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Kettle Chips snack ideas

My husband loves basketball, especially college basketball. He even made me a fan since back when we attended college together {or in the stone ages, as my daughter likes to call it}. So, naturally, watching basketball games together as a family has become a big part of our lives. We often have pizza or subs when we watch games, but we don’t always like to have the same things, so we decided to try some new snack ideas when we watched a big game a couple of weeks ago.

Snack Ideas For College Basketball Parties

Kettle Chips snack ideas

Since 1982, Kettle Chips has been making great-tasting and all-natural chips in a variety of flavors. Since Kettle Chips brand chips are gently seasoned and cooked with only the finest oils, you can be sure that you are offering your family a tasty snack. As a family, we all have different ideas of what tastes good and Kettle Chips offers so many flavors to choose from that we can all be satisfied. And that crunch is amazing! Kettle Chips would be great for dip, but we always eat them plain as they are already so flavorful. I love the Sea Salt, my daughter prefers Sea Salt and Vinegar and my husband loves Backyard Barbeque, so we made sure to pick up a bag of each of these flavors for our basketball party from Walmart.

Backyard Barbecue Kettle Chips snack ideas

Stay away from my Kettle Chips and no one gets hurt!!!!

If you would like to try some new snack ideas, Walmart has a variety of great foods that will make any college basketball party a hit. We especially love their deli where you can get variety buckets that will please the entire family. My daughter loves popcorn chicken so we always try to make sure to pick that up when it’s available. Other snack ideas that we suggest from Walmart include their in house pizzas. A pizza will go great with Kettle Chips, a vegetable tray or practically anything else that you might want to pair it with.

 chicken wings and popcorn chicken snack ideas

Kettle Chips snack ideas

For this particular game, we decided to get a bucket of popcorn chicken, wings and tater wedges from Walmart and we also made our own chicken wings. We like them burn the skin off your tongue hot so we buy hot sauce from Walmart and add a lot of *extras* to heat it up! Kettle Chips are great to eat with wings because, if you like them hot like we do, they help cool your tongue off. 😉

North Carolina Tarheels attire clothing apparel

We live right in a prime part of the country with great basketball rivalries so we were really looking forward to a particular game in Greensboro, North Carolina with the North Carolina Tarheels {yay!} playing the Miami Hurricanes {bleh!}. Sadly, Miami beat North Carolina 87-77, but at least our new snack ideas proved to be tasty. 😉

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Who doesn’t love chips? Right now you can get Kettle Chips at a great price with this coupon. Kettle Chips are only $2.68 per bag at our Walmart and we saved another $1 with the coupon. At $1.68 per bag, you would really have a tough time beating that anywhere!

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  1. That’s very delicious snacks recommendation indeed. In-fact I like to watch basketball as well and college basketball is most. I’ve played for sometime during college period back in 2003 at Dania College. My whole family forcefully loved to watch basketball as well ;). We often try pizza, French fries and KFC chickens as well. I’m glad to find a good alternative of French fries and looking forward to check out Kettle chips. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I love kettle chips. So tasty. And, we are counting calories, so it’s been a while……yum!

  3. I love Kettle chips. Thanks for sharing the coupon!

  4. Omgosh yumm! I love kettle chips too!

  5. These look so good! We rarely eat chips in our house, but when we do….. yum yum!

  6. Our family is obsessed with Kettle Chips. We have to get the big bag from Costco because the kids and husband go through them so fast.

  7. we LOVE these chips! They have a spicy Thai flavor that is to die for!

  8. I love Kettle chips. They are just too delicious!!!

  9. Kettle Chips are yummy! These snacks ideas are great!

  10. We love these potato chips!

  11. I just LOVE Kettle Chips! And I have to say – your coupon photo rocks! Love it all…thanks so much for sharing!

  12. My husband loves kettle chips, and the kids can make a huge dent in the bowl. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  13. I love Kettle Chips, they are so crunchy and tasty! Definitely one of my favorites

  14. Elle Briarson says

    Yummy! LOVE Kettle Chips! Thanks for the great snack ideas!

  15. Every party needs kettle chips!

  16. Christy Cummins says

    Love Kettle Chips. The Salt and Vinegar are my faves!

  17. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Mmm, I like the idea of some bbq kettle chips with some bbq wings!

  18. I love hot spicy potato chips. I haven’t tried this brand yet. I’ll try the BBQ flavor.

  19. I finally tried them and they are good chips. I can personally eat a bag of chips by myself. It takes a while and that’s all I eat for the day.I get weird food cravings.

  20. ellen beck says

    We really like Kettle chips. They are fresh and they hold dips really well. They arent flimsy!

  21. Sherry Compton says

    Great family time! We are a football family but his would work for that, too. I love chips and pizza. As a matter of fact, pizza is our go to Sunday night football meal. I had never thought about chips with pizza or chicken though. It’s an interesting idea and a nice change from breadsticks.

  22. Judy Gregory says

    Love Kettle chips when I can get them. Here in the middle of Podunk nowhere Mississippi they’re hard to find. Sometimes Walmart has them, sometimes not.

  23. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I like Kettle Chips, but I do not like food to be too hot and spicy the way l you like your wings.