VidaCup Coffee Giveaway – Win a Vidacup Prize Pack! {US/CAN Ends 11/26} ***OVER***

VidaCup Coffee Giveaway ~

The Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Giveaway
~ WIN 12 Boxes of Premium Coffee ~

Have you heard of Vidacup? It’s a new and wonderful way for you to think about coffee! Who doesn’t love coffee? You can check out their products here. Vidacup has generously offered a great giveaway! One lucky Cheap Is The *New* Classy reader will win a prize pack that will include 4 boxes of Xtreme, 4 boxes of Mo-Joe, and 4 boxes of Ageless Brew (a $335

Yay! How wonderful is that! I don’t know about you, but I love me some coffee and anything that has to do with coffee is fine by me! All you need to do to enter this giveaway is to fill out the Rafflecopter below! This giveaway is open to US and Canada and ends on November 26th! This giveaway is hosted by Mommy Guru and Promoted by a fantastic group of bloggers.  

Good luck!



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  1. I’d like to try the ageless brew

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. Brenda Burgess says:

    I want to try the mojo

  3. I’d like to try the Xtreme!

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    MoJoe my husband likes a dark, rich, bold brew

  5. I would love the mojo ! Thanks for the chance!

  6. Emily Ploch says:

    Great giveaway!

  7. Barbara Stenby says:

    ageless brew

  8. Mo Joe!

  9. rebeka deleon says:

    ageless brew

  10. Carole Ingram says:

    ageless brew sounds awesome :)

  11. Extreme…I like it strong!

  12. my wife says mojo

  13. Mo-Joe is what I need.

  14. Amy Austin says:

    I’d love to try the xtreme!

  15. I counted 39 follows on the twitter follow page, but it looked like some were missing…
    I refreshed 3 times and still got the same number, I followed them all. I’m so sorry if it wasn’t all of them, I only have internet through my cell phone and aometimes it messes things up. Basically just wanted to say that if I missed any follows, it was not intentional so I hope I won’t be disqualified. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. suan hartman says:

    Mo-Joe please

  17. Moe Joe

  18. jennifer wexler says:

    i would like to try the xtreme

  19. I would love to try the age less brew

  20. Helene Tienda says:

    The Age Less Brew.

  21. I’ll like to try the Moe Joe.

  22. I would try toffee.

  23. Sarah Muennix says:

    Awesome giveaway hon – I think the toffee flavor looks delicious!

  24. i dont drink coffee or anything like it. but i would be giving it to my mom and knowing my mom i know she would love to try the ageless brew!

  25. Definitely the Xtreme!

  26. Rachel Salinas says:

    The Mo Joe sounds yummy!!!!

  27. The MO-JOe

  28. Gail Williams says:

    Ageless brew, please!

  29. Andrea byrne says:


  30. toffee

  31. The Ageless Brew looks good :)

  32. I am most excited to try MoJoe

  33. Peggy Hopkins says:

    I am excited to try the Mo-Joe. Good organic coffee and brain boosters all in one, who couldn’t love this.

  34. I’d like to try the Mo Joe!

  35. April Griffus says:

    I want to try them all!

  36. Allie Lanc says:

    Ageless Brew!

  37. the ageless brew sounds amazing!! thanks so much, & happy thanksgiving!! :)

  38. I love coffee, these all sound great. thanks for the giveaway

  39. I’d like to try the mo-joe.

  40. Ageless brew sound about right for me.

  41. The Ageless Brew sounds intriguing!

  42. Valerie C. says:

    Ageless Brew :)

  43. I need a little sweetness so I’d love the Ageless Brew latte best. WOW, red wine extract and grape seed? I know they are good for chronic illness such as I have so I’d like to think I’d be getting a smooth, lightly sweetened drink of Joe and have it actually be good for you! Maybe considering my hubby is 8 years younger, this is ONE thing I can do to get my ageless look back. LOL!

    “Ageless Brew is a creamy, slightly sweet, low calorie latte that can do just that. Our gourmet coffee is infused with age-defying ingredients including our organic H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei. This latte will please your senses and your body inside and out.”

  44. Mojoe

  45. Kathy Artis says:

    the mojo sounds interesting

  46. Mo Joe

  47. mo-joe

  48. I am most excited to try Ageless Brew.