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Wantable Subscription Box Review ~

Wantable Subscription Boxeswording

I love receiving subscription boxes, so prior to receiving my August Wantable Subscription Box, I have received a few others from different brands. And I must say, though I have never met a subscription box that I was unsatisfied with, I really love this one. Wantable differs from other monthly boxes because instead of getting the same stuff as other subscriptions, you are getting a personalized box!

Wantable Sunscription Box: Beauty Without The Commitment

When you first sign up to make an account, you are asked a series of questions so that the creators will have a higher chance of sending you something that you will actually use. Also, the products in the boxes are full size (instead of the trial sizes that I was receiving in other boxes). They ask you many questions such as what types of mascaras, lipsticks, foundations, and nail polishes you prefer.

FACE Stockholm nail polish

My mom is modeling the FACE Stockholm nail polish

I recently got my August box, and I have to say that I adore it! My Wantable Subscription Box came with Rainbow Honey nail polish, Michael Marcus mascara, FACE Stockholm nail polish, a Japonesque Smudger Brush, FACE Stockholm Bronzer and a sample of Echo Vie body oil! I was surprised to see the amount of things that I received and I was also pleased to find that I loved most of it.

Rainbow Honey nail polish in Mint Flavor from Wantable

I am modeling the Rainbow Honey nail polish in Mint Flavor

The Rainbow Honey nail polish came in the color of Mint Flavor. It only took two coats to look perfect. Also when I went outside I noticed that it had little sparkles that shone! I really like this color on my skin tone because I am obviously a very pale person, and this color is more of a pastel and I feel that it really compliments my skin tone.

Create the smokey look with the Japonesque Smudger Brush from Wantable

Next, I put on some eyeliner and used the Japonesque Smudger Brush to create a smokey eye effect! I really like this because the brush was soft against my eyelid. The brush that had before was not soft and it created more of an irritated look than a smokey look around my eye. Afterwards, I put on the Michael Marcus mascara and instantly fell in love! It gave my eyelashes a dramatically longer look (I have naturally really short eyelashes) and it was easier to apply and looks better then my previous brand of mascara.

Wantable Subscription Boxes

The only thing that I found slightly disappointing was the FACE Stockholm Bronzer. The only reason for this is, because as I stated previously, I am very pale. I usually have to buy all my face products in the lightest shade available {usually Ivory}. When I opened this, I realized that it was probably about 50 shades too dark. 😛 So, instead I will be giving it to a friend who will put it to great use!

My Thoughts On Wantable

The good thing about the Wantable Subscription Box is that you can try a lot of items out without paying an arm and a leg. Their boxes come with around $80 worth of items, but only cost around $36-$40. So, if you are like me and you can use most of the items, you still come out way ahead! I also really love surprises, so I really enjoy opening my box to see what is inside. I will definitely be checking out Wantable again and would definitely recommend them. 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a great way to treat yourself each month!

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  12. Sherri Lewis says

    I love subscription boxes…. they are a great way to try new brands and new items without having to shell out the big bucks. I hate buying something and only using it once because I didn’t like it….

  13. I’ve been curious about the Wantable boxes. I like your smokey eye and your mascara. Sounds like you are happy with your monthly surprises.

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  16. Sherry Compton says

    Trying new make-up colors is always fun. The mint color looks wonderful on you. Very fun! Your eyes look defined and opened-wide. Some really great products.