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Recently, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and we will soon be celebrating Christmas. Losing weight (and more importantly keeping it off) can be a struggle, especially during this time of the year. That struggle is only heightened when being around all the holiday events with such awesome food.

Staying On The Wagon During The Holidays

Admittedly,this past week has been a tough time for me. It is hard for me to see my family enjoying the holiday foods that I used to love. The things that have been tempting me the most are turkey {not too bad} and green bean casserole {really bad}. I am doing my best to stick to Nutrisystem and I am relieved at how easy it is to get back into the pattern of Nutrisystem even when I sidestep. Getting back into Nutrisystem is easy because of all the different foods and varieties that they have to choose from. Yes, at first the cravings were still there, but after I had some of the tasty Nutrisystem food, they died down drastically. This week I have lost .4 pounds. I think this is great considering how difficult this week has been for me.

In this coming week, I plan on trying to stick better my dieting, avoid temptation, and lose more weight. I am still happy with my results, because after all, losing .4 pounds is better than not losing any or gaining some back! I am also loving the fact that, when on Nutrisystem, I am not grumpy or constantly starving like I was when on other dieting programs. This week has not been my best, but I am hoping for better results next week.

Nutrisystem Weekly Weigh-In

  • Week 1 Total –> 2 pounds lost
  • Week 2 Total –> 2 pounds lost
  • Week 3 Total –> 2.1 pounds lost
  • Week 4 Total –> 0.6 pounds lost
  • Week 5 Total –> 1.8 pounds lost
  • Week 6 Total –> 1.5 pounds lost
  • Week 7 Total –> 1.2 pounds lost
  • Week 8 Total –> 0.1 pounds lost
  • Week 9 Total –> o.0 pounds lost
  • Week 10 Total –> 2.0 pounds lost
  • Week 11 Total –>0.4 pounds lost
  • Week 12 Total –> 0.4 pounds lost
  • Week 13 Total –> 0.6 pounds lost
  • Week 14 Total –> 0.4 pounds lost

Nutrisystem Program Total —> 15.1 Pounds Lost!

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  1. It can be so difficult to stick to your diet during the holidays. I think by spicing up your nutrisystem food you will be able to stay on track! Good luck (:

  2. The holidays are the worst time to stick to a diet. You are doing a great job though!

  3. Awesome job hitting the 15# mark – that’s awesome.

  4. I am going to convince my sister to start using Nutrisystem! Great post Dawn 🙂 Happy Holiday’s