Beauty Tips That Won’t Break The Bank {Infographic} #ad

Beauty Tips That Won’t Break The Bank ~

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I think by now that you guys know what this blog is about. We here at Cheap Is The New Classy love to find ways of having and doing what we like in life, but let’s face it, we aren’t rich. And that often times means that we have to find creative and frugal ways of doing something. So, the cool folks at Skin Base have put together a nifty beauty tips infographic to help all of you ladies out their be beautiful, without blowing all your hard earned cash.

Bite-Sizes Beauty Tips From Skin Base

From turning makeup that you have grown tired of into something new and using products you have around the house to make whole new products, Skin Base has come up with some really cool beauty tips that are not only cost effective, but are also pretty environmentally friendly. I mean, whatever you are upcycling into something usable isn’t going into the landfill, right. I love that. And I really hate to waste things.

Skinbase beauty tips that won't break the bank infographic


My Favorite Bite-Size Beauty Tips

I especially like #2, #4 and #6. My daughter just got some bronzer in a subscription box that she had no idea what to do with – so she gave it to a friend. After I told her that she could use it to darken some of her other makeup when she is more tan during the summer she wished she hadn’t given it away. Oh well – she can keep the next bronzer she gets! What a cool idea. :)

I have coconut oil and brown sugar on hand, so I think I will try #4 out for myself. I bet it will smell really good, too. I love anything that smells of coconut. It always makes me feel like I am somewhere tropical. A vacation in a bottle. :)

And #6 was especially inventive, in my opinion. I have TONS of lipsticks that I no longer use {or that I bought and didn’t like the color when I tried it on} as that is one of my favorite makeup items to buy. They just have been sitting in a drawer – waiting for me to work some Skin Base magic on them. :)

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What Is Your Favorite Beauty Tip For Those On A Budget?


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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    I’m excited for my daughter to try number 5. She has red hair and will be interested in if this will help her. There are so many things you can use for beauty of skin and hair. Common household items. Beer and eggs are also things people use on their hair for shine.

  2. These are fantastic tips! I especially like #4, #6 and #8. I, too have tons of lipsticks that are rarely used . They were christmas gifts that were amassed over the years.

  3. Thanks for the tips I am going to try to make my own scrub! I love scrubs and even more ..saving money!

  4. That coconut oil and brown sugar mix scrub sounds really great! Will try that out for sure! Thanks for sharing reat tips!

  5. Love these tips! Especially the one for dark circles! I had no idea that potatoes could help with this!

  6. I love the tips about creating your own colors! I live only a couple of hours from the beach, so I usually get pretty tan in the summer. In the future, I’m going to try your bronzer tip instead of investing in a whole slew of cosmetics that I can only use seasonally. Thanks! :)

  7. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love the tips! I am going to have to try 1, 7 and 8. Money for beauty products got cut from the budget a couple of years ago :(

  8. Cool Tips I especially love the lipstick one.. who doesn’t have a billion half used lipsticks in the bathroom or the bottom of your purse…

  9. I like the making the body scrub idea. I spend way to much money on body scrub.

  10. Using a business card for a straight line is brilliant!

  11. I like to use olive oil as skin softener. I also like the sugar scrubs for dry patches.

  12. I love to use coconut oil as a moisturizer. I think baking soda and peroxide also make a great teeth whitener.

  13. LOVED your post and LOVED your ideas.. I’m always too cheap to buy beauty products and this post is right up my ally; soo loving that I can save money while still looking stylish….I use baking soda ALL the time to clarify my hair and it is AMAZING…

  14. I love beauty tips! Looking forward to trying a few of these myself!!

  15. I’ve read about the potato trick to the eyes, but never tried it. This is a great list of tips, thanks for sharing!

  16. I’ll need to try out some of those beauty tips!

  17. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I thought the lipstick creating your own is really kind of neat.

  18. I am going to use the bronzer trick.

  19. The one about scrubs really makes so much sense- it is cheap & easy!

  20. I am definitely going to try the coconut oil and brown sugar scrub! Lovely idea!

  21. I love these! I always put myself last and am glad that there are things I can do that are cheap!

  22. natalie parvis says:

    Great tips!! I’ve always known about the baking soda and peroxide thing but I’ve never tried it because my teeth are super sensitive!

  23. I love the infographic. These are tips anyone can use.

  24. I usually like to add a touch of red to my hair in the fall. The problem is it’s got a bit of silver in it. I may try the juice and hope it doesn’t turn pink. If it does it should wash out?

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I would *think* it would wash out over time as most dyes do. If it is too bright when you first do it, you could always try washing it out with either a clarifying shampoo or Dawn Dish Liquid. Of course, I don’t know you or your hair, so I can’t say for sure, but I did take Cosmetology in high school – and this is what I would do. Good luck. :)

  25. Body scrubs are so easy to make. I add essential oils for different scents.

  26. Be careful if you use the olive oil in your bath tub. It can make it very slippery.

  27. i now that there alot of stuff you can use and then like vinger for the hair if you color it