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Over 100 years ago, a tragic and rich history began at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. We all know that the Titanic tragically sunk after hitting an iceberg, thanks largely in part to Titanic the movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. But what do you really know about the real people that were aboard the ship? If you want personal accounts of what happened, the stories that actual survivors left behind, then there is no place better to look than the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The Titanic Museum Attraction In Pigeon Forge

When we first entered the Titanic Museum, we were greeted by people in full attire that you would have expected to see on the White Line Titanic ship. Jay and I were each given a card with the name and short bio of an actual passenger on the Titanic. We would have to wait until the end of the tour to find out if our person survived or not. We were provided with audio speakers that we could listen to at our own pace through the museum. There are codes that you punch into the earpieces so that you can learn more about each exhibit – this comes in adult version or child version. I like this because, as we all know, this isn’t a story that ends well, and that can be a bit much for a child to hear about – so they have child versions to listen to.

Titanic First Class Stateroom

Titanic First Class Stateroom {Image Credit:}

Much like many historical museums, you can not take pictures in the the Titanic Museum. I assume this is because the repeated flashes can destroy old documents and such, but I didn’t ask. So, for the purposes of this review, I will be sharing pictures from the actual website. 🙂

Titanic Grand Staircase

Titanic Grand Staircase {Image Credit:}

I really enjoyed actually learning about individuals on the ship. Many of the exhibits were letters, pictures and personal items that belonged to those that were on Titanic. There were also actual recordings that were part of the audio piece of the tour. We got to climb an actual replica of the grand staircase that you see in the Titanic movie. We also went into a room where we got to feel an actual iceberg and stick our hands in water that was the same temperature as the water the night the Titanic sank. I could hold my hands in there for 6 seconds. That’s it. Nothing ever put the passengers suffering into perspective for me the way that experience did.

Titanic Museum Iceberg

Iceberg and water the actual temperature the Titanic sank {Image Credit:}

What Did I Think Of The Titanic Museum Experience?

I really didn’t know what to expect at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN. However, I can say that when I left, I felt that the memories of those people who lost their lives on the Titanic were respected. The exhibits at this museum are meant to teach and give the visitor the most authentic hands on experience that one can get having not actually been on the Titanic. It seems like the people who put this museum together really care about the tragedy. I left the Titanic Museum feeling both sad about the loss of all those lives {and the arrogance of many that helped lead to such a disaster} and glad that I had learned more about the people on the ship – and not just the accident as a whole.

Titanic Memorial Room {Image Credit:}

Titanic Memorial Room {Image Credit:}

Want To Get Married On The Titanic?

Yes, you can make that happen. You can have your wedding at the Titanic attraction as well as renew vows and plan other events.

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  1. This museum sounds fascinating!

  2. What an incredible experience! I would totally love to go there some day!

  3. There is something that will never cease to be fascinating about the Titanic. What a neat museum experience. I’d love to go there.

  4. I visited Titanic in Ireland, which was awesome. This sounds like a completely different way of experiencing, and I love the idea of getting to actually know more about the individual passengers. Would love to visit.

  5. This sounds like so much fun. I’d love to visit one day.

  6. I have been to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. I will be going again. I loved it.

  7. Went to this when it was in Orlando. Very nice exhibit. I’d recommend it to everyone!

  8. Love the look back at history. I would enjoy visiting some day.

  9. wow, I like how they were even dressed for the times.

  10. Wow! This would be an amazing trip to take with the family. I would love to see that Museum!

  11. I think it is especially cool they have a child’s audio tour. Personally, I find the tale of the titanic a bit much for myself to stomach, so it’s nice to educate kids without scaring them!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      And…you could always listen to the audio tour, yourself, if you like. Or just look at the exhibits without audio. That is what I really like about the personal listening device. If you are taking a guided tour, you really have no choice.

  12. What an amazing museum. I think my kids would really enjoy this. They have never been to Tennessee, but I may have a blogging conference there next year. I’ll keep this as an activity idea.

  13. That is so cool! I never heard of this place before but it is definitely going on my list of places to visit!

  14. Plagiarism is illegal.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Amen. Hopefully that site {that I will not be linking to on my blog} will be removing this article that they plagiarized from me soon.

      Thanks for your support. 🙂

  15. looks amazing I just watched ad documentary on this and that would be the perfect follow up adventure

  16. I am sure this was great fun, especially if you have little ones along. I would have enjoyed seeing cabins and sleeping quarters of the various levels of cruisers.

  17. I appreciate the fact that the museum has recorded a children’s version for the headphones. I felt the same way you did when you said that you could only stand the temperature of the water for 6 seconds. How awful for all of those people. Even if their lifeboat lowered into the water properly, there was the horrific thought that husbands, brothers & crew would never have the opportunity to board one.

  18. This museum looks very interesting. I’ll have to look into this for a vacation idea! My family enjoys learning about history, science and engineering. My husband would love to see the recreated woodworking.

  19. Sherri Lewis says

    That is incredible! I love that the outside actually looks like the ship and the inside is a replicate of the inside of the titanic. I would love to take my daughter to see that!

  20. Wow! I really would like to go to this. I wish it wasn’t so far away! If we are ever in that part of the country, I definitely want to stop here! So neat!

  21. Thanks so much for this fantastic review. Our owner, John Joslyn actually took a $6 million expedition down to the site of the sinking of Titanic. He took 32 dives and came back to produce the documentary, “Return to Titanic, Live.” Our owners do care very much for the people of this tragedy and they desire to teach history to the next generations. Please share with your friends and followers that we have 2 permanent locations: Pigeon Forge, Tn and Branson, Mo and will have Fireworks on Thanksgiving at Titanic Pigeon Forge.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It was easy to tell that your owner cares so much about the Titanic and it’s history. 🙂

      Fireworks sound like fun, too. Thanks so much for letting everyone know.

  22. Sandy Cain says

    This is something I would like to see. I’ve often seen the plaque down in lower Manhattan where RMS Titanic was supposed to dock. SO tragic! Seems like long ago, and and a very successful movie, but let’s never forget that these were REAL people (Rose & Jack notwithstanding), with real lives, hopes, dreams, and loved ones.


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