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Cordina Frozen Cocktails ~


Have you ever wanted to enjoy a frozen mixed drink in the warmth of the sunshine, only to find it such a hassle to have to mix the drinks, pour them into something portable, and carry them out into the sun? Then, of course, they melt, leaving you with a warm, watered-down liquid that once resembled a frozen cocktail!  But, there is a solution! It’s Cordina Frozen Cocktails On-the-Go!

Cordina Frozen Cocktails

Cordina was developed by three college buddies from New Orleans, Craig Cordes and Antonio and Sal La Martina, who discovered the same problems listed above while on a beach trip. They noticed a child playing on the beach sipping on a juice pouch and ingenuity struck! Their original frozen cocktail on-the-go, Mar-GO-Rita, was born shortly thereafter, and Cordina was launched!

Cordina is now available at retail stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Kroger just to name a few, in five delicious flavors! These flavors are the original Lime Mar-GO-Rita, Strawberry Daq-GO-Ri, Watermelon Mar-GO-Rita, Pina-GO-Lada, and Choc-GO-Late Mudslide!


Cordina is simple to enjoy! Unlike other frozen on-the-go beverages that have to be emptied into a separate container, Cordina can be enjoyed straight out of the pouch! Simply freeze the pouch, then once it is frozen, unscrew the cap and insert the straw located on the back of the pouch, and enjoy! No messy spills, no dirty glasses to clean up afterward! Just simple, fun and delicious frozen cocktails to enjoy!

We got the opportunity to try four of Cordina’s flavors for ourselves. I have to say that when I first noticed that the pouch itself was the drink container, I found that to be a huge plus, and it made enjoying these drinks much better! Who wants extra dishes to wash?

So, Are Cordina Frozen Cocktails Any Good?

All of the Cordina Frozen Cocktails were very good and quite smooth, well-mixed, and tasty! We let ours thaw for a few minutes before drinking. Our personal favorites were the original Lime Mar-GO-Rita for me and the Strawberry Daq-GO-Ri for my wife. The one that we did not try was the Choc-GO-Late Mudslide, and I have to say that I cannot wait to try that flavor myself. I love mudslides, and once I saw that this flavor was available, my mouth started to water!

Cordina Frozen Cocktails On-the-Go are the perfect drinks for your day on the beach, or for a night at home with the one you love! Head out to nearest retail store and ask for Cordina today! Rest assured you will not be disappointed! But, remember, you must be 21 years old to enjoy these drinks. Please drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.

Cordina Frozen Cocktails

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  1. Those are good. I usually pick one up when I grocery shop. Haven’t seen the watermelon yet. It sounds good!

  2. Oh a Pina Colada sounds delicious right now. Have my own tropical vacation right at home.

  3. Jenna M Wood says:

    I’ve never heard of these, but they sound delicious!

  4. No way! Where were these when I was in college? LOL!

  5. i could have one right now!!

  6. I have wanted to try these but wondered how good they were. Your reviews makes me want to give them a go!

  7. Oh my, I see my Friday drink in one of these pouches and I know I deserve one every week

  8. ilove to try one of these and then it would be great for partys

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  10. I love Mangoes, but when I bought your Mango Daiquiri drink, I didn’t read the ingredients before I purchased it. There are more chemicals in the drink than bug killers. But the most important fact is that it was the nastiest drink I’ve tasted packaged in those pouches.