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I have found out that Nutrisystem has actually been a lot easier to stick to this holiday season that I had predicted. Aside from last week, this week has been going quite smoothly for me.

Staying On Track With Nutrisystem

I have only cheated once and that was when my family and I ordered pizza one night (one of my biggest temptations). Even then, I only ate one and a half pieces; this is great compared to the two to three pieces that I used to eat. That is when I realized one of the great aspects of Nutrisystem. Not only does eating their food allow you to have great food while still dieting and losing weight, but it also teaches you to have control. Control is something I used to have a tough time with. For instance, I liked to eat when I was bored, snack in from if the TV, etc. And I wasn’t always hungry.

Nutrisystem has taught me to only eat when I am actually hungry. It has also taught me that I do not need as much food to actually get me full either. Another thing that I have controlled is the food that actually goes into my body. I love potatoes, and I used to eat them daily. I no longer do that and I have learned to really enjoy foods that I would not have necessarily eaten before. Now, I eat a potato with no butter, and some of my favorite spices such as crushed red pepper, garlic, and pepper! I also now eat a lot of yogurt. Mmm…and it is so good.

So far, this week has been one of my best as far as not feeling tempted to cheat. :)

Nutrisystem Weekly Weigh-In

  • Week 1 Total –> 2 pounds lost
  • Week 2 Total –> 2 pounds lost
  • Week 3 Total –> 2.1 pounds lost
  • Week 4 Total –> 0.6 pounds lost
  • Week 5 Total –> 1.8 pounds lost
  • Week 6 Total –> 1.5 pounds lost
  • Week 7 Total –> 1.2 pounds lost
  • Week 8 Total –> 0.1 pounds lost
  • Week 9 Total –> o.0 pounds lost
  • Week 10 Total –> 2.0 pounds lost
  • Week 11 Total –>0.4 pounds lost
  • Week 12 Total –> 0.4 pounds lost
  • Week 13 Total –> 0.6 pounds lost
  • Week 14 Total –> 0.4 pounds lost
  • Week 15 Total –> 1.0 pounds lost

Nutrisystem Program Total —> 16.1 Pounds Lost!

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  1. That’s great work, Dawn! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for linking up. what an amazing job your doing and good for you for learning portion control. I think it’s really hard to learn that we tend to eat with our eyes and think that we need more then what we really do. so what a great lesson learned and shared. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you at the link up party next week.

  3. awesome job!! it’s really remarkable how well one can do on Nutrisystem if they keep at it!

  4. Way to go! It can be difficult to stay on task during the holidays. Good job being so disciplined!

  5. You are doing awesome. Keep up the good work!

  6. GOOD FOR YOU!!! especially now during the holidays when food and goodies are front and center–stay strong and keep up the fantastic work!! Merry Christmas and to a new slimmer you in the new year!!!