Great Bedding Ideas For A Blissful Sleep With Your Partner #ad

Bedding For Blissful Sleep ~

Bedding Ideas For Blissful Sleep
Sharing a bed with someone isn’t always a pleasure cruise. Bedtime can sometimes be anything but peaceful, especially when couples have different sleeping needs and bad habits. Among the most common bedroom complaints I am sure you have all already experienced either “tucking and rolling” or the “midnight shuffle”.

Bedding Ideas For Blissful Sleep

The “tucking and rolling” happens when your plus one is holding the edge of the blanket and suddenly decides to roll away from you leaving you without anything to cover yourself and keep you warm. The midnight shuffle is also a fun one: it happens when you decide to move over from your partner but the other discreetly and slowly follows you, leaving you stuck in between him/her and the edge the bed.

In order to avoid being the victim of your plus one’s bad sleeping habits there are easy solutions to implement that are as simple as getting your own bed so that don’t have to suffer any bad habits anymore or you can also decide to spend a little more on bedding and guarantee that the both of you will get a longer more refreshing sleep.

Sleep together but separately

A great idea is to get everything in two different sets, one for each of you. Having separate blankets will ensure that you both get the rest you need. If one of you still decides to tuck and roll in the night you will be fine as long as he/she doesn’t steal your blanket!

Get a bigger bed and mattress

Another way to get around your partner’s bad sleeping habits is to size up the mattress and the bed so that you both have enough space to twist and turn as you like. Choosing a super king size bed will not solve the issue of the midnight shuffle but at least a bigger bed and mattress will offer you both more individual space and comfort so that you can sleep in peace.

Make your bed comfortable

Everyone loves a comfy bed and there are many options to ensure that your bed meets your comfort expectations and make bedtime the best part of the day. You can treat yourself to breathable and smooth bedding; invest in a thick and soft duvet cover or maybe a memory foam mattress cover to improve the feel of your existing mattress.  All these ideas will have a big impact on how comfortable your bed will be and will also ensure a great night’s sleep for you and your partner.


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  1. Jenna M Wood says:

    I like the idea of having separate blankets!

  2. we have a King sized bed and my partner still follows me to the edge of the bed. lol. But most nights we do alright. lol. We also both have our own blankets. It works well.

  3. I always love going to top notch hotels because they have the most amazing beds! I always wish I could take them home with me. Hubby and I are in DIRE need of a new bed. Love these tips for when we get our new one!

  4. I don’t have this problem since I’m not married. I used to be, but we didn’t ever have a problem. I don’t usually move around at all when I sleep. When I have a visitor (my daughter) in the middle of the night, that can be an issue.

  5. And sometimes the couch is the only solution. BHAHAHAHAHA

  6. We totally need a new & bigger bed! Hubby broke his elbow on New Year’s eve and still has to sleep with half a dozen pillows. I have about thismuch room! :-) Great tips!

  7. Great tips. My husband is 6’4″ so having a bigger bed was key. I can’t believe we used to share a full size bed at first. A king has been an amazing addition to our lives.

  8. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Me and my husband are the worst in the middle of the night i take all the blankets and he hogs the whole bed its a constant tug a war lol

  9. We recently added another blanket to the bed for the reason you mention in your post. It really does eliminate the lack of blanket, blanket hogging, issue!

  10. Amanda Burden says:


  11. We have 2 blankets on the bed every morning I end up with one he has the other. I wish we could get a king size bed.

  12. We have a queen-sized bed so I use a king-sized flat sheet and blankets to avoid the issue of that breeze in the middle of the night when the hubby rolls over and takes the covers with him. It is much less disruptive than waking up and snatching them as they disappear!

  13. Andrew L. says:

    Haha, we are totally the Midnight Shuffle..My wife gets so ticked at me because I always roll her almost off the bed.

  14. Belinda Ibanez says:

    Thanks for the useful tips.

  15. Sherry Compton says:

    We all need a good night sleep and comfortable bed. In many situations a sleep number where you both can adjust your own side sounds smart. Plus you may have different temperature needs so different blankets can be a big deal. Thanks for the tips. Sleep well.