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YouCopia 40 K-Cup Pod Organizer Coffee Stack

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If you are like me, you love an organized kitchen. I have been working hard this spring to get my cabinets and pantry in order {hey, it’s canning season!} so that I could stock them with garden yummies for the winter. So, cabinet, counter and drawer space is in high priority. YouCopia sent me the coolest items to help with just that. YouCopia provided me with the following items for review…

YouCopia Chef’s Edition Spice Stack

This baby says it can hold 30 of your favorite spices. But I found that it can actually hold 60 if you have the small bottles and double stack them. Either way, it holds a lot. And that is a lot of spices that are no longer thrown on the back of my stove and the cabinet directly over it. You put all your spices into the Chef’s Edition Spice Stack and put the entire thing on a shelf in a cabinet – hidden from view – yay! I found that it fits best on my bottom shelf as that shelf is a bit taller. I am also short, so that worked great for me. You can easily pull out the drawer and let it hang down while you look at your spices. The Chef’s Edition Spice Stack also comes with labels for the drawers but I have not labeled mine yet as I am waiting to see what all new spices I will be buying this year for canning season. Either way, I love the organization that the Chef’s Edition Spice Stack has afforded me and I really wish I had one of these years ago.

YouCopia Chef's Edition Spice Stack Storage Organization

YouCopia 40 K-Cup Pod Organizer

We love our Keurig. My husband bought it for me in Christmas of 2011 and there is rarely a day that goes by that we do not use it. But, I have to say, those boxes that the K-Cups come in are big and take up a lot of room. We did buy one of those organizers that Keurig sells that sits on the counter, but you have to twist it and I don’t care for that. Not to mention the fact that it takes up a lot of counter space. In a year and a half of looking, I never found anything I liked better, until now. The Original Coffee Stack from YouCopia is just the ticket. Like the Chef’s Edition Spice Stack from YouCopia, you have pull out drawers that you can drop your K-Cup pods in to. Then you put the whole thing in your cabinet. When I want a cup of coffee, I simply go to my cabinet and pull out a drawer and pick out my coffee. Easy peasy. Out of site. Nice and tidy. I love it!

YouCopia 40 K-Cup Pod Organizer Coffee Stack

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    I would love the bake stack

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    I love this chefs edition spice rack –

  7. I really do like the Coffee Stack

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    My very favorite is the
    If I had to pick my second favorite it would be the

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    I would love the coffee stack

    We currently have our K-cups in a basket.

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    This would be nice, so I can keep all of meds together. Thank you for the chance.

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    I like the Chefs Edition Spicestack.
    thank you

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  32. CoffeeStack

    I so need one of these

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    I’d like 2 of the medicine ministack

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  45. One YouCopia product I really like is the BakeStack:

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  48. I also like the bake stack: What a great way to organize my baking and decorating tools!

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    I love the Chef’s Edition SpiceStack

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