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Recently, there was a picture of Lady Gaga that has been going around the internet. It makes it appear that she has gained a fair amount of weight and people have made tons of ugly remarks about her appearance. Lady Gaga bravely responded by posting pictures on her website, Little Monsters, in her underwear. She posted a section on her website entitled Body Revolution, which provides a place for her fans, otherwise known as the “Little Monsters”, to upload pictures of themselves to show what others perceive as flaws. On Body Revolution, members can also show that they are happy just the way they are and that they don’t care what society has to say.

Although some tabloids said that the pop star looks as if she might have gained about 30 pounds, they might not have thought it was hurtful {perhaps they didn’t care}. However, negative and  judgmental public remarks about another person’s physical appearance is the same as bullying. To Lady Gaga, these comments could have been very hurtful and the people who made them should have thought about that. When you put something out into the public {especially on the internet} it can be there forever.

Would You Be Brave Enough For Body Revolution?

Along with the pictures that she posted of herself on Body Revolution expressing her “flaws” (which I surely don’t see) she posted that she has also been battling Anorexia and Bulimia since she was 15. Comments like the ones the critics are making might make Lady Gaga even more self conscious, or worse, they could cause her to relapse into her self harming ways. People should really think before they say things. When you speak, think about how you would feel if what you said to or about someone else were reversed. Would you want someone to say the same about you? How would it make you feel?

To me, Lady Gaga’s response to the harsh words of others was brilliant and encouraging. Body Revolution shows that she is the better person and that she isn’t going to let stupid comments get her down. Lady Gaga has a huge following and she could have easily stooped to the same level in front of a huge audience, but she chose not to. I respect that immensely.

Let’s be honest here: the fact is that the people who have made these hurtful remarks probably don’t have perfect bodies themselves. Lady Gaga is such an easy target because of the fact that she is so famous and such an icon. Critics just can’t seem to leave the famous alone. In my mind, I think that if more celebrities responded to hurtful comments in this manner, it might cause an empowering movement of pride among teens and young adults to not care so much about what society has to say about their non-picture perfect image.


October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. If each of us stood up to one bully this month, I wonder how much of an impact that would make on society. Just one. Don’t walk by if you see several kids ganging up on one. Don’t stand by while someone talks behind someone else’s back. Don’t remain silent while your friend posts something ugly on your other friend’s Facebook wall. Say something. You may lose friends, sure. But are they really worth having if that is how they are going to behave?

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  1. After reading the recent stories about the suicide of Amanda Todd, I’m even more happy to see anti-bullying campaigns going on. I always feel that one of the strongest things we can do as individuals is step up when someone else is being bullied, instead of relying on that effect of crowds – assuming someone else will do it. I truly hope if I find myself in such a situation, I will have the guts to step up.

  2. Emily Ploch says:

    I think what she does for bullying victims is great.

  3. When I heard that she was standing up for herself (and for girls and women everywhere really… actually for all people who might be struggling with body issues), I fell in love with her even more! I think she is a great role model for accepting and loving yourself!

  4. Bullying has gotten much more intense- even in the 25 years since I was in school. I appreciate that there celebs that are trying to help.

  5. Bullying has been intensified by the internet because people feel they aren’t accountable for their words because you can’t see them. Bullying needs to be stopped and I’m glad Lady Gaga stood up to her attackers.

    • You are right. People think they can say or do anything on the internet that they wouldn’t necessarily do in public.


  6. I so not would be brave enough to upload a picture of myself much less wear the clothes that Lady Gaga does. She is so confident.

  7. It is very important to teach our children that the value of people is not determined by the physical appearance. Good for Lady Gaga! Thanks for sharing.

  8. The Iron is Very Decorated I Like it That way. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  9. Peggy Bolling says:

    I would never have the nerve to post pictures of my body. I commend her for being such a brave soul in sharing her demons to everyone. Right on LG!!

  10. what i do not under stand the groups and singer a re on the road and then they do gain weght and then why pick on them