Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver – Curls In Minutes! @Conair_Hair #spon

Steam Waver by Conair ~

Steam Waver by Conair

I love the way my hair looks after I braid it, but I hate the way it looks the following morning. That is why I was excited to try the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Steam Waver! The Infiniti Pro by Conair® Steam Waver uses steam to lock your hair into place with a healthy moisture that leaves it soft and shiny.

The Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver


The first thing I noticed that I loved about this newly invented Conair product is that it heats up in what seems to me as very little time (thirty seconds according to Conair’s website). Not only does it heat up fast, but it also heats up to an astonishing 437 degrees. My hair waved faster and stayed waved all night. I also noticed that my hair stayed smooth and did not frizz when I used the Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver. Avoiding frizz is a definite plus with any product!

Conair Steam Waver

BEFORE I used the Conair Steam Waver on my friend, Kelsey

BEFORE I used the Conair Steam Waver on my friend, Kelsey

In an instant you can have soft, and luscious waves that will have every girl in the room craving to know your secret. The thing that I loved about the Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver is that it shuts off automatically after a certain amount of time. If you want to get it for your forgetful teen and are worried that they will leave it plugged in, do not worry. My mom always fusses if I forget to unplug one of my styling tools, so I am glad that the Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver covers me. ;)

Conair Steam Waver

Kelsey’s hair AFTER we used the Conair Steam Waver

Conair Steam Waver

Kelsey’s hair AFTER we used the Conair Steam Waver

Overall, I love my new Infiniti Pro By Conair® Steam Waver. It leaves my hair looking stunning but without further damaging it (unlike many other hair styling tools). The Steam Waver is also really easy to use! To be honest, I never read the instructions and figured out how to use it within seconds. Also, to do my entire hair (keep in mind that I have crazy thick hair) it only took me about 45 minutes! I loved it for it’s ease of use and the automatic shut off safety feature. I also love that you can get the look of a perm without the commitment. If you like to change your hair up, I believe that you will love the Conair Steam Waver, too.

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  5. I use mousse often for lift, but I also love using pomade every once in awhile to get little spiky flips.

  6. Sherry Compton says:

    My blow dryer is my favorite hair styling tool. I like to even take it on trips with me.

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  8. I love the hot curlers =D

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    I love this ceramic flat iron

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    I like my pink Conair crimper, have had it since the 80’s!

  20. Michele P. says:
  21. I love conair. Your hair is really pretty

  22. carly dunavant says:

    i like the hot rollers…

  23. I use a straightener but this looks like so much fun! My daughter would love it too!

  24. Stephanie from CT says:
  25. This could not have been better timing. I will hold off on buying one just in case I win! I want the one you reviewed.

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    My flat iron is my fav

  27. cathy henatyszen says:
  28. cathy henatyszen says:

    I like a blow dryer

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    My hair dryer is my favorite styling aid.

  30. Cheryl Chervitz says:
  31. I wish I was better at styling my hair–maybe this would help?

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    I like Aussie products pretty good.

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    I really like the You Spiral 400°F Tourmaline Ceramic™ Styler model: CD122X
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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    Illumina™ Collection Two Sided Makeup Mirror With 4 Light Settings
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  69. I love keeping up to date on the latest beauty tools and Conair definitely comes out with some of the coolest.

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  71. Sherry S. says:

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    my favorite product is my straightner :)

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  77. I would love to own one of these. When I was younger I used to own a waver and I loved it. I am going to buy one of these because I love the way it makes your hair look and Conair is a great product.

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    Your hair looks great. I love how the waves look on you.

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    Saw this in the store recently, and I’m impressed by the results!