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Dining room remodeling ideas ~

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Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

It would be easy to consider the dining room to be the easiest room in the home to remodel, however, this is not actually true. It can be one of the hardest rooms to get just right, as it is one of the most important rooms in a house. Family meals are enjoyed there and it is the place where dinner guests are entertained and people gather for eats during a party. This means a lot of thought needs to go into the layout and design of the room. Changes can be made to the dining room to suit all budget sizes and the end result will be a stunning place for the whole family to gather to enjoy a meal.

Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

Changing the layout

Serious remodeling of a dining room could also mean having to knock down a wall to gain more space, and hence some rebuilding. A dining room should be spacious with plenty of room to walk freely around the table. If there is a very large family, adequate space for a bigger table will be needed to ensure adequate seating, but if the dining room is not open plan with the kitchen or living area it is easy to overfill it with furniture so that it becomes cramped. It will not be a comfortable room for the family to relax in and will probably end up not being used as much as it should.

One of the quickest and easiest, and perhaps the cheapest ways of making the room larger, is to knock through an adjoining wall to give the dining room an open plan style. This also opens up the space to be a little more creative with furnishings. It is possible to make the dining area the focus point of an open plan room by choosing colorful or ornate dining table sets. For the homeowner who would prefer their dining room to feel cozy, the use of wooden floors and wooden furniture will offer a touch of natural warmth to the space.

Define each area

It is possible to define the separate spaces of an open plan room very simply. This can be achieved by the use of a different floor covering – for example, if the living room has a carpeted floor then use a wood floor for the dining area. Homeowners can also consider changing the color of the wall to a contrasting shade that will draw the eye without being too gaudy, or by adding an ornate ceiling to the dining area. This works really well and can be done as a DIY project in just an hour or two. False ceilings could be added with spotlights. These can be used to both define the area and create a cozy atmosphere for dinner parties or family get-togethers. Moldings suitable for the ceiling can be bought in a variety of styles from any good DIY store. They can be quickly fitted to the ceiling and painted. It helps to give the ceiling above the dining area a touch of character on what was once a blank space. Just small finishing touches such as this can really make a difference to the final overall effect of the room, and their affordability means that even individuals on a tight budget can achieve great results.


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  1. Great ideas. I totally agree about knocking a wall through to enlarge the space. And having just the right sized dining table makes it all work perfectly.

  2. I’m in the middle of remodeling. I am trying to convince my hubby that we need to knock out a wall to expand our living/dining room.

    Great post. Thanks

  3. Teehee…no wall knocking for me…I’m looking for a new place…haha, hopefully it’s what I want all in one!

  4. want to come design my rooms? :P

  5. My dining area is also the hardest area to remodel. It is also the pathway to the basement so it really puts a damper on what I really want to do with the room.

  6. We found that by just moving the big hutch in the dining room from one wall to another it made the room look so much bigger. Sometimes just rearranging can help.

  7. Elle Briarson says:

    Love these tips! I think a major one people forget about is defining each area. So easy to just hunk everything together, which most people do, but design-wise there isn’t alot of interest. Great post!

  8. I like the idea of doing something different with the ceiling to define the space. I want to add an addition to accomodate a dining area and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks!

  9. Thomas Chappell says:

    I wish I had the money to remodel our dinning room it is really the only room left to do.

  10. natalie parvis says:

    I wish I had a dining room like that. We live a small apartment and our dining room consists of a dining room table cramped into the corner of our kitchen.

  11. Robin Wilson says:

    I am sorry to say that my dining room is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. We just don’t use it very often so there is always something else that gets bumped to the top of the priority list. I love these ideas though!