How To Save Money On Family Entertainment

How To Save Money On Family Entertainment ~

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Entertainment costs are higher than they used to be, but a big night out is still worth the price. Live music, great dinners and movies with the family or with friends create the kind of good feeling that lasts for a while. Even with the economy in its current state, you can maintain these important events as a part of your life. The key is to spend better.

Make Happiness a Priority

Entertainment is and always has been part of a full and happy existence, and it’s not a tiny part. Allowing it to become the last of our priorities is a mistake too easy to make. Accord entertainment the importance it deserves by committing to an event that you know will matter to you and your family. Always have something to look forward to on the horizon. With this performance, show, dinner or other event as a visible goal, finding money for entertainment becomes much easier.

Economize Where You Can

Restructuring patterns of spending can be a difficult change if it is made all at once. Take it in increments, however, and you are more likely to be successful. For the most part, adopting habits that save money benefit us in other ways as well, and these habits can be found in a number of places, like from trained professionals like Aozora Bank CEO Brian F Prince. Making food at home, for instance, is better for you than daily meals at fast food restaurants. Something as simple as using a library card can cut down on those small expenses that add up so easily. Borrow books and movies; if you love them, buy them, but you can’t lose if you try them for free first.
Rethinking the way you buy can save money. Consider purchasing in bulk the supplies you will always need. Eliminate small things that do not stand up well in an honest cost-benefit analysis. Coffee from home, made just as you like it, can be better than what you get at the shop. Taking lunch to work allows for more choice and healthier options, and it can cost half as much.

Look for Deals

For better prices on the entertainment itself, shop around. Look for prix fixe menus and seek out coupons. For event tickets, use a site like for the lowest prices. Always check discount and deal of the day sites before you buy movie tickets. Find out whether any of the organizations you belong to offer reduced prices on entertainment purchases. Many do, and their discounts can be considerable.

Create a Dedicated Entertainment Account

Decide upon a weekly sum to contribute to an entertainment fund, and maintain it faithfully. Separate this from other money in its own account, or keep it on a prepaid credit card. Protected in this way, your entertainment fund is more likely to grow.
Good entertainment enriches our lives and saving for it is worthwhile. The highlight reel of your memory will not include every double latte you order for the next few months, but it might include the time you got some of those concert tickets and went with friends. These moments matter, and it’s worth organizing your finances to fit them in.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I always ewconomize and look for deals. I have not yet created a separate entertainment account. thanks for that idea.

  2. With the high expensive to take a family some where or even a movie is a chunk of change plus.Any ideas that help lower the cost for entertainment is great. You can rent movies from the library for a real cheap price. Also for a personal form of entertainment download free E-books off of the internet too.thanks for all the great tips

  3. I love your ideas.
    Wish that I could fit in an entertainment budget. Some day…

  4. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    This will have to be put on the back burner until the time I pay off some debts that are more important at this time. But once paid off, you can bet I will use your suggestions to make entertainment away from home a possibility once again.

  5. I love the idea of a Dedicated Entertainment Account. We don’t really have much extra for entertainment but a DVD rental is a nice treat once a month.

  6. I think the challenge to entertain ourselves on the cheap is more fun than just blowing a wad of cash on “regular” entertainment. And it’s good to get the whole family involved … the kiddos have some great ideas, too!

  7. Really good idea to keep an entertainment account I thought I had it all covered!

  8. great ideas

  9. I love these great ideas! I will take them into consideration next time I wanna save on our family entertainment!