The Road To Napa: San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition #sponsored

This year is the 11th annual San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition. This video shares a little about what it takes to get into one of these cooking competitions.

Students from all over the United States and Canada come together to compete in this competition in 10 regional challenges. The winners of each of these regional challenges then face-off in Napa Valley in several different competition, hoping to ultimately become win one of many competitions including the Mystery Basket Competition, the Signature Dish Competition, the People’s Choice Award and Acqua Panna® Fan Favorite.

Learn more about this competition and those are involved in the Almost Famous Chef’s Competition.


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  1. Looks like it would be a blast to watch! What a great opportunity for kids!

  2. Oh wow! This is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cool is that! That would be neato to see in action!

  4. How exciting for them to compete at this level! I love all cooking shows and can’t wait to see the video journey.

  5. This will be fun to watch! I love to see the different categories!!

  6. My son wants to be a chef so I am going to share this with him. :)

  7. Looks like it would be a blast to watch and even more fun to taste test:-)

  8. How cool would it be to watch that in person? Amazing!

  9. How exciting! One day I would love to attend one of these food competitions.

  10. I think I like these shows so much since I am so NOT good at cooking :)

  11. I love watching food competitions, and food cooking programs. This is great good luck to those students!

  12. I love watching Chef competitions, it is amazing the ingredients they get and they can come up with a great dish from them.

  13. Neat, I love all those chef competition shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef!