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NFL Divisional Playoffs ~

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Last week I let you know who was left in the NFL Divisional Playoffs so that you could pick your Super Bowl teams. Now it’s time to update you on how it stands after the NFL Divisional Playoff rounds this weekend. Did your team make it? Or is it better luck next year?

NFL Divisional Playoffs Update

NFL Divisional Playoffs Matt Ryan

Β The NFL Divisional Playoffs weekend featured from the NFC, No. 1 seeded Atlanta Falcons with Matt Ryan at quarterback hosting the Seattle Seahawks for the right to go to the NFC Championship Game. It looked early on as though the Falcons would walk away with this one easily, taking a 20-0 halftime lead. But, in the second half, the Seahawks battled back and took the lead with just :36 seconds remaining in the game, 28-27. However, the Seahawks could not prevent the Falcons from scoring a field goal in the final seconds, and the Falcons held on to win 30-28. They will host the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta this coming weekend.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Aaron Rodgers

Β The 2nd NFL Divisional Playoffs game in the NFC was between the Green Bay Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers, and the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco. Green Bay was tough early on, but could not contain 49ers rookie quarterback Colin Kaepertnick, who rushed for a playoff record for a quarterback and scored two touchdowns, and the 49ers advanced with a 45-31 victory to travel to Atlanta next week to take on the Falcons. The winner will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Ray Lewis

Β In NFL Divisional Playoffs news over in the AFC, Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens traveled to a very cold Denver, Colorado to take on the Denver Broncos. This was the best game of the weekend, going back and forth, featuring touchdowns scored on offense, defense and special teams. The game went into double overtime before the Ravens were able to kick the game-winning field goal to move on by a score of 48-45. They will travel to play for the AFC Championship.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Tom Brady

Β The second NFL Divisional Playoffs game for the AFC featured the New England Patriots hosting the Houston Texans. This game was never really close, and once again Tom Brady and the New England Patriots proved their worthiness with a 44-21 victory to earn the right to host the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens next weekend.

So, there you have it! We now have only four teams left: the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers in the NFC, and the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC. Revise your picks if necessary, and get ready for next week!

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  1. Katherine G says

    My Atlanta Falcons made it. I am super happy!! I can’t wait until the next game.

  2. Kelly Stilwell says

    I’m from Baltimore. Nuf’ said πŸ™‚

  3. I have a confession… we don’t watch football in our house. LOL! We really only watch the Pistons when they are on.

  4. My hubbie loves watching this on Digital as we’re in the UK so its the closest he can get to watching it !!

  5. I’m watching for pure entertainment/torture now πŸ™‚ My Cowboys will be back next year…watch and see!!!

  6. I’m rooting for the falcons!

  7. I’d like to see either the Ravens or Patriots win the Super Bowl! I’m a Redskins girl, but Baltimore is my home team. So obviously it would be nice for them to win… but part of my kind of hopes more that the Patriots will win just to shut up all my obnoxious Raven fan friends πŸ™‚ HTTR!

  8. I’m in New England ~ It’s Patriots craziness here right now! I’m sure you can imagine!

  9. Fun! I’m not a football fan, but sometimes I wish I was b/c it looks like such fun to root for a team.

  10. Thanks for the breakdown! I have to admit that I am usually clueless on these things! Now I have a secret weapon. ;0

  11. Looking for the Pat’s to go alllll the wayyyyyy πŸ™‚ But Brady can be scary sooooo the drink will be on hand, along with the munchies πŸ™‚

  12. Just wanted to correct you on the score of the seahawks vs falcons game, it was 28-30. We need that extra point. πŸ˜‰ Such a great comeback by my team and I am saddened they’re no longer in the running.

    • Oooh, thanks! I texted my husband that and he apologized for the typo and he is going to fix i when he gets home πŸ™‚ Thanks for keeping us on our toes!


    • It’s fixed now!! Thank you so much!


  13. My team had “issues” this year… the Philadelphia Eagles. πŸ™‚ But, I do love the Falcons too.. being from Atlanta originally. Whoever plays, we will be watching and enjoying our Superbowl party… any excuse to eat. lol

  14. Hmmm… It’s up for grabs in my mind… I’m just excited for a chance to see some funny commercials! πŸ™‚

  15. I know nothing about football, however if you need help planning a menu for your party, I am your girl. That is what I love, being able to serve a house full of guests food and being busy in the kitchen all day. Friends being together with no stress just having fun (unless their team is losing!). I am learning more about football from your posts than I have ever known!

  16. I know absolutely NOTHING about football or any sports πŸ™ I do know that we are 49ers fans because my husband is, whatever teams my husband likes we like as a household! I should learn about sports and surprise my husband one of these days!

  17. I am so sad the Pack didn’t win, but I will be looking forward to the commercials!