Sign Ups Open: Madison Thermoelectric Wine Cabinet Giveaway Event #bloggeropps

Madison Wine Cooler Giveaway ~

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Hey Bloggers! Mother’s Day is coming up and we believe that mom should get some well deserved time off occasionally. So, Cheap Is The *New* Classy is proud to be hosting an awesome group giveaway, sponsored by Twin-Star International and Tresanti. They will be providing a Madison Thermoelectric Wine Cellar/Cooler which can hold up to 24 bottles of wine for giveaway. The winner must live in the Continental US. This giveaway will run from May 1-21. If you would like to participate, please add your Twitter URL to the linky below.


What Do I Need To Do?

Post about this giveaway on time. Any giveaway that is not posted {or other arrangements made with me} by noon on May 1st will be removed. You can be added back, but only AFTER you post. You also need to post to advertise this event as you would your own.


Please include the following in your giveaway post:

1. Links to Cheap Is The New Classy {} and the Madison Thermoelectric Cooler {}. Feel free to nofollow.

2. Official Event Button

3. Official Event Rafflecopter

4. Official Event Hashtag



Share it with your social media as you see fit – I am not your mama. 😀 But please promote. Promotion = Pageviews. 🙂

This event starts at 12am on 5/1 and ends at 11:59pm on 5/21.

Join the Classy Events Facebook Group if you like {not a requirement} or or get all of the information you need for your post right here. I will make sure all the information you need is in this post – closer to the giveaway date. Adhere to all social media networks’ terms of service. If you have any questions, please email me at or drop a comment below. 🙂 Thanks! Sign up is open until the start of the event.


Official Event Button:

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Button Code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=” photo 803d93dc-7d68-4640-95bb-73f532c4ed48_zps97a2bda9.jpg”/></a>

Official Event Hashtag:


Official Event Rafflecopter Share Code Link:



Madison Thermoelectric Wine Cellar/Cooler from Tresanti.

madison wine cabinet
******Sign Up With Your Twitter URL {under link} and please remember to add your email address to participate!******

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  1. I have added the button to my site. Sorry I had to copy it to my photobucket acct. That should not matter right?

  2. Here is my link. I have scheduled the social media posts as well, beginging at 12AM 5/1. Thanks for having me