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Budget-friendly window treatments ~

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Fresh window treatments or coverings are a wonderfully easy way to give any room a facelift.  The multiple layers of draperies or the costs of custom window treatments can be daunting and discouraging,  however, there are many clever ways to create and customize window treatments and coverings for a home, all budget-friendly and many not even requiring sewing.

Creative curtain rods

The popularity of tab-top and tie-top curtains has made the curtain rod, formerly hidden behind folds of fabric, a focal point of the entire window treatment.  Decorative curtain rods featuring fancy and ornate finials on each end can be quite pricey but a little creativity and a few inexpensive supplies can be put together to make some unique and decorative curtain rods that exude personality while not breaking the bank.

One of the simplest curtain rods begins with a basic dowel of suitable thickness to hold the curtains.  Add a wooden ball on each end and decorate as desired.  A fairly straight tree branch can make an excellent curtain rod; paint the branch with a color or a wood stain then hang the curtains and enjoy the rustic charm.  Even contemporary décor can take advantage of creative curtain rods.  A piece of galvanized piping, two red boiled valves and two floor flanges come together to make an inventive and attractive curtain rod with an industrial vibe.  Curtain can be tied on or steel clamps may be used as curtain rings.


Refresh current window treatments

For the tightest budgets, purchasing new window treatments may be out of the question.  In this case, altering existing curtains or blinds may be the best option.  Curtains and draperies can be easily altered, making longer drapes shorter or chopping a set of curtains down into valences and tie backs.  Vertical blinds, often found covering patio doors, can be freshened up with a coat of paint.  Taking two shades of the same color, such as a dark and light shade of tan, can be painted on the blinds, alternating between colors.  This is a quick and inexpensive way to perk up these large window treatments.


DIY window style on a budget

Creating original window treatments can be as simple as taking items from the room, for example the kitchen, and using them to cover or frame the windows.  Colorful napkins, dishtowels, and even cloth placemats may be used to make charming kitchen curtains.  Trims may be added to the edges if desired and adhesive tapes and fusible webbing make sewing itself completely optional.

A wide variety of no-sew window treatments can be made on a budget.  Dresser scarves and tablecloths may be draped over rods to form attractive valence-like treatments.  Fabric shower curtain can make excellent curtains, particularly for a bedroom; solid and patterned bed sheets are also inexpensive sources of curtain material.  Accents such as tie backs can be sourced from many areas.  An attractive and unique tie back may be made from old costume jewelry; a wide variety of pieces can be found at most flea markets and estate sales.  

While new shutters can make a great covering for windows, DIY window shutters add interest to the room as they cover the window.  Cabinet doors, fireplace screens, and refurbished old shutters may all be used.


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