Creative Halloween Ideas

Creative Halloween Ideas ~

Renaissance Costumes

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Halloween provides the opportunity to be exceptionally creative. However, most people you see at parties or clubs will be wearing typical Halloween costumes, such as vampires, ghosts, zombies or pirates. While there is nothing wrong with those costumes, and they can certainly be fun, you may want to choose something different this year, something a little more original. Choose a more creative costume and you will stick out from the crowd. Who knows, you may even win a prize for best costume….

Renaissance Costumes
Renaissance costumes can be beautiful, debonair or whimsical and if you cannot find one you like at a Halloween store, you can look at other costume shops. It is easy to find a nice renaissance costume to fit any age group. People wear them for theatrical performances and to Renaissance fairs.

Become a beautiful lady, princess or queen in a gorgeous flowing gown or a saucy tavern wench in a more revealing costume. Men may be knights, monks, kings, noble lords, minstrels, jesters or Robin Hood.

Historical Figures
Pick any historical figure that you admire or think it would be fun to emulate. Thomas Edison, George Washington, Marie Antoinette, Henry the 8th, and Cleopatra are just a few examples of historical figures you could become for the evening.
For props, you could use light bulbs for Edison, a powdered wig for Washington, a decapitated head for Antoinette, a few women willing to pretend to be your wives, for Henry, and a black wig for Cleopatra. Look at photos of the figure you choose and then add clothing and props as you go until you feel the look is complete.

If you have not visited a costume shop yet, you may be surprised to learn of the food costumes available. Dressing up as food is perfect for anyone wanting to be lighthearted this Halloween. You can choose from a banana, French fries, sushi, soda pop and many more costumes.

Gladiator or Warrior Woman
If you feel like turning on the sex appeal, you could consider going as a gladiator or a warrior, male or female. You can easily find costumes for either at costume shops, as well as prop swords and shields.

Tech Devices
With some cardboard, black and silver paint, and inventiveness you can turn yourself into a laptop, a smart phone, or even a common appliance, like a microwave oven. All you will need to purchase is some black clothing to wear underneath the cardboard.

Costumes with a Twist
Another fun thing to do is purchase a regular costume but modify it in humorous or creepy ways. For example, you could purchase a Wonder Woman costume, along with false breasts and false buttocks and go as silicone-enhanced Wonder Woman. Alternatively, for the men, pick any super hero and add extra padding around the stomach and buttocks to go as a retired super hero. You could also go half-and-half – one side of your body could be Wonder Woman and the other side could be Super Man.

You can also combine retro looks and come up with something unnervingly original…

Gender bending is also extra fun this time of year. Nothing says a woman cannot go as a mobster or a man as a fairy princess.

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  1. I love renaissance costumes, and actually i need hair ideas for my daughter for halloween, lol.

  2. We have less than a week to get costumes ready. I better make sure they are all in order this weekend.

  3. I always love making my own costumes and stuff for the kids and reading articles about it this time of year. Its so hard for me to decide on a costume with all the great ideas out there !

  4. I am horrible at being creative with things like this. Thank you so much for the great tips.

  5. Emily Ploch says:

    I wanted to go as a flip flop to my work Halloween party cuz my boss thinks they are the worst thing on the planet. lol

  6. I had a renaissance costume one year, I LOVED it!

  7. I just finished making my sons costume. Just got to do the finishing touches this weekend. Wish I had read this first – I would have suggested he be a microwave or maybe a TV lol :-) Great ideas! Love them!

  8. Being a seamstress, I LOVE Halloween. I always have something new on hand to try out! These are some great ideas though!

  9. I love Halloween! It’s so fun to dress up :) I have a bin of costumes and wigs , i buy the costumes when they are on clearance and have them ready for us to dress up the following yeat!

  10. Shayla Burks says:

    I’m not dressing up this year, but my father is going as Aramis (3 musketeer), and my mother as a beer maiden. The daughter is Superwoman and Son is Pooh (and Tigger too!).

  11. Never thought about a Renaissance costume. Thanks for the ideas…..


  12. One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing the costumes people come up with for themselves, their children, and even their pets. It’s also interesting to see what costumes are trendy.

    The last year I went trick-or-treating, I went as a gypsy. My daughter went trick-or-treating for the first time last year. She went as a princess. Note to self : be more creative.

    I like your idea of a retired super hero. Maybe next year, I’ll have her go as hubby. Ooh — I just thought of a creative idea for a costume for myself! Nope…not telling. ;)