Superhero Strength or Speed: Which Would You Choose? #NaBloPoMo

Superhero Strength or Speed ~


Wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero? Wouldn’t it be even cooler to be able to choose which power you would have, if you were a superhero. The question was posed, “Would you rather have super speed or super strength?” For me, I think it would have to be super speed.

Superhero Strength Or Speed: That Is The Question


Personally, I think I would choose super speed. My reasoning is that I could get places faster, run away, and even create things like tornados if I could run fast enough. Sure, being super strong would come in handy. For instance, I would be really great at fighting, moving things, and holding people captive, but I still am going to stick to my choice of super speed. Not only do I think speed would be more useful, but I also think it is cooler. How cool would it be to be standing there and all of the sudden be standing like a mile away? How cool would it be to get the whole house clean in like 5 seconds and have the rest of the weekend free or to get a paper researched and written for school all in a piece of an afternoon? Sweet.


My friend, Alston argues that he would choose super strength. He says that he would be more likely to win in a fight because he could kick, punch, and throw better. Many people say that these two powers are equal in usefulness. If someone with super strength and someone with super speed got into a fight, I think it would be a tie. The one with super strength would not be able to get a hold of the person that had super speed because they could just run away. In the end, they would probably both just get mad and walk away because they would realize that the fight would be never ending.

So there you have it. I would rather be able to be really fast, but no I do not think that either power is better than the other. Let us be real, they are both pretty freaking awesome!

Would You Choose Superhero Speed or Strength?

NaBloPoMo January 2013

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  1. I picked strength too. I think that it’s not just a physical strength but also a mental strength. I think that speed would be nice but sometimes, I think it’s more important to be strong, at least for me!

  2. I would totally choose speed. Mainly because of how fast I could clean the house. ;)

  3. I agree that super speed would be awesome. That is what I picked.

  4. Speed – I’m always so tired, that I could use a little pep to help me get things done.

  5. I would definitely want speed so I could get housework done in that two minute gap between all the other evening events.

  6. Before reading this, I would have gone with strength, but I’ve changed my mind! I want that housework done as quickly as possible!! Good argument :-D

  7. HD Worley says:

    I would prefer Superhero Strength

  8. i would do speed beacuse i need it some time