make it using items that you already have, so it is also a very frugal DIY project.

Festive Favors and Halloween Decor from Tori Spelling and Starburst

See How My Version Of Tori Spelling’s Festive Favor Turned Out

Halloween decorations and craft ideas from Tori Spelling and Starburst

Put the Starburst Candy Corn in a pretty jar. I decided to use one of my canning jars as I think it gives the project a more country theme – like where we live. ๐Ÿ™‚ I arranged the Starburst in color order.

Halloween decorations and craft ideas from Tori Spelling and Starburst

Next, I added some twine to the top of the jar so that I could add a label.

Halloween Decorations ideas from Tori Spelling and Starburst

Tori Spelling’s project looks absolutely gorgeous and fun. I really love pumpkins {plus I think orange looks pretty with the Starburst Candy Corn} so I decided to be different and add a pumpkin tag to mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can really make whatever you want with some construction paper. This is a fun project that you can totally personalize to suit your taste. And it only took a few minutes to make. ๐Ÿ™‚

More Halloween Decorations And Craft Ideas From Tori Spelling

Festive Favors and Halloween Decorations from Tori Spelling and Starburst

For more great Starburst Candy Corn Halloween craft ideas from Tori Spelling, be sure to check out the Starburst Candy Corn Facebook Page.


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  1. Such a great craft and love that table decoration.

    • Can you believe those table decorations were made out of Starburst? Tori Spelling sure is one crafty lady.

      • Tori is very creative in her designs and I fell in love with this starburst candy corn ball…it’s beautiful, but I have a suggestion: use some kind of edible substance instead of hot glue. It could be a disaster if somehow a little one got hold of it and started eating the corns with hot glue on them….perhaps a flour and water glue or something made of a sugary paste would work. I know you say it’s for decoration but kids don’t know that. Other than that, I loved the items she made.

        • Dawn McAlexander says:

          Great idea. This craft is intended for an adult, but you can definitely never be too safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sherry Compton says:

    Cute crafts and ideas. Candy corn is very fall. Plus, they even have a harvest mix with little pumpkins. I haven’t tried the starburst ones but would like to. The different color adds some contrast and goes well with a fall theme.

  3. Those are adorable โ€“ easy and creative gift idea!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  4. This is a great craft. What makes it even better is my boys love Starburst.

  5. I love starburst candy. I usually pick a pack up once a week.

  6. That’s super cute-and simple! Love it

  7. What an easy pretty gift! I didn’t know there were Starburst candies like this! I love this. I think I’ll try this too!

  8. Doris Calvert says:

    I love those, they look great on that tray, you would think Tori would not do that kind of stuff, good for her and what a great imagination, something I do not have!

  9. Wow those table decorations are really pretty. I will have to pick up some of these starburst ones. Nice little gifts for Halloween. I seen another craft she did on another blog – very crafty she is.
    thanks for the ideas.

  10. Gorgeous table decorations for the fall and I used to love Tori Spelling since childhool. Didn’t realize she’s so crafty!

  11. Sandy Cain says:

    Well this is a new one for me! I didn’t know Starbursts came like this – thanks for the idea (and thanks to Tori, too!)

  12. What a great tag! Love the jar gift!

  13. Don’t know if my message came thru. I love the candy corn ball decorations but suggest you find a different way to glue them to the ball…hot glue is not a good idea….if a child gets a hold of it, they could try eating some of the corns and there could be a real problem. Try to find a glue that’s is made out of food paste…I think places that sell cake and candy have such things, or use a paste of flour and water. Even though we say it’s just a decoration for an adult party, you never know when a kid might somehow get to it….but they are beautiful.