Nutribears Make Weight Loss Fun + Week 7 Results! #nsnation #spon

Nutribears ~


I am so happy! Last week I had finally lost 10 pounds on Nutrisystem and now this week I received my first Nutribear! I know that it is a stuffed animal, but this little bear signifies my journey so far. I can look at my Nutribear and remember all of the hard work that I put in, along with the help from Nutrisystem, to lose those 10 pounds that I pray I never see again.

Hopefully this reminder will serve as inspiration to keep going. After all, we all love rewards, don’t we? I was so proud when I received my Nutribear. I hope to soon earn more Nutribears so that this one can have some buddies to keep it company. ;) It looks lonely, doesn’t it?

I have to say – what I really love about Nutrisystem most is stuff like this. They offer such a strong support system. It’s not just Nutribears, but an entire community that offers encouragement every step of the way. Nutrisystem has a chat group and a message board with many active participants. Some of the participants who have already lost all they want to lose even check in to help others who are still in the program reach their goals. I also have a coach who writes me weekly and she is always willing to chat if I need it.

I really love Nutrisystem and I am very proud of the progress that I have made. If you try Nutrisystem, I truly believe that you will love it, too. I have tried other diet programs in the past. This is hands down the best one.

I finally earned one of the Nutribears!

Week 1 Total –> 2 pounds lost

Week 2 Total –> 2 pounds lost

Week 3 Total –> 2.1 pounds lost

Week 4 Total –> 0.6 pounds lost

Week 5 Total –> 1.8 pounds lost

Week 6 Total –> 1.5 pounds lost

Week 7 Total –> 1.2 pounds lost

Program Total —> 11.2 pounds lost

Read more about my Nutrisystem story HERE!

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  1. What a really nice way for Nutrisystem to reward people!! Good to know there is a lot of support along the way–Congrats on your weight loss so far!!

  2. That’s awesome – congrats. I’ve heard good things about the Nutrisystem program. I just hit my goal weight, but I did it on my own :)

  3. congrats! Good job!

  4. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says:

    Congrats on your weight loss!!

  5. Sarah Muennix says:

    Keep up the good work hon!

  6. Good for you!! That is a huge accomplishment! It may just be a bear, but it is a huge reminder of what you are doing!

  7. Cute idea. Good for you:)

  8. Congrats – Rewards are great motivators and this little guy is a cute one!

  9. It is nice to have things like that to help us along. When I went back to school, I bought a ticket to Disney for each semester that I got straight A’s on. Once I finished school, we had enough to take the family to Disney and celebrate. I knew I had to do well to earn the ticket and needed enough for all of us to go.

    I like the little bear though I would lose my to the kids, lol.

    • That is an awesome idea about the tickets! I need some sort of reward system for my weight loss, too – something that I do for myself like that! :)


  10. Yeah!! Keep it up! I love my little 10 lb nutribear! Now I’m hoping to have my 20 lb one in the new few weeks…crossing my fingers. I love Nutrisystem and my nutribear. So Congrats again on getting yours!!

    • Congrats on your weight loss so far, too! I hope you and I both get our 20 pounds bears soon!


  11. Great job & congratulations!

  12. Congrats Dawn…you can do it…keep it up. LOVE the bear!!

  13. That is fantastic!! Keep up all your hard work!!

  14. That is SO cool! What a cute reward and reminder of your hard work and loss!

  15. this is so cute. they should have the more u lose the bigger the bear….lol

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