Which Friends Character Are You Most Like? #rockyourblog

Friends ~

Which Friends Character are you? #rockyourblog

I’ve watched Friends almost my entire life, and I have never ceased to love it! I love watching their endless laughs, struggles and how they all come together in the end.

Which Friends Character Am I Most Like?

When you ask my mom which character I can most relate to, she would say Phoebe for sure. She says that I am ditsy (but not in a dumb way, in a funny way) and hippie-like.  I agree that I am hippie-like. I don’t promote violence unless necessary and I have been trying to become a vegetarian for years (though it’s been a struggle for me). My reasoning behind wanting to be a vegetarian, much like Phoebe’s, is that I am very much against animal cruelty of any kind.

If you ask me, I think I can relate to most of them, though. For instance, I can relate to Rachel because at times I can be quite the girly girl when it comes to shopping, my clothes, and my hair! I can relate to Chandler because I love making people laugh and cracking jokes. I asked one of my friends, and they instantly said I was like Chandler because I always have everyone laughing at any given moment!

I also think I can be like Ross because I can be quite sensitive at times and not to mention that I can be a huge nerd! 😀 I can be like Joey because I am quite flirtatious! The only one I don’t think I can relate to is Monica because I am certainly NOT a neat freak (you should see my room) and although I can cook some things, I don’t really enjoy it like she does.

To say that I am like any of the characters would be quite the compliment I believe! I love this show and I enjoy each and every character (aside from Janice haha)! That laugh KILLS ME!

Which Friends Character Are You Most Like?

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  1. I like that you are a combination of all of the characters. That’s probably true for most people, too!

  2. Sherry Compton says

    I agree that I also see a combination. The characters grew, development, and sometimes changed completely over the years. So at times I’d relate to different ones. My husband, daughter, and I really love the show to this day. We own it and still watch episodes because the characters are so much fun and relate-able. I’m glad to see other people still realize that too.

  3. neurotic Monica, for sure!

  4. I once did a quiz on this and I scored as Monica!

  5. Dawn McAlexander says

    I did a quiz on this and got half Monica and half Rachel. I think I am most like Chandler, though. 😀 We own the box set, too, and have been slowly working our way through it. We are at the end of season 5 now. 🙂

  6. Jenna Wood says

    I’m probably most like Pheobe too, though I have a little Rachel in me, that I like to be stylish, in a bookish sort of way, and had the whole weight struggle growing up.

  7. I’ve honestly never watched Friends so I’m not quite sure but it sounds like something I might like.

  8. I think I am most like Monica and maybe Ross! Kind of a hidden geek and perfectionist mixed into one.

  9. I watched this show when it came out. The hype at the time rivaled Desperate Housewives. It was a good show that ended at the right time.

  10. I am much like Monica!!! I used to say it all the time when the show was on! One of my favorites!

  11. Probably a mix of all of them depending on the day & the mood .

  12. I think it would be parts of all the characters

  13. i am most like Rachel!

  14. Hmmm… I have no clue. I am one of the 1% of people who have only seen reruns occasionally. I’m def not like Lisa K! lol But I’m not sure who else I am like….

  15. My DH says I am most like Monica. Although my house is a MESS right now!

  16. You know what I think I am a mix of all those 3 girls too. There are times I can be a perfectionist like Monica, girly type like Rachel and kooky like Phoebe! I love them all!

  17. omg i don’t know, lol. I think I would have to take one of those quizzes to find out. 🙂

  18. I was never a “Friends” fan but I think it’s great when someone can self-identify with the characters of a tv show =)

  19. I think, on a TV show like this, people are going to see themselves in a lot of the characters. It’s interesting to hear your explanation.

  20. I love this show, still watch it on Nick at Night every night. Its a good show and I tend to think I have a combination of them all lol- I think every female may!