Energy Suckers #NaBloPoMo

Energy Suckers ~

Energy Suckers

Is there something that just takes it all out of you? I am not sure that I really let much take all of my energy anymore. I mean, I give a lot of my energy to my family and my blog but, to me, when something takes up most of your energy, it’s because it drains you. And people things that drain you are generally worrisome leeches things we don’t particularly care for. I have stopped associating with people energy suckers who have made me feel bad in the past. I have left jobs that I thought stunk and I think that my life pretty much rocks right now. I will allow no more energy thieves here.

My Life Rocks

My husband is awesome. My daughter is awesome. My fur babies are awesome. I sound a bit like a bragger, don’t I? And I am sure someone out there that is reading this wishes I would just shut the heck up. I really can’t though. I am very thankful for all that I have in my life and I am also very thankful for all that I don’t have in my life.

But If I Must Pick Energy Suckers…

So, if I must pick one thing that really takes it out of me I guess it would be my new phone. I just got a new phone in the mail today and part of me is looking forward to setting it up, but the biggest part of me is like *groan.* I have to move my contacts, pics, etc over AND try to figure out how to work the darn thing. You see, I have been up for a new phone since the summer of 2011, but I love love love the phone I have been using for about 3 years now. It is a basic, run of the mill phone, with a slider keypad and a decent camera – all I need.

Now, I am moving into the world of smart phones, and this chic is none to smart when it comes to phones. Gasp! But I will not let it be one of the energy suckers. If it turns into big drama, that baby is gone, lol.

Do You Have Something Or Someone That Sucks Up All Your Energy?

If so, what do you intend to do about it?

NaBloPoMo January 2013

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  1. Melissa S says:

    My biggest energy sucker is housework! Though i am sure that if I actually upgraded my qwerty keyboard cellphone, I’d have another energy sucker on my hands! It took me almost a month just to figure out the old Ipod touch 2nd gen that I got from the pawn shop!! Good luck with your new “smart” phone, since it can’t be too smart if it doesn’t already have all your needed info in it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • For real!!! Since I ordered it online, I guess I will go to the carrier to get it all switched over tomorrow. No way will I be able to figure it out, lol!


  2. I’m here to suck some of your positive energy. I’m a good vibe mooch!

  3. My biggest energy sucker is my commute to/from work. It is on a railroad followed up a subway..It takes on a good day 2 hrs each day, but after Sandy it was up to 4 hrs each way. That put the 2 hrs each way iin a “great” light. Ugh. Not much I can do about it, as I need my job…But I am trying to focus more on my good life outside of that, just like you do I can see.

    • I used to live about an house from work, so a 2 hour commute. I drove and the one redeeming quality was that I could listen to whatever music I wanted the whole way since I was by myself. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. I try to eliminate energy suckers too. The thought that I let them suck the energy is what made me realize I had the power to stop them! It was kind of a revolutionary moment for me! Loved it!

  5. YAY! So nice to read about someone who is happy with their life. You go girl. Continue this positive message throughout the year!!

  6. i spend so much time on my phone its ridiculous lol and then theres my 5 yr old, and the housework..oy lol

  7. Life is what you make it. You and I share a lot of the same philosophies. Why surround yourself with people who suck your will to live? Be happy. That is my motto. The less stress the better.


  8. You pretty much summed it up. There is one person (no names) that stirs up trouble at every turn. I will not associate in any way with he or she.