School Trip To Washington DC – Mommy Anxiety

School Trip To Washington DC ~

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard

John Austin with Sheriff Andy Taylor {Andy Griffith} and Opie {Ron Howard} in Mayberry

My 12 year old son John Austin will be going on his first out of state school trip to Washington DC this Thursday. I am very excited for him but I am also nervous. They are leaving the school at 5am and it takes 5 1/2 hours to get there. However, they are only staying one night and will be back Friday at 10pm.

Today I took John Austin shopping for some snacks to take with him on his school trip to Washington DC. I think I may have gone overboard but I didn’t want him getting hungry on his trip. I ended up buying him beef jerky, honey buns, cereal bars, 1 candy bar, 2 packs of gum and 2 bags of popcorn. I hope that will be enough snacks for 2 days. 😉

Andy Taylor and Opie

My childhood school trip to Washington DC

When I was his age, I went to the same school trip to Washington DC that he currently gets to go on, but we went on this trip in the 9th grade instead of the 7th grade. I had such a great time. We stayed in Washington DC for 2 nights and we got to see so many attractions and historical places. I hope my son has as much fun and learns as much as I did on this trip.

Like I said earlier, I am excited for him but nervous. He stays with his friends a lot but if he needs me I can usually be there within 15 minutes. I won’t be able to do this during this trip. Thanks to cell phones, I won’t have to worry about him getting lost at least. If he loses the group, he can always call one of his friends and tell them where he is. Knowing that helps a bunch.

Will this happen to John Austin on his school trip to Washington DC

I bought him a digital camera for this school trip to Washington DC. Being the thrifty mom that I am, I bought it from a yard sale page. I am going to tell him to take lots of pictures and I will share some of my favorite ones with all of you.

How did you cope when your children went on their first big school trips?

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  1. I’ve never been to Washington, DC myself. I’d love to take a family trip there. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. I used to live in MD, so I went to DC often… that being said, my kids are still too young to go on a trip like this, but I have a feeling I will be a wreck, LOL

  3. I’ve never been but my friend went while we were in high school and enjoyed it. 🙂

  4. Thankfully my kid hasn’t had an out-of-state trip yet, or even an overnight one. I would be freaking out right now! Then again, my kids are under 5 LOL

  5. Wayne Lecoy says:

    I Hope Your Son Had A Great Time On His School Trip.
    I Have never been to Washington, DC But Maybe One Day I’ll Visit There.
    I Like The Sheriff Andy Taylor {Andy Griffith} and Opie {Ron Howard} in Mayberry Statue.

    • Johnetta Dawson says:

      Thank you. We live right beside Mount Airy (Mayberry), NC. One day while my daughter was taking an art class at the Surry Arts Council, me and John Austin decided to goof off and take some pictures with Andy and Opie.