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T3 Shower Head Installation ~

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T3 Shower Head Installation

We recently received the T3 Source Shower Filter for review. They offer several varieties, but we have been trying out the hand-held variety. This shower head has a filter specially designed to remove the harmful chlorine from your water that damages your hair and leaves your skin itchy.

Shower Head Installation: How To Install The T3 Hand-Held Shower Head

Installing the T3 shower head was not difficult. T3 offers an instructional video {above} and we have included a pictorial instructional below to help you with your installation, as well.

T3 Shower Head Installation

We recommend that you use an adjustable wrench to complete this installation. First, remove the old shower head by twisting it counter clockwise.

T3 Shower Head Installation Instructions

After you have removed the old shower head, remove the old Teflon Tape {seen as the white tape on the threads in the picture above}.

T3 Shower Head Installation

It is strongly recommended that you replace the Teflon each time you replace your shower head. A new role of Teflon is included with the T3 Shower Head kit.

Shower Head Installation Instructions

Attach the new shower head holder {that is the highly technical term that we are using for it} to your existing shower pipe.

T3 Shower Head Installation

Insert the filter into the handle of the shower head and attach the shower head. It simply slides onto the top of the handle. Easy peasy. The cord should already be attached to the handle. If not, then attach it and more on to the next step.

T3 Shower Head Installation Instructional

Attach the cord to the shower head holder and you are done. Now turn the shower on slowly to check for leaks. You may need to tighten the connection with an adjustable wrench – CAREFULLY! Do not overtighten as you may strip the threads.

T3 Shower Head Installation

Note: You do not need to take the Teflon Tape up the pipe as far as we did. But you do need to ensure that you cover all of the thread.

The T3 Source collection:
-Is clinically proven to make your hair more beautiful
-Enhances the vibrancy and retention of hair color
-Makes skin noticeably softer and smoother

So, What Do We Think About The T3 Source Shower Filter?

We have been using the T3 Source Shower Filter for two weeks now. And I must say, I really love it. I used to have really dry, itchy skin. I have noticed a definite change in the way my skin feels. It is smoother and I am using far less lotion than I used to. I really began to notice the difference after just the first or second use. My hair is also dramatically smoother and softer, but I am most impressed with the way my skin feels. Man, dry skin is such a bother. I am glad to have some relief!

64% reduction in Frizz
28% increase in Body
47% increase in Comb-ability
28% increase in Shine

Also, I really love the rain setting on the shower. This shower head is way higher up than our other one was and this feels a lot more like a hotel shower – like one of the fancy rain showers that come down directly on you. We like it this way, but there are tons of other ways to position the shower head and settings for the type of spray so that you can play around and find which one suits you best.

And let’s not forget that this baby is hand held. How much easier will it be to wash the fur babies now? Yay!

I would definitely recommend this shower head to anyone who has pets or suffers from dry skin or damaged hair. I would also recommend it to anyone who just wants to have a luxurious shower even without the vacation.

You can purchase the T3 Source Hand Held Shower Filter at Nordstrom.

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  1. Wow — definitely looks easy!!

  2. I need to look into this! My hair needs all the help it can get and I never realized how the water I use could be making it worse!

  3. I’ve never thought that the chlorine in our water causes damage to our hair! Great to know! Thanks!

  4. This is one thing I don’t thin I would ever do. But I am short, so I have an excuse

  5. I need to tell a friend about this, her water is nasty! Its so easy to diy that’s awesome!

  6. That looks fairly easy. I bet I could do that!

  7. Jenna Wood says:

    I’ve heard a lot about the T3, and love that it offers filtered water, which can make a dramatic difference on one’s hair. I used to have a water softener and my hair was so much more manageable back then!

  8. What a nice shower head. The last detachable shower head I had, I knocked off the hook 1000 times and it somehow it always hits me in the kneecap lol.. Perhaps I’ll give this one a try though, I too like the rain shower. We have our ‘usual’ room at one place we vacation and it has a rain shower in the room – love it!

  9. I was surprised how easy shower heads are to replace the first time we did it. Great pictures btw!

  10. This looks awesome! We have hard water, so we run through shower heads REALLY fast. I might have to give this one a try.

  11. We just changed out some of the faucets in our house this past summer. It was not as bad as I expected and makes a huge difference.

  12. I need a new shower head really, really bad! It is a job I have not wanted to tackle but you made it look so easy!

  13. I have this same shower head and I’m completely in love with it! I refuse to shower in our other bathroom now because it doesn’t have this shower head. lol. But I really have such a difference after using it that I just can’t go back to regular shower heads any more.

  14. I need to buy this shower head for my downstair basement!!

  15. Ok I really, really, really want one. I don’t think the dogs have had as thorough a bath since we left Hong Kong and our hand held shower head. It was the best! I really liked it too but when it was bath time they would bliss out with the warm water and the fresh clean feeling.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Yeah, I always hated using a cup to try to rinse my dogs off when I give them a bath. It just doesn’t do a good job. This is WAY better!

  16. I love your step by step illustration of how to install. You make me realize how easy it would be!

  17. Great instructions. I LOVE that kind of removable shower head. We have one too. Maybe I could even do this without my hubby’s help. LOL!

  18. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This looks like I could install it – between their video and your photos I could do it by myself. I like this shower head with the rain shower.

  19. I like that you noticed changes in your hair and skin. Winter is fast approaching and my hair and skin suffer severely. Too bad it’s out of my price range :(

    I’m bookmarking your installation instructions just in case ;)

  20. Great instructions! I love the new shower head! :-) We have a newer shower head that I really like, but I miss having the kind that comes down like that. The ones that come down like that are great for kids!

  21. Wow! This sounds great!

  22. Judy Gregory says:

    Your tutorial is great. Even my roomie could follow your instructions. (That’s saying A LOT.) But, it’s also nice when your fella’s a contractor. I may have to “break” mine so he’ll put in a new one. Our water has so much chlorine I almost pass out when doing dishes. Am I rambling? Sorry, I’m really tired.