Not A Morning Person: The Joys Of 2nd Shift #NaBloPoMo

Morning Person ~

Morning Person

Even my dog is not a “morning person”

I am so NOT a morning person. I am finding that out more and more the longer that I work for myself. I write most of my blog posts at night {unless of course they need to be posted in the morning – I am not totally trusting of the post scheduler}. I am totally a night owl and 2nd shift jobs were always my favorite.

No Morning Person Here

When I worked 2nd shift, I always had my days free for whatever. It seems that most things we need are only open during the day and I never wanted to miss a day of work for a doctor’s appointment or some other non-vacation related day. Lost money from the job AND lost money to the doc! Aaaargh! Double whammy! Also, it seemed like when I worked 2nd, I worked less. That isn’t really true, it just felt that way. I always had my days free for whatever. Plus, when I was a teen working 2nd shift, I could easily leave my job and go to a friend’s, a party, a late movie, or whatever. My schedule just rocked and I had no interest in being a morning person in the least.

That is a philosophy that I have apparently carried with me in later life {well, I am in my 30s so not really later life}. When I get up early, I always feel like I want to take a nap. Then I wake up and stay up half the night anyway. Why not just do that to begin with? Naps leave me feeling sluggish. Yes, I will take a nap if necessary to function, but I never really feel better.

It’s quiet in the house at night. My daughter is in bed and my husband is at work. He works 2nd, too. What a shocker? Before he met me, he hadn’t really worked 2nd, but he got a nice job offer for 2nd shift and I think the schedule has grown on him. Especially since I pointed out to him all of the advantages of working 2nd shift. It took some adjusting, but I think he likes it now. Plus, I get a lot of work done while he is away and my daughter is in bed, without missing as much time with them, so I like that. I wait for him to get home and then we can sleep in the next morning – neither of us is a morning person anymore.

Note: His 2nd shift is actually kind of a 2nd/3rd hybrid and he gets off work about 3am. That is the schedule that I am used to and like. 🙂 I am not longer a morning person and no amount of coffee can make me one!

Are You a Morning Person?

NaBloPoMo January 2013

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  1. I’m a morning person by necessity, not by choice. The kids have to be up by 5 am Mon-Fri for school, so I’m up early and I know if I go back to sleep I’ll sleep till noon! So I’m up and in bed by 10pm most nights. Before I had kids I always either worked 2nd or 3rd shift, most places are quiet towards the end of 2nd and when I really didn’t want to deal with too many ppl, 3rd was my go to!

    • You are right about most placed being quiet towards the end of 2nd. It always seemed less stressful. When my daughter was younger, I was a morning person by necessity, too…bleh…now she is in college so she can hopefully get herself ready in the morning, lol!


  2. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    The puppy is so cute, I use to be a morning person until I had to quit work, now it’s really hard to get started in the morning.

  3. 🙂 i used to be…. and now, am more like what you have described here..

  4. LOL..great post!! I am with you..I am NOT a morning person..I have to be sometimes for work but when I can get away with sleeping in I do! Loved your blog. 🙂

  5. I love the morning hours–if it means I can have time alone to get stuff done, but somehow my little ones didn’t get the memo and wake up soooo early! Go you for knowing what works for you and sticking to it 🙂

  6. I’m a morning person! Love getting up early and spending quality time by myself. It’s the best!

  7. I’ve never been a morning person.My husband isn’t allowed to even look at me or think about speaking until I’ve been awake a few hours!

  8. Hi,
    I’m your newest follower. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  9. What a cute dog!!! My daughter has been on a biological clock from a young child staying up way too late and being tired in the am. I believe that she is just wired that way and therefore her whole life has been a sluggish struggle. She was tired in school and is tired at work….I always tell her that she would be dynamic on a 2nd/3rd shift job – that is when she is at her peak 🙂

  10. I’ve never been a morning person. When I worked as a sales manager in corporate America, I managed to make my schedule 10-7 or 8pm. It was the perfect schedule for me. I’m glad you’re able to live on your time schedule!

  11. Totally not a morning person! I have to rely too much on coffee to give me that morning kick 🙂 I’m such a night owl, but I do with I was more of a morning person since I have to get up so early for work.

  12. I am also not a morning person, in fact some morning people scare me. I am most active at night.

  13. I HATE mornings, so I can understand. Your dog is sooo cute!

  14. I hate mornings, never been a morning person, never will! Your doggy is adorable!

  15. Nope!! Not a morning person AT ALL!!! Doesn’t help that I’m up all hours of the night blogging!

  16. I am a morning and night person. I will be up early and stay up late, luckily a few hours of sleep is okay for me.

  17. I’ve become a morning person by necessity … I get up every morning with dh to get his breakfast made and his lunch packed, while he gets ready for work. By the time he’s out the door, I’m wide awake, so I stay up and get some laundry going and surf the net. I’ve tried going back to bed, but because I’m wide awake, it takes me an hour or so to fall back asleep and then when I do wake up, I feel like I’m already behind. But because of the early hour, I find I need to take a bit of a nap mid-afternoon.

  18. lol…cute dog!
    I am the same way….get more done in the evenings.

  19. I totally used to be a morning person, but since my two year old is a night owl and often is up a few times a night too… so now I sleep in as much as possible… my hubby used to be a night owl and has switched by necessity to being the morning person in the family… he gets up before the sun rises to get the older two onto their respective buses…

  20. HD Worley says

    I guess of all Superheros, Superman is still my favorite.

  21. HD Worley says

    OOPS Wrong comment place.
    Yes I am a morning person. I like to see the sunrise.