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Old Mill Lodging Condo #320 Daydreamin'


As many of you have been reading, Jay and I took a much needed vacation this past Labor Day weekend. All alone. This was the first vacation that we had ever taken alone and we were really excited. Yes, we had no honeymoon, either. *gasp!* Sometimes it’s scary choosing a place online – then getting there and seeing that the pictures were a lot like many online dating profiles {much nicer online}. Well, that was definitely NOT our experience with Old Mill Lodging. We stayed in the Daydreamin’ Cottage and it was absolutely gorgeous – just like advertised!

Old Mill Lodging Condos: Daydreamin’

Our condo was located just a street or two over from all of the major attractions like the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Smoky Mountain Opry. But it was so quiet in our condo that we would have never known it.

This wonderful Old Mill two bedroom cottage “Daydreamin” is conveniently located less than one mile from downtown Pigeon Forge. Tastefully decorated with a modern charm, the cottage features a full kitchen, living room with a stacked stone gas fireplace and two full bedrooms. This cottage has an attached garage making it perfect for the car or motorcycle enthusiast. Just a minutes walk to the pool and hot tub located within the resort. Don’t feel like fighting traffic? Just walk a couple blocks to the trolley stop and downtown Pigeon Forge. A covered front porch makes the evening melt away after a long day exploring this beautiful area.

Old Mill Lodging Condo #320 Daydreamin'

We went on our vacation at the end of August and I have to say that the drive was HOT! When we checked into our condo, though, the air was already on and it was nice and cool inside. Ever checked into somewhere that was hot? Then you know why I mention this. Also, there was already ice made and Jay and I both enjoyed an icy glass of water in the AC and cooled off. It was like a little slice of heaven.

Living area of the Old Mill Lodging cottage #320 Daydreamin' featuring a gas fire place and comfy sofas

Living area of the condo featuring a gas fire place and comfy sofas

Kitchen of the Old Mill Lodging cottage #320 Daydreamin' with refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher {in the island next to the sink}

The kitchen features a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher {in the island next to the sink}

Some of Our Favorite Features of Our Condo

When we looked around the condo, we discovered that it offered so many more amenities than we could even imagine. Aside from the quietness, which was probably my favorite thing, the cottage featured high ceilings, beautiful pictures and beautiful artwork of the Great Smoky Mountains, gorgeous sinks {the master bedroom features his and her sinks}, a grill on the front porch, a back porch with table and chairs and a gorgeous backyard, cable, DSL internet, a gas fireplace and very, very comfy couches. There is also a gated pool and hot tub that is surrounded by mature greenery for privacy. There were really just so many amenities that we could not have used all of them even if we stayed a week {we stayed 4 nights}.

Beautiful sink in Old Mill Lodging cottage #320 Daydreamin'

Beautiful sinks throughout the condo – 2 in the master bathroom, one in the other bathroom

Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom of the Old Mill Lodging cottage #320 Daydreamin'

Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom

Old Mill Lodging #320 Daydreamin' amenities including pool and grill

The grill was not even listed anywhere that I could find. That was just a great bonus. You really could save a lot of money here by cooking on either the stove, grill or even using the microwave. We enjoyed our breakfasts in the cottage, and generally ate our for lunch and went to a dinner show a couple of the nights that we stayed in Pigeon Forge. Our cottage had all of the utensils you would need to cook with, including a toaster and a coffee maker {you know I love my coffee}. Since this is not a hotel, they do not supply incidental type items for your entire stay. Old Mill Lodging told us that we might want to bring extra toiletry and laundry items {i.e. toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener, soap, etc.} since we were staying more than a few days but we never ran out of anything supplied by the cottage in the 4 days we were there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gorgeous back porch at Old Mill Lodging cottage #320 Daydreamin'

Gorgeous back porch and well manicured lawns

Did I mention that we didn’t even have to check in anywhere? We did all of the reservation stuff online {you can also do it via phone} and were given the password to the keypad on the front door before our arrival. We went straight to the condo, punched in our code and went inside and relaxed after a longish drive {we are from NC, so it wasn’t too terribly long}. So, if you are looking for a little getaway that is super private and comfy, then I believe you will love staying with Old Mill Lodging.

Make reservations with Old Mill Lodging right now: Reserve Now by calling toll free: 1-855-774-4244 or toll free 865-908-5600.

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to stay & very relaxing!

  2. Love that these kinds of opportunities exist. In June my family went to Savannah and we were able to rent a vacation house that was stunning. These pictures reminded me of that. The condo looks like such a great place to escape for a few days. – Katy

  3. Home away from home – without having to clean. Can’t get much better! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had such a nice time.

  4. Wow what a dreamy cottage! I am glad you both had time alone, to rest and relax!

  5. That place looks gorgeous to stay in!! I’d love to visit TN and stay there for a weekend.

  6. Love that bird lampshade!

  7. What an awesome place to stay – Very classy!

  8. I love renting houses and experiencing different areas. This place looks lovely!

  9. Katrina A. says:

    I have never even thought to look for something like this while on vacation. Hotels/motels used to be my go to. But oh my goodness!!! This looks awesome. How nice to have your own space and not to forget such a beautiful space.

  10. Barbara Mayes says:

    What a cozy little getaway that would be. Thanks for the article!

  11. I love this!! We travel to Pigeon Forge several times a year. We are thinking about heading down for the holidays with our families, this would be a great option. Thanks for sharing, I’ll check it out next time we’re headed that way!

  12. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Gorgeous! This would be a perfect getaway place. This might even be a great long weekend drive for Hubz and me–we are in St Louis, so it would be about a day’s drive. Nice.

  13. WOW that place is amazing!!! Last time we went on vacation I tried to find a place like this to rent. It just wasn’t available where we were going. But this is the way I like to vacation! I’d prefer this over a hotel room any day!

  14. Looks like such a nice and relaxing place to stay. My hubby and I didn’t have a honeymoon either. I hope to be able to go on a trip by ourselves soon!

  15. Wow what a great vacay! Looks like a wonderful place to stay.

  16. I am highly impressed this looks like a fabulous weekend getaway. Just might surprise my husband with this!

  17. April Yedinak says:

    These are really nice and I love that you didn’t have to do a ‘check-in’ when you got there.

  18. Definitely looks nice, I would for sure stay there!

  19. Very nice place. Looks peaceful and quiet and enjoyable to stay there. Love the picture of the brown sink and that bird lampshade it totally interesting to say the least. This would be a great get away to go to. thanks for the info and for the pictures too

  20. What a beautiful place! Love the tub and the fireplace! Looks like the kind of place you want to stay for a long time! Glad you got to go together!

  21. Sherry Compton says:

    Wow – an adult vacation, just the two of you – Awesome! The condo is beauty. Love all the updates and cozy. The pool and TV are great bonuses, too.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I know, right! I thought we would NEVER get a vacation like that. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was fun, but I missed my daughter and my pets. I was ready to come home when it was time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I love the outdoor porch and pool. This looks like a fabulous place to stay on vacation!

  23. Sherri Lewis says:

    That looks really nice… I love all the features. That sink is so unusual… really pretty!

  24. If I ever visit Pigeon Forge, I know where I am staying. Simply beautiful!!

  25. I’m surprised to see something for rent that is not a “cabin”
    with a hot tub and rocking chairs.

  26. Sherri Lewis says:

    It sounds like you had all the comforts of home, without all the noise and commotion ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. That condo is so tastefully decorated! I would love to stay at someplace similar sometime…*sigh*

  28. Sherri Lewis says:

    That would be a nice place to go in the winter and get snowed in… enjoy the peace and quiet in front of the fireplace ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Robin Wilson says:

    I am in NC too! That place is gorgeous, I could spend some time there for sure! The pics are great.

  30. I agree. It is scary choosing a place on line, especially if you are the one doing the choosing for 3 couples that go on vacation together. But the place you are recommending in Pigeon Forge is gorgeous. There would be no hesitation there. Thank you for your review.

  31. I wonder if the condos have any larger houses, like 3 or 4 bedrooms.

  32. Sherri Lewis says:

    those sofas look so comfy…. perfect place to stretch out and take an afternoon nap ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love the jacuzzi tub in the master bath! I wish I had one of those here

  34. Oh WOW! I have never been to a lodge before. This looks gorgeous! So relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Sherri Lewis says:

    Oooh… I just noticed the sink in the island in the kitchen….. I wish I had that here. It would be so much more convenient (and less messy)

  36. Sherry Compton says:

    Very comfy. The living room set up looks like a great place to just kick back and relax. I can easily see myself kicking my shoes off and getting comfy on the couch for a relaxing movie night after a busy day.

  37. Very nice accomodations, so homey and comfy looking.

  38. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love that there was no lengthy check-in process. When you finally get to your destination, the last thing you feel like doing is spending 15 or 20 minutes checking in…

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      And we went on a holiday weekend, Labor Day, so imagine what that check-in process might have been like!

  39. Cindy Merrill says:

    Might be fine for city folk, but I prefer a nice rustic style cabin with a wood burning stove instead. I’m sure this concept is extremely popular, however.

  40. Christina S says:

    Wow I love that you didn’t have to check in anywhere! how convenient!!

  41. Sherry Compton says:

    That sink is very different. I don’t know if I’d want it in my home, but it looks wonderful there. It really is beautiful.

  42. Sherri Lewis says:

    Even the smaller bedroom and bathroom look very spacious…. I like that!

  43. That is gorgeous! My parents went to Pigeon Forge before and loved it! I would absolutely love to go there someday! My kids would have a blast! Glad you got to go and have a relaxing time!

  44. I wonder what material the sinks are made of – they’re very unique. Love the decorating in the condo.

  45. Sherri Lewis says:

    I was looking at their website and saw they not only had condos, but also cabins and mountain homes! So you could get whatever best suited your plans ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Sherry Compton says:

    Having the comforts like this is really nice. We all begin by thinking we just need a bed, just a place to sleep when we go on vacation, but it’s nice after being out and about to come back to your own place and relax.

  47. Love the spacious kitchen, though I doubt you spent much time cooking there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That’s true. We had a pizza one night {cooked in the oven} and Jay made breakfast {eggs, bacon, toast, coffee} a couple of times. ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Sherri Lewis says:

    The rates are really reasonable… not much different than a hotel room in some areas, and with a lot more space …..

  49. What a beautiful place to stay! This is better than staying in a hotel for sure.

  50. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love that they not only have pictures but also videos of each place… you can see so much more detail that way

  51. Sherry Compton says:

    Having your own condo or house is really nice for vacations. It works well if several families are meeting to vacation together or if a couple just wants some quiet, relaxation in the evenings after their busy site-seeing day. Looks like this worked for you.

  52. Sherri Lewis says:

    Even the biggest mountain home that sleeps 16 I think it was, was only $325/night. I wish you could get deals like this at the beach… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      For real! It is so expensive to stay at the beach. And all of the fun things that are at the beach {aside from the beach, of course} seem to be at Pigeon Forge. They are even building a Margaritaville there!

  53. The bed is HUGE! That would be nice to sleep in, since sometimes you sacrifice comfort when you’re sleeping in a bed that’s not your own.


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